CRM 9 from Oracle and PeopleSoft, Envox PhoneLink 2 for Salesforce, 360 View CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Seminar

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CRM 9 from Oracle and PeopleSoft, Envox PhoneLink 2 for Salesforce, 360 View CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Seminar

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is The Rolling Stones' It's Only Rock'n'Roll, because hey, sometimes you're just in the mood for competent, dependable, professional mid-70s rock product. I mean, I might put The Steve Miller Band's Fly Like an Eagle on after this. Hey I might even put Fleetwood Mac's Rumours… well, okay, maybe it won't get that bad:

Oracle has announced out-of-the-box Oracle Fusion Middleware based integration between Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 9 and Oracle Customer Hub.

The Oraclians say PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM customers can now use MDM capabilities for data quality management, data enrichment, and customer mastering capabilities, keeping incremental changes to customer records within PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM synchronized with the Oracle Customer Hub in real time.

With the new integration between PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM and Oracle Customer Hub, Oracle officials say, users can cleanse and remove customer information duplications across systems, consolidate customer information and generally improve data quality management and the sharing of data.

Functionality for the new integration includes real-time, bi-directional sync of customer data between PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM and Oracle Customer Hub through Oracle BPEL Process Manager, as well a enhanced fuzzy search capabilities in PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM customer search screens using data quality management configurable match rules.

Envox Worldwide, a vendor of IP-based voice products, has announced the availability of Envox PhoneLink 2, a computer telephony integration product letting Salesforce customers add screen pop and click-to-dial capabilities to their contact centers.

Blair Pleasant, president & principal analyst of COMMfusion, said Envox PhoneLink "delivers on the promise of unified communications -- blending telephony functionality into mission-critical products and applications such as CRM."

Using Envox PhoneLink, organizations can use the data from their Salesforce CRM product to automate their inbound and outbound dialing, and give agents screen pop, click-to-dial, and other telephony capabilities, the Envoxians say.

Envox CT Connect is based on industry standards, such as SIP and CSTA, which let application developers and systems integrators add CTI capabilities to their voice self-service, contact center and unified communications products.

New features of Envox PhoneLink 2 include support for the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system on Envox PhoneLink client applications, support for VMware on the CTI Middleware server component and two line support for agent extensions on Nortel Meridian, Avaya S87XX series, Siemens Hicom, Cisco CallManager and Nortel CS1000.

InBusiness Services has announced that Umpqua Bank has licensed their 360 View CRM software, in what the Umpquans describe as "an effort to enhance" their customer relationships and "improve their employee incentive process."

360 View CRM is a software product integrating a financial institution's core products and services with third party offerings independent of any core customer information file limitations. 360 View CRM was developed specifically for financial institutions to improve their managing referrals, incidents, customer touches, personal follow ups, cross-sells and other functions.

Kevin Anderson, President of inBusiness Services, said his team is "on a mission to develop the best relationship management product for financial institutions on planet Earth," and "can't think of a better partner at this point to help us achieve our goal than 'The World's Greatest Bank,' Umpqua Bank." Gotta admire the man's enthusiasm.

InBusiness Services, developer 360 View CRM, is a privately-held software development corporation based in Nashville. Umpqua Bank, headquartered in Roseburg, Oregon, is a subsidiary of Umpqua Holdings Corporation and has 147 locations between Napa, California and Bellevue, Washington.

Customer Effective, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM reseller, has scheduled a seminar aimed at "introducing strategies to accelerate CRM effectiveness with ExactTarget and WebTrends," according to the Customer Effectivians.

ExactTarget sells on-demand e-mail marketing software, and WebTrends sells consumer-centric analytics and marketing intelligence products.

The seminar will address why it's necessary to align your e-mail strategy with your Web site strategy, how some marketers are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, how e-mail can be used to aid the decision-making process from product evaluation and information gathering to purchase, how to acquire and use customer-supplied data to tailor e-mail and why Web analytics have become the secret data weapon.

Presenters include Scott Millwood, President of Customer Effective; Joel Book, Director of eMarketing Education for ExactTarget; Barry Parshall, Director of Product Management for WebTrends.

The event is scheduled for the Marriott at Perimeter Hotel, Grand Ballroom in Atlanta, January 31, 2008, 8:45 - 11:30 a.m. E.ST.

Ensim Corporation, which sells management software for communications, has announced its support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, the multi-tenant version of Microsoft's customer relationship management application.

Ensim's Unify Shared Edition is a control panel providing support for CRM, and will allow providers to add Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 as part of their hosted offering and "with minimal capital expenditures," the Ensimians say.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosted product is built on the same code base as the on-premise Microsoft CRM Professional Edition, with a choice of user interface, on-line or off-line usage, and flexible products and deployment.

The Unify Shared Edition is a single, centralized software application designed to "simplify the day-to-day burden of activating, configuring and managing a service provider's unified communications and collaboration infrastructure," according to Ensim officials.

Unify gives service providers a comprehensive management platform with provisioning automation, resource management, monitoring and metering of hosted services, letting users delegate administration to allow resellers, enterprise administrators and end users to manage their hosted services based on credentials.

It can also create, activate and configure users, applications and devices in a single instance, and customize offerings from 15 pre-built connectors to hosted services including Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, BlackBerry and more.

Luxoft, a vendor of IT outsourcing, has announced 123 percent revenue growth in Q3 FY07 ending December 2007 for its Vancouver office, which celebrates its first anniversary this month.

Company officials attribute the success of Luxoft Canada in part to what they see as its ability to provide nearshoring for North American clients "while also offering rapid scalability through access to deep resource pools across Luxoft's global locations - particularly Russia and the Ukraine."

Luxoft Canada's North American clients are in e-commerce, mining, industrial automation, eLearning, software and other industries.

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