CRM in China PacificNet Update, ASI's iMIS TaskCentre, Dominion Buys AVV CRM, Netrics and, NetSuite and Skyytek

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CRM in China PacificNet Update, ASI's iMIS TaskCentre, Dominion Buys AVV CRM, Netrics and, NetSuite and Skyytek

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is a stone cold rock classic, Van Morrison's St. Dominic's Preview album:

Okay, we get to write about Imus this morning. Great guy, First Coffee likes his comedy stuff, his skewering of the pompous Clintons, the fact that he uses Kinky Friedman's "They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore" for a theme song, good to have him back… what's that? It's "iMIS?" Oh. What's their theme song?

Advanced Solutions International, a vendor of Web-based software for associations and non-profits, has announced the availability of iMIS TaskCentre, described by company officials as "a business process management module offering advanced business alerts, workflow, document automation and information on demand for iMIS 15."

The new module improves iMIS 15's ability to work with off-the-shelf, packaged software. Monitoring an organization's iMIS database and incoming e-mail, iMIS TaskCentre launches processes based on an organization's business rules.

Basically, this lets users notify staff or constituents when something happens, generate and publish documents, reports, and communications as a result of completed processes or on a schedule, or trigger responses to incoming communications.

The idea here is that more timely communication with constituents improves customer satisfaction, while significantly decreasing the workload of staff responsible for repetitive tasks such as updating basic contact information and taking action on opt-out requests.

Bob Alves, CEO of ASI, sums it up by saying "automating order confirmations, dues billing, event reminder e-mails, and staff notifications can free up hours of staff time.

Dominion Enterprises has acquired substantially all the assets of AVV, which sells an Internet Lead Management software product, Web Control, for $22.75 million.

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in that silicon nexus of Westerville, Ohio, AVV provides lead management and polling support to over 2,300 automotive dealerships nationwide and employs 42 people.

Need more? Web Control received Auto Dealer Monthly's 2007 Dealers' Choice Diamond Award as the industry's top-rated customer relationship management tool based on productivity, vendor support and dealership value. Autobytel bought AVV in 2003.

Conrad M. Hall, president and chief executive officer of Dominion Enterprises, said acquiring the Web Control tool "brings accountability and tracking to the automotive sales process so that dealers can sell more cars."

"The increasing number of sales leads coming from the Internet requires dealers to have a system in place to manage those leads," said Robert M. Berndt, president of Dominion Enterprises' automotive group, adding that Ed Braunbeck, vice president and general manager of AVV, will continue to lead the business.

Dominion Enterprises' automotive group portfolio includes Autobase, a vendor of customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

Let's update Chinese CRM vendor PacificNet, which has gotten into gambling technology in a big way here in recent years, as there's been a flurry of activity:

PacificNet's Take1 subsidiary has completed the delivery of 2000 gambling machines to a European gambling operator. "We anticipate continuous strong demand for our gaming machines for the European gaming market and repeat orders," Take1 officials say.

PacificNet reports new multi-player gambling machine sale in Macau, China.

And the most recent news, PacificNet and Octavian have both reported "stronger than expected" customer turnout at their gambling product launches at the International Casino Expo in London this week.

On January 22, PacificNet and Octavian held a joint completion ceremony at the International Casino Expo, wrapping up PacificNet's acquisition of 100 percent ownership of Octavian International Limited, which sells gambling technology.

Following the signing of a definitive agreement with Octavian on December 7, 2007, due diligence was completed within four weeks and all the share exchanges for the acquisition were completed on January 23. As part of the closing, in return for receiving 100 percent share ownership of Octavian International, PacificNet issued 2,330,000 restricted shares of PACT representing approximately 20 percent of PacificNet's outstanding shares, which will be held in an escrow account and will be released in accordance to the payment and earn-out schedule in the Acquisition Agreement.

Octavian will continue operating under its current name as a wholly-owned subsidiary of PacificNet and will continue to pursue its gambling technology business. Harmen Brenninkmeijer will become an Executive Director of PacificNet and a member of the board of directors, and continue to serve as CEO of the Octavian subsidiary.

Skyytek Worldwide, a vendor for NetSuite specializing in on-demand software distribution and implementation, was recently listed on the Accounting Technology 2007 list of 100 Pacesetters.

Largely known for its NetSuite ERP/CRM business process engineering and implementation, the company operates in the Software-as-a-Service space.

The winners of the Pacesetters 100 were chosen based on a variety of different criteria, award officials said, such as the handling and successful deployment of small and mid-market accounting products. Nearly all 100 companies chosen for the list are privately owned and operated.

Netrics, a technology firm providing the intriguing service of "making imperfect data perfectly usable," has been embedded in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives, so users can match records to make the most of their data.

Working with vendors like Nimaya and Forefront Technologies, the Netrics technology provides a data matching product for enterprises working in a hosted environment.

First Coffee doesn't need to tell you that data accuracy is critical in CRM applications like The Netrics product is to ensure that the customer data -- sourced from multiple systems -- "doesn't become mired with inconsistencies that result in duplications, repetitions and failed matches," company officials say.

Their business proposition is that while data may be cleaned once, both the "human factor" and the "computer factor" continue to introduce variations within data sources as new records are created, added or existing ones updated.

Their product, the rather quaintly named Real-World Data Matching Platform, pushes data imperfection "from a time- and revenue-draining business impediment to a non-issue," company officials say. Basically the Netrics Matching Engine finds and connects disparate data despite inconsistencies, incompleteness, variations and errors.

The Netrics platform also introduces machine learning technology that learns on-the-fly, eliminating "the need for continuous monitoring of sourced data," according to the firm.

"The problem isn't with the data," Netrics officials are fond of saying, "it's the inability to accurately match data."

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