Oracle and Solix, Autonomy's Cardiff and Hunt, LongJump's DaaS, DrishtiSoft's Contact Center Upgrades, Convergys Cares

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Oracle and Solix, Autonomy's Cardiff and Hunt, LongJump's DaaS, DrishtiSoft's Contact Center Upgrades, Convergys Cares

The news as of the second cup of coffee this morning, and in keeping with today's theme of sturdy, serviceable, professional, not terribly inspired but certainly listenable 70s rock product, we have Jethro Tull's Aqualung and The Alan Parsons Project's Tales Of Mystery and Imagination on the iPod:

LongJump, a vendor of on-demand business applications, has unveiled application programming interfaces to let LongJump's platform deliver a "Database-as-a-Service" offering.

LongJump's new DaaS gives companies self-provision relational database access and storage on-demand, according to the LongJumpers. Similar to Amazon's S3 on-demand storage service, LongJump gives developers something for housing their Web-based applications.

LongJump's DaaS provides an environment for hosting a Web-enabled database marketed as "cutting the costs and easing the hassles for entrepreneurs and developers who would otherwise have to purchase a database server, provision it, address data access and availability issues, manage backup and replication issues, and tackle security and data protection."

"Businesses want unified Web applications that help them manage their critical business information and processes with increased team communication and collaboration," said Pankaj Malviya, LongJump's founder and CEO.

Company officials say a "surprisingly large number" of businesses manage, share, and update important company data in spreadsheets and ad-hoc databases. These databases are usually put together by business analysts or team members who take the initiative to solve a problem but often lack the performance, access control, security, maintenance, or backup to ensure data and keep teams from effectively collaborating around that data.

Data loaded into LongJump is accessible to team members via a Web browser. Alternatively, Web developers can build integrated data-driven Web sites without managing a database infrastructure.

Drishti-Soft Solutions, a vendor of contact center products, has announced new enhancements in the upgraded version of its flagship DACX Contact Center Suite v3.2.

In this release, company officials say, the focus has been on improving IT management and maintenance and "reducing the IT hassles that SME contact centers are constantly grappling with."

According to Nayan Jain, CTO, SME contact centers spend on an average "11 hours of productive time every month, which can be attributed to human error, with respect to IT management and maintenance."

The company's business proposition is that by automating most of the manual operations and eliminating the need for human intervention in tedious and error-prone IT operations, their contact center suite lets IT personnel focus on other activities.

The primary drivers for the roll-out of this release are automation, configuration & control of maintenance related functions in the IT department, the Drishtians say, adding that "VoIP management tools have also been enhanced."

Some enhancements include automatic history cleanup letting IT schedule regular cleanup activities, monitoring of system resources with alarms and notifications for errors/ issues on system, automatic system resource management like disk-space, bandwidth and CPU and separation of offline and online reporting to facilitate faster response time for frequently used reports.

There's also a new feature to track detailed telephony failure cause for improved VoIP management, composite entity support for automated switch-over between the VoIP providers to minimize any impact due to poor performance of telephony services, and the addition of advanced reports including Key Performance Indicators, filter based interval reports and Call Duration Record Sum in DACX-M.

Cardiff, a division of Autonomy Corporation and a vendor of BPM and intelligent document products, has announced that Hunt Construction Group has expanded its use of Cardiff LiquidOffice technology to streamline and enhance "a multitude of project management and approval processes related to its worldwide commercial construction initiatives."

Hunt, founded in 1944, completes over $1.8 billion of commercial construction work annually and has between six and eight billion dollars of work under contract at any given time.

"Moving from a system of manual and paper-based project status tracking to a secure online system based on Cardiff LiquidOffice has streamlined many core construction management processes at Hunt," said Steve Atkins, vice president and chief financial officer at Hunt Construction Group.

With its decision to extend its Cardiff LiquidOffice implementation, Hunt will now have access to expanded BPM capabilities such as business process modeling and Mobile BPM, the Cardiffites say.

Solix Technologies, a vendor of Enterprise Data Management products sold to enterprise customers, has announced that the Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite now supports the Oracle Database 11g, including the Total Recall and Partitioning options.

Solix EDMS "addresses both compliance and information lifecycle management requirements through four complementary products: Solix Enterprise Archiving, Solix Secure Test and Development, Solix Application Sunsetting and Migration, and Solix Data Auditor," according to the Solixians.

Ever-increasing regulatory and compliance requirements are, unfortunately, necessitating businesses to retain massive records of regulated transaction histories. Oracle Total Recall with Flashback Data Archive tracks data changes down to the record level, so that previous versions of the record can be recovered and viewed back to a specific point in time. Data is retained in the database in a compressed format to reduce storage requirements.

Solix EDMS integrates with Oracle's Total Recall to help users manage this historical data capture and long term retention in an application transparent manner. Solix EDMS metadata-driven approach to managing enterprise data is intended to map business classification policies to Oracle's Total Recall and Flashback capability on the back end.

Convergys Corporation, a vendor of relationship management and contact center products, has won a 2007 Philippine Quill award for its "Convergys Cares" internal branding campaign in the Employee Communication category.

Convergys was the only contact center operations to win the award, competition for which included competitors in a variety of industries. The Philippine Quill Awards are given as the local edition of the International Association of Business Communicators' Gold Quill Awards.

The awards cite best practices and achievements in various business communication strategies.

The Employee Communication category looks at "programs that create awareness, influence opinion, or encourage behavioral change," according to award sponsors. Programs may focus on management communication, ethics, morale, internal culture, or change management.

"Convergys Cares" was an entry designed by the local team to reach over 11,000 employees across eight sites. Inspired by findings from its global employee communication initiative, Convergys officials say, they launched the "Convergys Cares" campaign in the Philippines.

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