CRM and IBM and Casinos, E-Zest and .NET 3.5, VirtualLogger VoIP and CRM, CDC and Ingersoll Rand, ClickFox and Wipro, SalesFocus

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CRM and IBM and Casinos, E-Zest and .NET 3.5, VirtualLogger VoIP and CRM, CDC and Ingersoll Rand, ClickFox and Wipro, SalesFocus

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is an iPod random play. You know, First Coffee really wonders about that "Shuffle Songs" feature on the 30 gig iPod. With over 5,000 songs on the thing you'd think I'd be continually hearing songs I hadn't heard in a long time, but it seems even then I keep hearing the same songs over and over. I unchecked the "play more popular songs" feature, but it doesn't help. So what I do now is go to "Songs," start at a random place on the alphabetical listing and just let it play in order. It's more random than the "Shuffle" feature:

E-Zest, an outsourced software product development vendor, has declared early adaptation of Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework & Visual Studio 2008 by its dedicated Microsoft competency center. E-Zest is Microsoft Certified Gold Partner for Custom Development and Data Management competency.

When Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 was in beta stage, "e-Zest proposed to its one of the customer's core application architecture based on this latest framework and development tools," according to company officials, and since that's a direct quote we'll just leave it at that.

The .NET framework 3.5 adds new features in several major technology areas, supporting Web 2.0 AJAX style applications. ASP.NET AJAX, an extension to ASP.NET RUNTIME, is now built into the platform.

An IBM white paper has determined why customer advocates contribute to a company's success, and casinos could learn much from IBM's perspective on this matter, according to Robinson & Associates, a customer service consulting firm to the gaming industry.

In "Advocacy in the Customer Focused Enterprise - the Next Generation of CRM Done Right," authors Robert Heffernan and Steve LaValle say advocates are "superior to neutral or dissatisfied customers. Advocates spend more, remain customers longer and refer family and friends, thus increasing the quality of the existing customer base and new acquisitions."

Martin R. Baird, chief executive officer of Robinson & Associates, says the authors go on to say that on the flip side, "antagonists and agitators of a company destroy value by driving up service costs, demoralizing front-line employees and complaining to anyone within earshot. Accordingly, the goal of customer focused companies is to manage and retain advocates while migrating other customers toward advocacy."

Robinson & Associates helps casinos determine their "Advocate Index," a number that indicates the extent to which properties have guests who are willing to be advocates.

Voice Over IP telephone systems are gaining rapid acceptance in call centers, as everybody knows. But when a call center changes over to VoIP, they need to upgrade their recording system too, which can cost as much as $1,000 per agent.

Hence VirtualLogger is selling a "pay as you go" VoIP recording service by waiving all setup charges for VoIP recording in call centers of 100 agents or more. "This amounts to a savings of up to $200 per agent. And, it means that a center could be recording for less than $5 per agent per month," company officials say.

Under the new program, VirtualLogger will provide and install software to record VoIP calls as required by the client, including data captured from other sources, such as CTI or CRM systems.

The program is named 2008 VOIP Recording JumpStart. Under its terms, setup charges are waived for the core recording service, and also for VirtualScore. This can amount to as much as $200 per agent, depending on the services selected by the client. Depending on contract length and size, then, a center could be recording for less than $5 per agent per month.

The VoIP JumpStart is designed to help promote the availability of VirtualLogger recording services under its software as a service model, the VirtualLoggers say. The product provides call recording, screen capture, Quality Monitoring, e-coaching (coming, January 2008), speech analytics, emotion detection and "many other services" on a hosted/ASP and SaaS basis.

The client provides the server according to VirtualLogger specifications. Calls can be stored at the client location or sent by secure FTP for storage and archiving at the VirtualLogger Central Command Center. Regardless of where the calls are stored, all calls are accessed through the VirtualLogger Universal Web Interface.

China's CDC Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC Corporation, has announced that Ingersoll Rand, a global diversified industrial firm, has centralized management of its human resource operations in China with Platinum HRM, CDC Software's human capital management products.

Ingersoll Rand has continued to expand in China, and needed a centralized system to "consolidate all of its disparate human resource information scattered across its subsidiaries in China," the CDCers say.

Ingersoll Rand selected Platinum HRM "primarily because of its ability to address multiple time and attendance management rules and policies across the company's network of more than 10 production sites in China, in compliance with complex local laws and regulations," says CDC officials.

Ingersoll Rand sells a family of industrial and commercial well-known brands, such as Club Car golf cars, Hussmann stationary refrigeration equipment, Ingersoll Rand industrial equipment, Schlage locks and Thermo King transport temperature-control equipment.

ClickFox, which sells technology that analyzes customer interaction behavior and path analytics across enterprise touch-points like self-service environments, has announced that it has signed a business partnership agreement with Indian BPO Wipro Limited.

This new relationship is expected to improve ClickFox's ability to deliver on Customer Experience and Behavior Analytics technology, the ClickFoxes say. ClickFox's product records customers' step-by-step behavior in and across self-service systems, such as voice and speech-enabled IVRs, CTI, Web, kiosks, wireless devices, and CRM applications.

ClickFox's technology works with enterprise interaction system architecture by taking native system activity logs and unstructured data from any source to build a visual model of behavior. "The product then shows the effects that customer experiences have on the business drivers across the enterprise," company officials say.

This partnership combines Wipro's delivering technology and business process models with Atlanta-based ClickFox's customer behavior intelligence and analytics. Officials from both firms describe the joint offering as a "total view" of customer behavior.

ClickFox CEO, Marco Pacelli, noted that organizations across the globe "can not continue to grow and improve unless they truly understand what their customers are really doing and can build business models to respond to that behavior.

SalesFocus Solutions, which sells sales reporting, CRM and SEC Rule 22c-2 Compliance products for the financial services industry, has announced that Natixis Global Associates has selected its MARS product for Sales and Asset Reporting.

Diane Whelan, EVP and Chief Information Officer of Natixis Global Associates, said MARS "clearly provides a technology platform to handle the complexities of our business." The product is designed to give real-time enterprise-wide visibility into sales, products and relationships -- "executives can see their entire book of business across distribution channels, product lines and geographic territories, and drill down into specific market segments, products and business relationships," company officials say.

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