CRM for Auto Dealers from DataOne, Sage Seminars in Ontario, Plexus at Pacific, DBI's Solutions Schedule 2.0, LoopFuse 3.0 Released, Roybal at Iventa, ICT Group

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CRM for Auto Dealers from DataOne, Sage Seminars in Ontario, Plexus at Pacific, DBI's Solutions Schedule 2.0, LoopFuse 3.0 Released, Roybal at Iventa, ICT Group

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is from the Wayback Machine: Jefferson Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow. Sadly the Jeffs, a clever singles band in their time, have not aged well. There's plenty of music from the 1960s which sounds as fresh as if it was recorded yesterday -- Astral Weeks still sounds like it was recorded tomorrow -- but the Airplane's music, even this their best album, is a time capsule, little more than an enjoyable blast from the past:

Gail Wilson & Associates, a provider of Sage Accpac ERP, Sage CRM and Sage BusinessVision, has announced details of its annual Sage Accpac Business Solutions Seminars, open to both existing and prospective customers.

The events will be held at the Best Western Otonabee Inn in Peterborough, Ontario on February 15 and at the Richmond Hill Country Club in Ontario on Tuesday, February 26.

The seminars will be geared towards current and prospective Sage Accpac customers interested in educational sessions about business software and technology, discussion forums and opportunities to network with peers, keynote speakers discussing such technologies as CRM, Electronic Data Interchange, Business Intelligence and Reporting.

There'll be tips & tricks for Sage Accpac Version 5.4, as well as a preview of what's to come in Version 5.5.

DataOne Software, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has announced that its iMarketAuto inventory management program has been enhanced to support all major inventory management provider products.

The change lets dealers using any inventory management platform, data collection tool and on-the-lot inventory management service manage their online vehicle listings.

"As more and more dealerships choose to manage their own inventory, the need for a hybrid inventory management product that provides both full and self-service options has emerged," said Jock Pereira, managing director, DataOne Software.

Using an automated process, iMarketAuto captures data from on-the-lot service companies such as Dealer Specialties, Dealerskins or XiGroup. The information is then broken down, scrubbed, cleaned and rebuilt as an iMarketAuto inventory file.

The inventory can then be managed from the iMarketAuto console, where dealers can change prices, add and remove vehicles, add seller notes, upload additional photos and print window stickers. Once updated, the inventory is available for broadcasting to online destinations. The software supports files in any format, including XML, cumulative or single inventory types.

Plexus Systems, providers of Plexus Online on-demand software, has announced it will demonstrate its product at in the Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show in Booth 1825. The event is held January 29 - 31, 2008 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

Medical device production requires high precision, and the product gives manufacturers to have an ability to trace a problem with a finished product back through the complete production process. Once a manufacturing issue is isolated, users can identify and quarantine all other suspect material.

Plexus Online is an on-demand product offering enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions such as accounting and finance modules, customer relationship management (CRM) features such as order entry and tracking and supply chain management (SCM) functions such as supplier quality and traceability.

DBI Technologies Inc., a vendor of scheduling components, has announced the release of Solutions::Schedule 2.0 for .NET for the healthcare and service sectors, to assist with aligning patient and customer needs with practitioners and technicians.

CRM and ERP product providers use DBI's Scheduling technologies to "help resolve many of the complexities associated with multi-resource scheduling, including dispatch products," DBI officials say. Solutions Schedule 2.0 for .NET lets developers manage multi-dimensional scheduling.

Using the product, developers can Scroll to Date, add User-Drawn time bars, create new time bar linking relationships, color define time bar link lines and add user-drawn headers. New features also include Time Bar Split Editing, multi-level undo/redo and other editing options.

LoopFuse, a vendor of open source marketing automation, has announced the general availability of LoopFuse OneView 3.0, a major upgrade to their flagship product.

Founded by JBoss alumni in 2007 to "offer a way for marketing and sales organizations to improve efficiency and reduce cost," according to company officials, LoopFuse provides enterprise marketing automation products and services. It's used by businesses to automate the process of analyzing large volumes of marketing information collected on Web sites.

In an industry where "Google Analytics covers part of the market and other proprietary software addresses specific needs," there is a growing desire to consolidate all marketing and sales tools, company officials feel: "We noticed there was no single product on the market that incorporated all these different aspects of marketing automation," says LoopFuse CEO Roy Russo.

The product offers lead management, including capturing, scoring, and routing of leads to CRM. There's also CRM Integration, which exports leads and activities to a CRM and monitor sales opportunities of leads generated by campaigns for determining ROI.

Commerce Planet has announced that Rory Roybal has joined Iventa, a Commerce Planet Company, as the Vice President of Technology.

Roybal most recently served as the Senior Director, Engineering for, where he was responsible for Mobile Engineering, including Client-Server Architecture, IT Operations, Software development, QA, Technical Writing, and Program Management.

Roybal will be overseeing the Iventa Dashboard product line development and inter-company integrations related to building business tools, services and enhanced e-commerce solutions.

Commerce Planet is an online media, marketing, and integrated e-commerce provider selling media products, lead generation services, list database management, e-commerce solutions, Web marketing, call center support and CRM tools.

Hosted CRM vendor ICT Group has announced that it will be holding a VIP event on Tuesday, January 29, marking the official inauguration and name change of its Argentine operating division, formerly Proyectar Connect S.A., to ICT Services of Argentina S.A.

ICT acquired Proyectar Connect in November 2006 to help the company increase growth and market expansion within the Latin American region. Since the acquisition, ICT Services of Argentina has added new clients and continued to sell customer care, telesales and help desk/technical support services for Proyectar Connect clients.

John. J. Brennan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ICT Group, called their Argentine operation "part of ICT Group's fully integrated, common technology and process-oriented global operations infrastructure."

In addition to expanding its Latin America sales presence, ICT Services of Argentina is positioned to support U.S. and European clients in English/Spanish services.

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