'Sexy CRM' From SalesCentric, CRM Consultancy in Michigan, Infusion's Consultant Channel, Active Modules, Epicor New Capabilities, Duxoft

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'Sexy CRM' From SalesCentric, CRM Consultancy in Michigan, Infusion's Consultant Channel, Active Modules, Epicor New Capabilities, Duxoft

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Bob Dylan's fun version of "Froggie Went A-Courtin'." Little piece of cornbread layin' on the shelf, if you want any more you can sing it yourself, uh-huh:

Infusion Software, which styles itself a vendor of CRM software "for True Small Businesses," has launched its Infusion Certified Consultant channel program.

The software is designed to "meet the needs of this market with a new channel partner program for Certified Consultants," the Infusionistas say. These outside vendors will sell and implement Infusion CRM to TSBs.

"Alliances play a critical part in Infusion's overall business strategy," said Clate Mask, President and CEO of Infusion. The Infusion Certified Consultant program will be led by Adam Ross, Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Ross is an industry veteran of NetSuite, SalesLogix, Sage Software and others.

"This program will increase Infusion Software's market penetration," said Ross, saying Ross intends to "recruit the right amount of partners, without saturating any markets."

Michigan IT Services has opened it doors for business. Founded by Amnouy Johnson and Ryan Johnson, Michigan IT Services is a new consulting firm with a focus on marketing-related IT functions including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Web design, Internet Marketing and other areas.

Michigan IT Services was primarily founded to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, consultancy officials say. The practice will be headed by lead consultant Amnouy Johnson, who has more than five years of CRM related consulting experience and three years experience specifically with Microsoft CRM.

Welcome to the monkey house, gentlemen, and best of luck.

SalesCentric has unveiled the company's technology road map for its Relationship Charts software, aimed at "delivering a comprehensive array of visual CRM tools," according to the SalesCentricians.

The software is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 in its single unified-code base for both on-premise and on-demand deployments. The new products will provide partners with "even more flexibility when addressing their customers' business and IT requirements," company officials say.

"End user adoption and productivity have been major inhibitors to CRM success," said Matthew Crook, CEO at SalesCentric. "Microsoft put CRM in an environment people already know -- Outlook -- and Relationship Charts makes CRM sexy and easy to use."

With Relationship Charts 4.0 SFA edition, information is saved within the CRM system for other people to see and use. For example marketing personnel, who are dependent on sales people entering data into CRM, can now profile customers and define segmentation.

And for legal customers wanting a tool to show the relationship between its cases, lawyers and plaintiffs, it would be possible to customize Relationship Charts for this purpose in a visual format.

Available in the second half of 2008, SalesCentric will adopt Microsoft's SilverLight technology and provide additional new functionality.

Call recording and monitoring vendor Duxoft has introduced the new version of MiaRec Business, 24/7 calls recording and monitoring software for VoIP systems, with the "possibility of integration with third party applications, like CRM systems or internal databases," according to the Duxoftians.

Recently calls recording has been used in many organizations in order to increase security, improve customer service and agents productivity, as well as to comply with legal requirements.

MiaRec Business 3.0 has user interface which can be accessed via any standard Web browser. The product uses such Web 2.0 technologies as AJAX to integrate the main advantage of desktop applications with the main benefits of Web applications, such as remote access from any computer with only Web browser installed.

Intuitive calls search, filtering and grouping by date, time, phone number and other parameters let users get up and running on the program without cumbersome user guides, company officials say, promising that "users will find it easy to sort, retrieve and play back call records."

There's a multiple user interface which gives the option of limiting the access of users only to the calls in which they participate, and to permit or deny a delete operation on the calls. Managers can listen to agents' calls in real-time and guide them during the call.

MiaRec Business 3.0 is compatible with all IP-PBX systems that use standard VoIP protocols, such as H.323, SIP, MGCP and Cisco SCCP.

Active Modules has released the latest version of its customer relationship management application, Active CRM.

Highlights of the improved features include sales and marketing enhancements, such as now giving invoices custom fields, and the ability to track payment history and status.

The product can automatically capture lead information from a Web site. It comes with what company officials describe as "advanced workspace and calendar features," which lets you maintain a universal event calendar for your whole organization, keep all employees up-to-date on tasks, meetings or holidays and create personal events and keep them private.

The new version of Active CRM does integrate with the company's e-commerce product, Active Purchase, and products, customers and payment details automatically synchronize with Active CRM.

Epicor|CRS, the Retail Solutions Division of Epicor Software, a vendor of enterprise business software products to the midmarket and Global 1000, has announced new capabilities and expanded support.

CRS RetailStore, Epicor|CRS's point-of-saleproduct, now offers more capabilities to sell to retailers doing business internationally. Additionally, the Epicorians say, the company plans to expand its Bracknell, United Kingdom office, and add a new professional services and support center in Malaysia.

As a result of the company's acquisition by parent company Epicor Software in late 2005, Epicor|CRS has expanded into the international retail markets in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific.

"Our customer base is expanding outside the US, and so must our products and services," said Lynne Davidson, general manager for Epicor|CRS, referencing several new Epicor|CRS international customers such as Claire's in the UK, and Wing Tai and Challenger Technologies Limited in Singapore.

The latest version of RetailStore -- RetailStore 3.1, released in Q3 2007 -- supports French Canadian, Italian, French, and Spanish languages. RetailStore 3.1 handles capturing customer data for multiple country formats and supports multiple currency denominations and rounding.

The product is compliant with the Unicode standard for engineering software that works across multiple regions, countries, languages, alphabets, and scripts. In early 2008, RetailStore is slated to support Unicode for the Japanese and Chinese markets.

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