CRM's NetSuite's Verticals, Salesforce and BMI, QuickArrow and Pervasive, Autonomy eTalk and BioLab, Redi2 and Odyssey

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CRM's NetSuite's Verticals, Salesforce and BMI, QuickArrow and Pervasive, Autonomy eTalk and BioLab, Redi2 and Odyssey

The news as of the second cup of coffee this morning, and the music is 1974's Will The Circle Be Unbroken, one of the truly great albums in American music history, the one that broke the classic bluegrass and traditional artists, such as Doc Watson, Merle Travis, Earl Scruggs, Jimmy Martin and Mother Maybelle Carter herself, to a wide audience. The music is first rate, the talking between tracks almost worth the price of the album itself:

The Business Marketing Institute has announced the Salesforce Field Marketing, described by BMI officials as a product to help marketing, sales and product management professionals in companies using Salesforce "re-engineer their company's marketing programs to integrate them with Salesforce, using principles and techniques in the New Marketing Model, a new process for better B2B marketing programs."

The New Marketing Model is a business marketing re-engineering process that helps companies with their marketing programs (called campaigns in Salesforce), to generate sales leads in Salesforce and "maximize the conversion of these leads to prospects, opportunities, and customers during the company's sales cycle," company officials say, using "the key contact management and measurement features in Salesforce."

While Salesforce provides capabilities for sales and marketing to measure the return from marketing programs, "measurability is only the end result of a far more extensive process, defined in the New Marketing Model, of developing Salesforce campaigns that are optimized from the ground up to generate measurable response, and then developing ongoing lead development programs to support the sales team by increasing conversions during the company's sales cycle," MBI officials say.

This new process of lead generation and lead development for Salesforce has been incorporated into the Business Marketing Institute Salesforce Field Marketing (SFM) system, an assessment, training, and certification system that helps attain proficiency and competence in using Salesforce.

A new eBook available from the BMI Web site, titled "Salesforce and The New Marketing Model." The 39-page eBook can be downloaded free from the BMI Web site.

QuickArrow, a vendor of SaaS Services Automation, and Pervasive Software, a data management software vendor, have announced that their partnership has enabled QuickArrow to sell "a universal data integration product."

QuickArrow officials say the company is using the Pervasive Data Integrator to product QuickConnectIT, an integration engine capable of integrating QuickArrow with any application. This lets QuickArrow and Pervasive "deliver integrations that are consistent with the speed and economics of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model on one code base," QuickArrow officials say.

The partnership also enables QuickArrow to better focus on its core competency, Professional Services Automation, company officials say.

The partners have already implemented more than 50 bi-directional integrations between QuickArrow and other best-of-breed applications such as, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Peachtree, and QuickBooks. With QuickConnectIT and more than 150 standard Pervasive adapters in Pervasive Data Integrator v9, the partnership will enable QuickArrow to integrate with almost any other application using a configuration process versus a custom development exercise.

QuickConnectIT uses Pervasive Data Integrator and QuickArrow's Web Services API to support both on-premise and SaaS integrations, and can also operate as an Integration as a Service product. On premise, the product lets businesses connect QuickArrow with their other business critical applications including CRM, ERP, Financials, and HR.

Mike Hoskins, CTO and general manager, Integration Products at Pervasive, said both companies "are now able to focus more efficiently on their core businesses, QuickArrow on industry-leading PSA and Pervasive on integrations."

Autonomy Corporation, a vendor of infrastructure software, has announced that BioLab, a Chemtura company, has selected Autonomy etalk products to replace its existing systems in the contact center.

BioLab is implementing etalk's call recording and agent performance evaluation products for customer support in its contact center. The firm sells products for recreational water treatment and home cleaning, and the contact center handles support calls for more than 20 brands of pool and spa products.

Scott Shute, Autonomy etalk's chief executive officer, said the company's Intelligent Contact Center product "makes it possible for organizations to capture, share and analyze critical structured and unstructured data that flows through the contact center, allowing the bi-directional sharing of that data with the rest of the enterprise."

This is accomplished, he said, via a combination of multi-channel interaction analysis, real-time agent support and contact center performance management, including tools for call recording, quality monitoring, agent performance evaluations, eLearning, and customer surveys.

Redi2 Technologies, a vendor of fee billing products for the global financial services industry, and Odyssey Financial Technologies, a vendor of asset management products and services, have announced a global partnership to offer Redi2 Revenue Manager as the fee billing and revenue billing component of Odyssey's wealth management platform.

The new partnership "rounds out Odyssey's offering with an automated product that easily handles complex fee billing calculations and invoice generation," according to Odyssey officials.

To accommodate the fee billing in the financial services industry, such as the unified managed accounts market segment, Odyssey began searching for a more robust fee billing product in early 2007.

Under the new licensing and reseller agreements, Odyssey will initially offer Redi2 Revenue Manager to its North American clients. The next phase of the relationship is expected to target Odyssey's European client base, which includes more than 180 financial institutions in 30 countries and 15 of the top 25 European banks.

Redi2 has begun integration and testing, and the first joint installation went into production in December 2007.

"With a strong European client base and a growing presence in North America, Odyssey was seeking to forge a formal relationship with a US-based firm to extend its capabilities and global presence," says Seth Johnson, CEO of Redi2 Technologies.

NetSuite a vendor of on-demand, integrated business software suites that include ERP and CRM, has announced the introduction of two new vertical editions -- NetSuite Ecommerce Company Edition and NetSuite Ecommerce+ Company Edition.

NetSuite has also added new Web Store functionality including PayPal Express Checkout integration and "Tell a Friend," "Log in for Price," enhanced eBay integration and Fraud Protection tools.

According to a Forrester research report issued in January 2008, e-commerce has an exponential growth opportunity, projecting that the industry will add $30 billion per year for the next 5 years. The report also finds that the compounded annual growth rate for traditional retail is projected at 2.6 percent through 2012 while in comparison, CAGR for e-commerce is 14 percent, due to the fact that online retail is less sensitive to economic shocks.

However, "limitations in traditional software have forced many companies to build their own custom Web Store capabilities," NetSuite officials say, adding that many products created specifically to build e-commerce Web sites "result in isolated, bolt-on systems that are difficult and costly to integrate into core business processes such as accounting, fulfillment, inventory management, shipping and marketing promotions."

The NetSuite Ecommerce Company Edition is billed as being useful for e-tailers "looking to grow beyond selling via stand-alone shopping cart products, eBay stores and Yahoo! stores." And the NetSuite Ecommerce+ Company Edition is made for e-tailers with "substantial inventories of a large number of products spread across multiple warehouses."

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