CRM from Vtrenz, Mover CRM for Moishe, Allbase Intros ERP, SoftBrands Announces Results, TelDig Connects to CRM

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CRM from Vtrenz, Mover CRM for Moishe, Allbase Intros ERP, SoftBrands Announces Results, TelDig Connects to CRM

By David Sims
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The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Thelonious Monk’s Brilliant Corners:
Stein Rogan & Partners has announced a partnership with Vtrenz, a marketing automation and lead management company, to “optimize demand for products and services for one of its flagship clients, TransitCenter.” Acquired by Silverpop in May 2007, Vtrenz does marketing campaigns, scores and routes leads to sales, and analyzes marketing results.

Tom Stein, president and CEO of Stein Rogan, said the Vtrenz partnership “has enabled Stein Rogan to take our demand generation and CRM practice to a new level of proficiency and sophistication.”

For TransitCenter, the non-profit organization behind TransitChek tax-free commuter benefits, which encourage mass transit and reduce traffic congestion, Stein Rogan created an acquisition campaign in concert with a Vtrenz-powered automated lead nurturing campaign using articles, white papers, telemarketing, surveys, and special offers.

“By implementing precision marketing, we’ve been able to identify and route high opportunity leads to the sales team,” adds Susan O’Sullivan, vice president of Marketing, TransitCenter. “At the same time, we can nurture ‘less sales-ready’ leads, moving them steadily to ‘sale-ready’ status.”

Precision marketing is “an area with huge upside for B2B marketers,” Stein observed, adding that the agency is in the midst of a second client implementation, and anticipates at least four more in 2008.
Allbase, a vendor of online business products, has announced a Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning system designed for SMBs, allowing business owners to “manage all aspects of their operations in one system: accounting, CRM, inventory, marketing, scheduling, and more.”
Powerful business management products are “no longer exclusive to large corporations”, says Bert Johnson, president of the Allbasers. “The Allbase Suite combines the features of traditional ERP with the affordability and ease-of-use of online software.”
The Allbase Suite runs over any Internet connection and is available 24/7. The software is upgraded on a regular basis, providing features and improvements at no additional cost.
In addition to employee access, the Allbase Suite “can enable clients to place orders, view appointments, and make service requests. The system further integrates with vendor databases, allowing employees to view real-time product pricing and availability information,” company officials say.
The Allbase Suite is available starting at $3,000 as an SaaS product. Hands-on training and full support are available by phone, e-mail, or appointment. A free 30-day evaluation of the Allbase Suite is available through the
Dr. Mover, Inc. has announced that Moishe’s Moving and Storage, a moving company in the NYC & Tri-State area with operations across the United States, has selected Dr. Mover as its Customer Relationship Management software.
Since implementing Dr. Mover, Moishe’s has been “able to increase sales, improve profitability, reduce costs, control pricing, make dispatching easy, and improve customer satisfaction,” according to the Moisheites, who add that streamlining the process of identifying leads, closing orders, and empowering company managers to drive sales productivity has meant increased sales of 25 percent.
Dr. Mover’s tools not only increase profitability; they allow managers to closely track and monitor profits and costs on a day-to-day and project-to-project basis. “Overall costs are reduced,” as “information flows easily and swiftly within the company by files that are shared through designated departments within the company.”
In addition to sales costs, box costs are also reduced. “Box costs?” By precisely tracking the company’s packing material inventory, Dr. Mover is able to determine the impact of missing boxes, whether workers have given them away or failed to account for them.
See, when you and I move, we just go down to the local liquor store and get boxes. They’re strong and the guys love giving them away, otherwise they have to break them down. There’s your daily tip from First Coffee, who’s done his share of moving — when you’re the only guy in your circle of friends who’s got a 1974 Volkswagen bus with the middle seats ripped out, you get asked to help with a lot of moves, and if you have the right kind of friends, there’s beer and pizza in it for you somewhere.
Dispatching is another area in which Dr. Mover has influenced Moishe’s bottom line. A highly sophisticated file dispatch system allows men, trucks, and job fields to be viewed concurrently and allocated with simple clicks and drops. This is, again, an imporvement over First Coffee’s dispatch system, which is, “Hey Dave, can you have that ugly bus out in front of… well, actually could you park behind the house… at nine?”
SoftBrands, a vendor of enterprise application software, has announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2007, ended Sept. 30, 2007.
Revenues for fourth quarter fiscal 2007 were $23.3 million, an increase of 23 percent compared to the prior year’s equivalent quarter. The year-over-year increase in revenue was primarily the result of the acquisition of HIS in fourth quarter fiscal 2006. License revenue was 19 percent of total revenues in the current quarter, up from 11 percent in Q4 fiscal 2006.
SoftBrands had operating income of $2.5 million in Q4 of fiscal 2007, compared with an operating loss of $12.3 million in the fiscal 2006 quarter. They reported net income available to common shareholders of $1.8 million, or $0.03 per diluted share, for fourth quarter fiscal 2007, compared with net loss available to common shareholders of $17.0 million, or a loss of $0.42 per diluted share, for the prior year’s quarter.
“While our revenue performance was slightly behind plan in the quarter, we continue to make gains in license revenue,” said Randy Tofteland, SoftBrands’ president and chief executive officer. “Our operating income was right on target, despite incurring $1.7 million in restructuring costs.”
SoftBrands recently introduced a new set of Customer Relationship Management tools for hotels, which allow hotels to centrally manage guest, travel agent, and company profiles and communication across multiple properties. Mosaik CRM includes sales force automation, campaign management, and loyalty program administration.
Here’s something you wish they’d thought of before: Connecting the guys out digging around your facility with the CRM and contact centers of phone companies, so they don’t cut through your phone lines.
TelDig Systems, a software vendor, has announced that it has implemented its TelDig Nexus Asset Management Software to manage Bell Canada’s office and field operations for both buried and aerial network interventions.
The product ties together office resources, field technicians, excavators, inspectors, as well as supervisors through a virtual access to a central database. Users are able to attach photos, videos, images, and digital mapping and connect to other corporate systems such as CRM. Centralizing data allows process automation and improves infrastructure damage reporting and claims management.
It also will connect excavators to damage prevention call centers. “Having a central database for all the data concerning our assets, improves our cost control, our inspection process and therefore the overall service to our customers” said Brent Fleury, Associate Director Field Services at Bell’s Damage Prevention Cost Recovery Center. “It is much easier now to manage our claims; all the information is accessible.”
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