CRM and CMS Sitecore Study, RWE and Callidus, VoiceObjects at GSMA, CoreTrac CRM and SFA, SugarCRM's KlipFolio, Altico's Microsoft GP Trial

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CRM and CMS Sitecore Study, RWE and Callidus, VoiceObjects at GSMA, CoreTrac CRM and SFA, SugarCRM's KlipFolio, Altico's Microsoft GP Trial

The news as of the second cup of coffee this morning, and the music is an album First Coffee likes more than most anyone he's met, The Rolling Stones' Black and Blue. It's an atypical Stones record as it's mostly groove jams, not many actual songs, and sounds more like a second draft than a finished product.

Compare that with most bands today, who would be at a complete loss as to what to do once they're finished with their set of prepared material:

Sitecore, a vendor of a .NET Web Content Management System and portal software, has released a study finding that, based on its research "and customers' experience," three major trends are driving how enterprises use Web content management to create Web sites and improve customer interaction.

Sitecorians identify these trends as the "integration of Web CMS into the enterprise," "the growth of .NET Framework" and "adoption of mobile computing."

Enterprises are, in fact, incorporating Web content management into their business processes. A recent survey of 44 Sitecore customers in the United States found that each one has integrated search, and nearly 50 percent have integrated CRM with their Web CMS. "Additionally," the report says, "a significant number of companies have incorporated video management, e-commerce and ad-serving.”

A recent analyst report notes that the .NET Framework is now one of the two most commonly used development platforms. The greater adoption of .NET helped Sitecore recently win customers such as the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, and Microsoft.

. . . .

Callidus Software, a vendor of Sales Performance Management, has announced that British energy company npower, a subsidiary of RWE, has selected the Callidus TrueComp Manager, TrueInformation and Callidus TrueAnalytics software modules to manage its incentive compensation programs for UK sales and service personnel.

Npower serves more than 6.8 million customers, and wanted to implement more effective and flexible commissions incentive schemes for detailed sales insight for its sales agents, and better tie sales performance to core company objectives.

With this initiative for incentive compensation management, npower hopes to improve its overall sales process and automate an otherwise manual process.

"Gaining visibility into compensation schemes is one of the quickest ways for a company such as npower to save money on avoiding inaccurate payouts and time consuming processes for managing sales staff incentives," said Bill Schuh, vice president for Europe at Callidus Software.

Npower needed to automate compensation management processes that were previously labor intensive, difficult to audit and offering less visibility into the company's commission costs. Callidus' partnership with SAP, letting npower link its sales performance management into its wider information systems, helped as well.

. . . .

CoreTrac, vendor of ResourceOne, a Client Relationship Management/ SFA software product for community financial institutions, has announced the inclusion of four additional institutions that will implement and use R1 -- The Citizens National Bank of Meridian, Mississippi, Thurston First Bank of Olympia, Washington, Liberty Savings Bank of Wilmington, Ohio and an unnamed "community bank in Minnesota."

CoreTrac is a privately-held corporation with its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The company sells its CRM/SFA product, R1, to community financial institutions. The product provides Lead and Referral Contact/Account Management, integration to the financial institution's core and other data sources, loan and deposit pipeline management and the ability to profile clients for next-best cross-sell product recommendation.

It also can be used to manage client service cases, produce detailed Management Reports, set and track goals to achieve strategic sales culture outcomes and for incentive and compensation tracking.

. . . .

Intelestream, a SugarCRM consulting firm, and Serence, developers of KlipFolio dashboards, have announced the formation of a partnership to work together to offer KlipFolio for SugarCRM.

Jason Green, Founder and CEO of Intelestream, said his firm would use KlipFolio for SugarCRM internally "and recommend it to all of our clients. In our experience, we have found managers are able to make informed decisions by a quick glance at KlipFolio for SugarCRM when they do not have time to log into their CRM."

Green said he thinks KlipFolio for SugarCRM promotes user adoption by engaging new users of SugarCRM "with their instance as a sidebar to all applications."

KlipFolio for SugarCRM is available for purchase directly through Intelestream by contacting the company at (800) 391-4055.

VoiceObjects, a vendor of personalized self-service phone portals, will be exhibiting at the GSMA Mobile World Congress from February 11 - 14 in Barcelona.

The company will be demonstrating their recently announced product, VoiceObjects Media Mixer, which allows companies to interact with customers through video applications. Video content can be adapted to caller behavior or to information contained in integrated CRM databases, providing per-segment or per-caller personalization.

Mobile World Congress is an event for the mobile industry and includes mobile network operators, hardware and software vendors and content owners from across the world. VoiceObjects will showcase how call center operators and mobile carriers can reduce call center service costs while improving the caller experience.

VoiceObjects 7 is described by company officials as "an open, standards-based phone application server software" allowing deployment and maintenance of personalized self-service phone applications using text, video, voice and Web user interfaces.

The flagship product complements a Voice-XML platform.

Deploying personalized self-service applications to over-the-phone customer service channels like text, voice, video and the Web, says Michael Codini, Chief Technology Officer, VoiceObjects, benefits mobile carriers by allowing them to reduce costs in core business areas and free up live agents from routine enquiries."

. . . .

Altico Advisors, a Microsoft Certified Partner headquartered in Massachusetts, has announced the availability of free Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) trial CDs.

While supplies last, companies who want what Altico officials describe as "Microsoft's most popular business and financial management software" can order a free 90-day trial CD from the home page of the Altico Advisors Web site.

The newest release, Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 is a financial and business management system aimed at growing and mid-market firms. The product "integrates the back office and financial reports to manufacturing and distribution operations, inventory, order processing, and more," Altico officials say.

"The ability to actually use the application before making a purchase decision is key for many people, and understandably so. It's like test driving a car before you buy it," says Altico Advisors' Director of Marketing, Marcia Doron. "Business and financial management software is a major purchase decision."

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