Ascendix CRM for Real Estate, The Lindisfarne Experiment, Knowledge Relay, Auto CRM From Dealer Specialties, AdCalls Speaks For Itself

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Ascendix CRM for Real Estate, The Lindisfarne Experiment, Knowledge Relay, Auto CRM From Dealer Specialties, AdCalls Speaks For Itself

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is one dusted off from the vaults, Lindisfarne's Nicely Out Of Tune. My wife -- and she's not the only one -- is of the opinion that pop music has a shelf life, and it simply wouldn't occur to her to pluck out a 1970 album for a new listen.

She has somewhat of a point, in that much pop music does tend to sound dated -- try listening to Phil Ochs or Spandau Ballet today -- but some sounds as fresh today as the day it was recorded. I've never heard Lindisfarne beyond a handful of scattered singles, I know they were part of the same late '60s/ early 70s English folk rock scene which spawned the likes of Steeleye Span, Maddy Prior, Richard Thompson and Fairport Convention, but I've never really heard them.

Hey if I'm hearing good music for the first time I don't care when it was recorded, music new to me is new music:

Ascendix Technologies officials have announced the availability of Nurture Marketing for Real Estate Advantage, a CRM product built on the Microsoft CRM platform and "tailored," the Ascendixians say, "for the commercial real estate industry."

Evidently the product "helps maintain relationships such as prospects and tenants from being overlooked." A noble goal.

"Some leads that companies generate need to be nurtured over time. These leads tend to be overlooked or forgotten about in favor of a more viable prospect," company officials say. "Nurture Marketing for Real Estate Advantage is designed especially for managing nurture marketing campaigns within MSCRM," a mid-market sales automation system.

Nurture Marketing for Real Estate Advantage allows for marketing to define and maintain action plans -- "each action plan can have multiple steps," such as printing a letter, sending an e-mail message, or scheduling a phone call. Action plans are customizable, allowing sales reps to assign the appropriate action plan to a contact and track the progress of each assigned action plan.

There's also a "Fulfillment Center," allowing for the printing of letters and related envelopes or labels, as well as the automatic scheduling of subsequent steps. Included with the product is a facility to create action plans accessible to all users of MSCRM.

Ascendix will be hosting a Webinar featuring the application at 10 a.m. Central Time Wednesday, February 6. For more details or to register, please visit

Greetings to all First Coffee readers -- and best wishes for 2008 to you and your families. Welcome to new readers whose curiosity was piqued by the good writeups and notices we got in some 2007 wrapup articles. And tomorrow we'll have our Scottish and Kiwi readers back, as "Day After New Year's Day" is an observed holiday in Scotland and New Zealand. What great cultures.

Knowledge Relay, a vendor of business intelligence products for program management software, has announced the general availability of EVS 2.0, software designed to relay information to users at a lower total cost of ownership.

It's designed to act as a presentation layer that works in conjunction with other systems to bring the data together from an enterprise's ERP, CRM, Project Management and other systems, showing visually how the information from all of these systems is related.

According to a 2006 study by IDC, only 15 percent of employees in an average organization have access to BI information. Use of BI technology has generally been limited to knowledge workers in corporate functions, such as financial planning or marketing, because traditional BI technology is too costly to deploy to large numbers of operational users.

Companies have also found that operational workers in functional areas such as logistics or call centers often lack the necessary skills to handle BI software that was designed for analysts and power users.

EVS is billed as a product which "removes the barriers to widespread BI for PM adoption," with its Web-based, client-server software that assembles data from multiple sources -- SAP, Siebel, Primavera, others -- to produce reports, according to the Knowledge Relayers.

Basically it lets enterprises set up connectors to one or more open data sources, relate the sources to each other and produce live reports. Reports can take on many forms, including tabular, bar, line, bubble, Gantt, PERT, and more. Via a Web browser-based interface, reports can be set up to run automatically from the server, produce Adobe Acrobat PDF files and send e-mails to those specified on distribution lists.

When needed, EVS "calls upon client-side computer workstation resources to enhance the interactive user experience," company officials say: "It strikes a balance between what is best done by a server and what is best handled by client workstations."

Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has announced the release of PowerSites, a version of the company's Autolinks online inventory display system for auto dealers.

PowerSites lets dealers create inventory display pages integrated with the dealership's Web site. "Dealers have the option of using their site provider's inventory display which is usually nicely formatted, but lacks some of the functionality of PowerSites," said Glen Garvin, general manager for Dealer Specialties.

For instance, Garvin said, "many Web site providers lack frequent updates to inventory throughout the day, or aren't able to display important content like vehicle videos, enlarged photographs or seller's notes. These… are important to the dealers."

PowerSites increases AutoLinks functionality with additional online inventory pre-selected template designs for dealers to use. Vehicle display pages can also be modified to reflect the look and feel of the dealership's existing site. The system's Web integration lets dealers "maintain visual continuity and brand awareness on the site at all times," the PowerSitizens say.

Inventory updates continue to be made throughout the day on PowerSites. Vehicles are ready to view online and sell the same day, including any changes, additions or deletions made to a dealer's inventory.

"In addition," company officials claim, "each vehicle display page is optimized so it can be found by top search engines without difficulty in order to direct more prospects to the dealer's site. Search engine algorithms are monitored by Search Engine Optimization experts on a regular basis."

Sometimes you just have to let a company's words speak for themselves:

"Give away FREE World-Wide Long Distance Calling and watch your business explode. AdCalls is offering the most affordable CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) solution for small and medium size businesses; helping them develop a permission e-mail and cell number customer data base.

"Your business will not grow unless you communicate with your customers. You cannot communicate with your customers unless you know who they are. Most business owners do not know who their customers are.

"If you were to get an e-mail or text message from your favorite restaurant, offering a free 2 for 1 dinner, would you go? Of course you would… and they would love to send you that text or e-mail. But, they Do Not Know Who you Are! They may recognize your face, but they do not have your e-mail address or cell phone number, and they don’t know how to ask you for it.

"AdCalls has the solution. The AdCalls Ad Supported VoIP and Mobile Marketing Program offers small and medium businesses the most affordable-instant results CRM program in the industry.

"To 'Get You Have To Give." If you give your customers FREE World-Wide Long Distance Calling, they will give you their e-mail address and cell number. Giving your customers a FREE customized World-Wide Calling Card not only creates good will, but also puts your business name right in their hand and when they use their cell phone to make a World-Wide call, they will receive a voice ad about your business, followed by a custom Text Message coupon that will being them back again. Best of all, you now have the permissioned cell number in your data base for future instant coupons text sending."

For the record, please note First Coffee's e-mail address above for any and all free restaurant dinners.

Well, chalk up the Lindisfarne experience as good songs to have on iPod shuffle, but maybe not destined for the Top 25 Played list. Okay, back to the Ramones stuff we downloaded yesterday.

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