CRM in Dominican Republic with Autologica, DealerAdvance and ADI, Sage and NexTec, LongJump, Carfax and Auto Mate

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CRM in Dominican Republic with Autologica, DealerAdvance and ADI, Sage and NexTec, LongJump, Carfax and Auto Mate

The news as of the second cup of coffee this morning, and the music is Frank Sinatra's Come Swing With Me, a rather underappreciated album from 1961. It was his last swing record for Capitol Records, and the last really good swing album he recorded. Not as well-regarded today as Sinatra's Swinging Session!!! or A Swingin' Affair, and to be frank -- sorry -- it's probably not in that league. But its highlights -- "American Beauty Rose," "The Sunny Side Of the Street," "That Old Black Magic," stand with his best:

Autologica, a vendor of business management software for automotive dealers and distributors, has announced its arrival in the Dominican Republic as part of what company officials say is "a strategic plan for the Caribbean region."

Company officials say Autologica's objective goal is "to help dealers in the region" through their mix of software and specialized training.

"We want to be the DMS of choice for medium-sized dealerships, a segment that has trouble accessing a quality system due to the high costs that currently prevail in the market," said Ana Drovandi, Autologica's Sales Manager.

Autologica currently provides its dealer management system globally to Toyota, Renault-Nissan, Ford, GM, BMW, John Deere, Mitsubishi, and Isuzu dealerships, among others.

The company offers a version of its DMS specifically adapted to regional needs: it manages imported vehicle inventory; handles duties, tariffs, and other importation expenses; manages multi-location inventory; among other functions.

"We already have several clients in the region and this office will help us serve them better, and also new dealers from throughout the Caribbean and Central America that we'll be adding," said Drovandi.

Autologica DMS is a Windows-based software product that manages the entire dealership, and includes integrated CRM, multi-store management, real-time accounting, among other features.

DealerAdvance, a vendor of business technology products to the automotive industry, has entered into a software bundling and re-sale relationship with ADI System of Calgary.

ADI System of Calgary sells a mobile inventory management and inspection system, which it claims is currently being used by nearly 70 pre-owned automotive dealers -- best euphemism for "used car salesmen" First Coffee's ever heard -- in North America.

The agreement allows ADI and DealerAdvance to integrate the two software programs as one single software package, which allows used car dealers to manage their inventory and their customer relationships in one platform.

Clint Stevens, business development manager of ADI, said he's "excited about working with DLAV. This new relationship opens up the doors to the more than 1,500 pre-owned dealers in Canada that have never been able to afford both a vehicle relationship management application and a customer relationship management (CRM) system."

Dave Wange, CEO of DLAV, said the addition of the existing ADI clients to the WebDA software "could represent nearly $3 million a year in additional revenue for DLAV. We could easily generate over $6 million in revenue."

According to the company, WebDA is the newest iteration of DLAV's hand-held CRM application.

NexTec Group has announced the release of a Royalty/Rebate Tracking Module for Sage MAS 500 ERP. NexTec Group, a Sage Software Business Partner and Developer, specializes in business management products to small and mid-sized enterprises.

The Royalty/Rebate Tracking Module lets users automate royalties, rebates, field development, slotting fees, customer refunds, or any other paid fee based on Sage MAS 500 orders. The idea is to create an automated payable transaction to the vendor.

Sage MAS 500 customers can set up relationships between items, vendors, and customers from one maintenance screen. Royalty/Rebate Tracking Module eliminates the need for 'offline' spreadsheets to calculate what is owed to vendors and saves significant time at period end.

Andy Nunez, general manager of NexTec Group, said the new module "allows Sage MAS 500 customers to track and pay royalties, rebates, slotting fees, and any other commissions that are tracked and paid over time." He added that the module will also be bundled into Escape Velocity's O2 Process Manufacturing Suite for Sage MAS 500."

NexTec Group sells ERP, CRM and other products to small, mid-market and mid-enterprise companies.

Auto/Mate Dealership Systems, which sells dealer management software products, has announced that Carfax Vehicle History Reports have been integrated into the company's Automotive Management Productivity Suite.

Dealer customers can now view and obtain Carfax Reports right from AMPS, a comprehensive dealer management system. The integration gives dealers "faster, more convenient access to used vehicle history information from Carfax," according to Auto/Mate officials.

Mike Esposito, CEO of Auto/Mate, said the deal meant that AMPS dealer clients can retrieve Carfax reports from their DMS console "with only a few keystrokes." Dealers can generate a Carfax report using AMPS' Customer/Mate CRM module by clicking on the Carfax logo located on the vehicle inquiry screen. The report can then be viewed, printed from the screen, or e-mailed.

Carfax Vehicle History Reports can also be generated from AMPS' trade-in entry screen to help determine the vehicles trade-in value. The reports provide information to buyers and sellers of used cars, including ownership history, mileage and vehicle damage.

AMPS is currently installed at more than 400 dealerships nationwide. The system has more than 20 modules, including Sales, F&I, Fixed Operations, Accounting and CRM. It was designed by former auto dealer executives.

LongJump, a platform for on-demand business applications, has announced a new Workflow-as-a Service component, called LongJump Workflow Designer, described by company officials as "a visual environment to design and deploy business workflows."

Generally with workflow automation, organizing and sequencing how work gets done improves communication and collaboration between team members, across company departments and between suppliers and partners. Implementing workflows is of value when they model and reflect how a business really operates.

"Until now, there has been a big hole in the market for this type of capability. While there are a lot of workflow products available, they are difficult to use, customize or adapt in order to support new business processes," said Pankaj Malviya, founder and CEO of LongJump. Using Workflow Designer, he added, businesses can "supercharge their LongJump applications to make them far more relevant to the workers who use them."

Built on Adobe Flex, LongJump's product is designed to let "non-technical business users" design workflows, customize processes on-the-fly, assign access rights, and trigger e-mail and task notifications, company officials say, "all with drag-and-drop commands."

With Workflow Designer, users capture their workflow processes using "States" and "Actions" to create steps, assign staff to be a part of any specific step, and connect these steps into the correct sequential routing order. For example, Human Resources may establish a customized workflow process for new job candidates, whereby the workflow process takes the potential candidate's record through multiple hand-offs and stages, including resume review, telephone interview, in-person interview and multiple interviewer sign-offs and approvals.

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