CRM from FranklinCovey Now Mobile, SWK Expands CRM, Great Sooner Buys Dovarri, Skyytek and NetSuite, Bookies Paying Out On Obama, SugarMaps

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CRM from FranklinCovey Now Mobile, SWK Expands CRM, Great Sooner Buys Dovarri, Skyytek and NetSuite, Bookies Paying Out On Obama, SugarMaps

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music, in honor of today's birthday boy who would have been 73, is Elvis's 1968 album From Elvis In Memphis, the best actual complete album he ever recorded, with bass nice and high in the mix:

FranklinCovey has announced that PlanPlus Online is now accessible from any smartphone with a Web browser, such as an iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm or Windows Mobile device.

Developed jointly by FranklinCovey and COMPLETExRM, PlanPlus Online is described by the FranklinCoveyites as a secure Web-based application that provides CRM as well as "planning, sales management, team collaboration and process management for small and medium-sized businesses via the Internet."

Its planner-like interface is based on FranklinCovey's planning and time management methodology which, First Coffee's given to understand, is rather popular in certain circles. The application offers team calendaring and scheduling and an integrated contact manager to track client information, sales opportunities and activities.

FranklinCovey officials say some of the key features are the sales management and CRM features, and that the product can organize daily tasks by using a Quick Prioritize Module. And if you're into the FranklinCovey's planning methods and concepts, well, they're here for your daily or weekly planning help.

There's also a built-in e-mail center which converts e-mails to Tasks, Appointments and the like, as well as standard e-mail features and functionality.

Calling it an "on-line planning, sales management and CRM application," Jeff Anderson, Senior Vice President of Product Management, FranklinCovey said using the product can "save businesses the expense of purchasing a costly corporate server."

The new mobile client support is free and available now for all current and new users of PlanPlus Online, which is available in 87 FranklinCovey retail stores at a suggested retail price of $25 per month. A one-month introductory subscription is available for $9.95.

SWK Technologies, a Sage Software products provider serving SMBs in New York and New Jersey, has unveiled an expanded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) division offering customer service, customer support, engineering, training, sales and pre-sales capabilities.

Jeffrey D. Roth, CEO at SWK Technologies, has named Peter Conway as vice-president of SWK's new CRM division. Conway's a 20-year CRM veteran, and his team will include a new CRM Specialist, CRM Sales Engineer, CRM sales team, and a CRM Needs Analysis Specialist.

"More of our customers are independently identifying CRM as a key growth strategy," said Roth, adding that new CRM business has represented a "substantial portion" of SWK's increased growth in 2007.

SWK, which has been named to both the Sage Software President's Circle and the Sage Million Dollar Club, will introduce the SWK Quick-Start CRM Needs Analysis soon as a service to "determine whether a CRM product is right for their business," according to the SWKers.

Skyytek Worldwide, which sells NetSuite, has announced the launch of two Web sites for Athletic Marketing & Promotion. Skyytekkies say they're "among the first sites using CRM vendor NetSuite's Multi-Site feature."

What's that, you ask? NetSuite's Multi-Site feature lets companies integrate more than one branded site within NetSuite's on-demand ERP/CRM application. "As a result," company officials say, "the accounting, CRM, sales force automation and inventory management of multiple Web sites can be centralized in a single back-end system."

Athletic Marketing & Promotions sells sports merchandise to "two distinct sets of customers," AMR officials say, "St. Louis Rams football fans and St. Louis Cardinal baseball fans, and Kansas City Chiefs football fans and Kansas City Royals baseball fans." First Coffee's guess is they don't hold mixed Christmas parties for their clients.

NetSuite's Multi-Site feature lets the company manage all of the back-office and front-office operations for multiple sites from one single back-end system, taking care of all accounting, order management, warehouse management, returns management, billing, customer support, marketing and sales force automation for different sites from one NetSuite account.

Greater Sooner Holdings has announced today that it has signed a definitive acquisition agreement to acquire 100 percent of Dovarri, Inc. Shareholders of Greater Sooner Holdings, Inc. will receive one share of Dovarri for 150 shares of Greater Sooner Holdings, Inc. Dovarri's common stock began trading on a split-adjusted basis yesterday.

The value of the stock traded on the Frankfurt Exchange will be automatically adjusted after a reverse split in the America. Dovarri, a long-term partner with Hewlett-Packard, sells CRM and SFA software.

Know when your Presidential campaign is in trouble? When Irish bookies leave you for road kill. Ireland's largest bookmaker, Paddy Power, is settling up their Democratic nomination wagers by paying out on Barack Obama to win the Democratic nomination. This before anybody knows what Dixville Notch is doing.

The early payout means a $75,000 payday to lucky punters who backed Obama over the recent number of weeks at various odds ranging from 4/1 to 4/9.

The unexpected decision by the Irish bookmaking firm comes almost a week after the Iowa primary election and just a day before the New Hampshire primary election where Barack is now the odds on favorite at 1/12 to demolish Hillary Clinton. First Coffee can only wonder what odds he could have gotten last year at this time, and what Hawaiian beach front property he could have bought with the winnings.

"From a betting point of view we reckon that it's game over for Hillary," Paddy Power officials said. "With each passing day Obama is looking more like a certainty to get the Democratic vote and as far as we're concerned he's already past the post."

Barack Obama has also overtaken Hillary in the betting to become the next President. Paddy Power has him the odds-on favorite at 10/11, while the Hill's down there at 5/2, right next to a Miami-Atlanta Super Bowl next year.

Intelestream has announced the release of SugarMaps, a plug-in integrating the Sugar Suite line of CRM applications with Google Maps technology. It provides a module where maps and place marks are displayed according to user-determined criteria.

"This is unlike anything that has been developed for the Sugar Suite," states Jason Green, founder and CEO of Intelestream. There have been mapping functions available with Sugar for a long time, Green says, but this app has "the ability to draw maps from reporting results and geographical radiuses."

In other words, a user can generate a custom report displaying all prospective accounts in the hospitality industry employing 100-500 people within a 25 mile geographical radius of, say, Indianapolis. The module will display the results with each account indicated by a place mark whose color and/or size vary according to preselected criteria. Driving directions can next be printed using each account as a waypoint.

"I am unaware of any other technology capable of doing these sorts of things with Sugar," Green says.

The Intelestreamers say they developed the plug-in especially for clients who could use help for marketing research, sales strategies, and logistics.

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