Clarity 6 Legal Edition 2.0, Talisma Results, SAP and Hobby Lobby, CallCopy's cc:Survey, Oracle IBM AIX Support

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Clarity 6 Legal Edition 2.0, Talisma Results, SAP and Hobby Lobby, CallCopy's cc:Survey, Oracle IBM AIX Support

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is The Modern Lovers:

Toronto-based Clarity Systems, self-described as a vendor of corporate performance management products, has announced the launch of Clarity 6 Legal Edition 2.0, a software product for professional services organizations.

The product's capabilities include budgeting as well as financial variance reporting and analysis. Variance analysis of data such as billings, expenses, compensation and hours at the timekeeper level can be compared in real time. It also lets users to drill down from a report to a single transaction, view invoice or expense details or attach user commentary to a specific field.

These enhancements are specifically designed for professional services firms. Since the launch of Clarity 6 Legal Edition in June 2007, approximately two dozen firms have used the product. "Out of the box, the software is defined to meet most of the specific needs of the industry," company officials say.

Clarity Systems' expertise in providing legal vertical products is strengthened by its partnership with Thomson Elite, which sells financial and practice management systems to professional services markets worldwide. Clarity 6 Legal Edition 2.0 integrates with Elite Enterprise databases.

Clarity 6 Legal Edition is marketed as a product which "facilitates collaboration during the budgeting cycle while supporting real time aggregations, driver-based budgeting, top down planning through global assumptions, bottom up adjustments by regional offices and other processes" for law firms by company officials.

Talisma Corporation, which sells Customer Interaction Management software, has announced annual revenue growth of 53 percent in the fourth quarter compared to the fourth quarter of 2006. Talisma also enters 2008 with "the highest bookings backlog in company history," according to company officials.

Earlier in the year, Talisma released CIM 8.0, a customer service suite for interaction management that includes e-mail, chat, VoIP, phone, collaboration, and Web self-service. It incorporated "numerous enhancements" designed to improve customer service, including proactive capabilities in both Talisma Chat and Talisma VoIP.

Talisma also claimed some industry notice this year, including Deloitte & Touche Washington State Technology Fast 50 Award and CRM Magazine Service Leader Award, as well as the Inc. 5,000 Award.

The company entered into partnerships in an effort to expand the breadth of its offerings. Among these, a partnership with Autonomy is intended to improve Talisma's Knowledgebase, delivering Meaning-Based Computing capabilities. The partnership with Bucher & Suter is for integration between the Talisma CIM Suite and Cisco ICM.

Dan Vetras, President & CEO of Talisma, said in 2008, Talisma will "continue our mission to transform the industry by providing software that makes superior customer service the norm, rather than the exception."

Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby has selected SAP to provide a product platform and a clear product road map to "help the company manage operations and continue to grow," according to SAP officials.

From its beginnings in a 300-square-foot retail location in Oklahoma City in 1972, Hobby Lobby has grown into nearly 400 retail stores in 32 states, and projected sales of $1.8 billion in 2008. It wanted a platform to enable "rapid response to market and customer demands," as well as help reduce total cost of ownership.

Hobby Lobby has selected SAP's flagship enterprise resource planning software, SAP ERP, to replace its existing JD Edwards software. The retailer was particularly attracted to the application's "model of incremental upgrades via enhancement packages," according to the SAPpers, that will provide Hobby Lobby a "stable core system and the ability to add new functionality and capabilities" without disrupting operations.

"A flexible product platform that allows for incremental enhancements based on business needs and a clear road map for the future is critical to the long-term success of Hobby Lobby," said Jeanne Cotter, CIO, Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby chose SAP applications for financials, human capital management and payroll, mainly to have all systems on a common, modern platform. SAP products will also help the company manage domestic operations, such as adjusting to the ongoing changes of national and local laws.

"Retailers are investing in strategic platforms that provide them with data integration and transparency," said Greg Buzek, founder and president of IHL Consulting Group.

CallCopy, a call recording and quality monitoring vendor, has introduced cc: Survey, a telephone-based survey application allowing contact centers to "capture the voice of the customer."

Cc: Survey is an IVR-based survey system available as part of CallCopy's cc: Discover call recording and quality monitoring suite or as a standalone product. Callers can be transferred from the phone representative into the cc: Discover survey system, or they can dial a toll-free number to participate in surveys independent of the contact center.

The product has Web-based reporting capabilities which provide real-time information on survey results. Report results can be filtered by date range, by agent, by ANI (Caller ID), and other criteria. The reporting system also provides granular analysis of survey results. Companies can report on automated post-call survey completion rates, and compare survey results to automatic call distribution reports to determine sample population.

The application can also capture voice messages and callback information from the customer, which can be accessed through the secure Web-based reporting portal.

Ray Bohac, president and chief executive officer of CallCopy, said a customer feedback survey application is "an ideal way" to capture customers' perspectives.

Cc: Survey allows an organization to create surveys through a Web-based interface. The data can be tied to recordings, which allows companies to calibrate their internal quality assessment measurements against customer satisfaction. Survey questions can also have dynamic point values assigned to them to weigh sections and surveys according to the needs of a center's staff and clients.


Oracle has announced that Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management, its convergent, real-time billing and revenue management application, now supports IBM's AIX operating system.

AIX, IBM's Unix operating system, in combination with IBM's PowerVM virtualization offerings, allows consolidation of workloads on fewer servers.

With this announcement, Oracle officials say the company "extends its support for AIX, which it has previously supported with other Oracle Communications applications including Oracle Communications Service Activation, Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management and Oracle Communications Order and Service Management, as well as Oracle's Siebel CRM.

Oracle's support of AIX strengthens Oracle's relationship with IBM, a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

"By supporting AIX, we give service providers increased flexibility to choose the operating system that works best for their environments," said David Sharpley, vice president product marketing and channels, Oracle Communications.

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