CRM Success from Satuit, Help for Customers, TestDrive from Runaway, ASI's iMIS, Bango Analytics, PureShare

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CRM Success from Satuit, Help for Customers, TestDrive from Runaway, ASI's iMIS, Bango Analytics, PureShare

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is the greatest non-American country singer who's ever lived, Australia's Slim Dusty -- and there aren't that many American country singers who'd earn top billing over Dusty, offhand I'd say Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams, Roy Acuff, Johnny Cash and George Jones, maybe Merle Haggard or Willie Nelson, maybe -- singing "I'm Goin' Back Again to Yarrawonga," and everyone sing along:

You can have all your Tennessee and Caroline
I'm gonna get some lovin' from that mammy of mine
I'm goin' back again to Yarrawonga
To the land of the kangaroo.

Satuit Technologies has announced it finished the 2007 calendar year "with a flourish," company officials said, signing six new corporate licensees in December for its flagship Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product, SatuitCRM. That brought the total number of new SatuitCRM accounts for 2007 to twenty-six.

SatuitCRM sells CRM products designed for targeted marketing. The application has been adopted by over 150 investment firms including hedge fund managers, institutional and private wealth managers, as well as investment consultant firms.

"We have offices in New York, London, and Cologne and needed an application that would be easy to deploy in all three offices. We attempted to use another application that required us to synchronize databases. This was frustrating and time consuming," said Thom Bentley, Director of Institutional Marketing for Muzinich & Co., a new SatuitCRM licensee.

Satuit's new accounts include a New York-based asset management firm, a financial planning and investment advisory company based in California, an institutional asset management company with offices in New York, London and Cologne and an investments firm in Richmond, Virginia.

PureShare, a vendor of software products for metrics, has announced the launch of PureShare SingleView IT, a Web-based framework for monitoring IT service-management operations across the enterprise.

Built upon the PureShare ActiveMetrics platform, SingleView IT provides a view of ITSM operations intended for managers of help desks, network operations centers and call centers. The product can be used to track and monitor trends, receive alerts and automate data collection from any internal or external source. "In developing SingleView IT, we brought together metrics and best practices from clients into one package," said PureShare CEO Christopher Dean.

Metrics are gathered from such systems as incident, problem and change management, automated call-distribution systems, network and system-management tools, and knowledge bases. Targets such as service-level and operating-level agreements are incorporated into the interactive dashboards and can be edited directly or drawn from any sources, including spreadsheets.

SingleView IT is data-source agnostic, integrating information in any format from any source, including CRM, ERP, data warehouses or anywhere else data is stored.

PureShare clients are using this capability to introduce incentive programs and friendly competition, the PureSharians say: "For example, team objectives around areas such as customer surveys or knowledge-base entries can be shown using race graphics indicating how teams or team members are performing in relation to one another."

Advanced Solutions International as announced the availability of iMIS Friendraising, an online fundraising application designed to let organizations "create peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns from scratch," according to the ASIans.

By integrating traditional fundraising campaigns with an online peer-to-peer tool, ASI thinks organizations can increase overall campaign revenue and streamline participant communications, while giving donors the ability to build and maintain their own networks online, since participant information, new contact names and addresses and financial transactions are captured in one central database.

Using the product, each participant personalizes their fundraising page to tell why the organization and campaign are important to them. This lets donors reach out to their network from their personalized campaign Web site, through automated e-mails.

"Launching a peer-to-peer online event enables participation from across the globe, increasing overall donations, automating event administration and increases the return on investment achieved by the event," company officials say.

There's a product called TestDrive, launched by Runaware, which lets software vendors offer trials of CDs, downloads and hosted interactive online demos. Once a potential user tries the online demo, his profile is sent to the sales force through the CRM system. This gives a vendor a chance to see who is testing their software.

Gothenburg, Sweden-based Runaware has announced the addition of Mamut to the Runaware TestDrive service. Mamut, which sells accounting and business software for small firms, is giving prospective customers the option to try out its comprehensive range of products through a new online demonstration facility. Mamut has made its Enterprise Suite available for TestDrive demonstrations and all applications within the Suite, including accounting and finance and CRM, are accessible via TestDrive.

Mamut's software is designed to help small businesses run operational areas within one system, reduce paperwork and duplication and improve customer service and processes.

First Coffee is amazed at the number of comments he continues to get on how bad customer service is. Here's something for anyone who needs it:

A reader wrote in to say "The voice menu at Caiman's number -- (305) 262-4973 -- appears to be completely automated. All voice boxes appear to be full. Try this number: 1.866.376.3541, and be insistent about speaking to a live person. The Customer Service Director's name is Craig and he is at extension 2004. I also spoke with a person there at extension 2002. I will never order from this store again."

Bango has launched Bango Analytics, a product described as delivering "mobile focused Web stats" to help understand "how people interact with mobile Web sites and which marketing campaigns are most effective." The product tells site owners basically who their visitors are, where they come from and what they do.

IT research firm Gartner forecasts $11 billion in global revenue from mobile advertising by 2011, up from less than $1 billion a year in 2007. "But it's a widely held view within advertising agencies," according to the Bangovians, that "the lack of independent mobile analytics is holding back mobile marketing initiatives."

So Bango Analytics operates as a hosted service, allowing mobile Web site owners to connect their sites to the Analytics service free of charge.

Bango profiles users browsing the mobile Web across networks worldwide. Using its identification technology, Bango Analytics records and presents information on the patterns of traffic visiting a mobile site, right down to the behavior of individual users.

"It's not enough to measure how many visits you get, you need a deeper understanding of what those visitors are doing," said Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango. Bango Analytics "overcomes" what it calls "the limitations of traditional Web analytics," according to company officials, by capturing mobile-specific data about site visitors.

First Coffee's still rather stunned that Rudy Giuliani managed to waste a double-digit lead in most all Republican polls and name recognition money can't buy. Strange guy, Rudy.

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