CRM from Abacus, Customer Effective and Scribe, AgentSuite 4.0 Released, Jaduka Adds Audio, Cardiff and Microsoft

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CRM from Abacus, Customer Effective and Scribe, AgentSuite 4.0 Released, Jaduka Adds Audio, Cardiff and Microsoft

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The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Hayes Carll’s Trouble In Mind, because I get too distracted listening to Todd Snider when I’m trying to write.
Oh hey, happy “Drive A Hummer Across Your Particular Patch of Earth Day.”
Customer Effective, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and implementer of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, has been named the top reseller of Scribe Software for 2007.
Scribe Software provides data migration and integration software products for CRM implementations. Customer Effective was recognized for generating more revenue than any other Scribe partner in 2007 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations.
As a reseller of Scribe Software, Customer Effective offers products that support business deployment options with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, on-premise, hosted and CRM Online. The Scribe software suite uses an open template model so customers can build integrations “without having to write a single line of code.” 
“Customer Effective played an integral role in the distribution of our integration tool, Scribe Insight, for many Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers,” said Lou Antonucci, director of sales for Scribe Software.
Scott Millwood, CEO of Customer Effective, said for many clients, data is disjointed across different departments: “Even small and medium-sized businesses struggle with data management across multiple systems. The beauty of CRM is the ability to infuse existing data, organize it into logical retrieval categories and use it to have more meaningful customer interactions.”
Scribe Software Corporation, founded in 1996, is a privately held corporation headquartered in Bedford, New Hampshire.
Agent Image, the real estate technology division of The Design People and vendor of real estate Web sites, has announced the official launch of the AgentSuite 4.0 platform, described by company officials as “the newest release of its Web site management and Internet marketing system for real estate agents.”
This marks the company’s first major release of 2008 and the fourth generation of AgentSuite.
AgentSuite 4.0 provides “more than 100 on-demand CRM and CMS real estate products for property listings management, virtual tours, community pages, mortgage information, multiple listing service integration, statistics tracking, marketing and campaign management, site analytics, and real estate document storage,” according to company officials.
“We spent months listening to customers since the soft launch of the AgentSuite 4.0 platform back in December 2007. In April 2008, we reached a point where AgentSuite has truly become the enterprise-level system of choice for the power real estate agent,” said Tait Grove, The Design People Chief Technology Officer.
Representing more than $1 million in research and infrastructure investment, AgentSuite 4.0 offers a suite of scalable, on-demand features such as Web page editing, image uploads, lead management, custom design templates, dynamic page layouts, and customer relationship management for agents and brokers.
AgentSuite 4.0 allows agents and brokers to extend the database and build custom applications, Web pages and integrates with Internet marketing services.
Jaduka, a vendor of Web-integrated communication technologies, has added audio conferencing to its Web Services application programming interface to improve its  spontaneous collaboration and productivity capabilities, the Jadukians say.
Users can automate “communication-dependent decision making” within their workflows, according to company officials.
According to Jack Rynes, president of Jaduka, the company “turned traditional conferencing on its head and thought of it as a programming tool. Now, when companies require cross-functional input to resolve critical operational issues, the event itself can trigger simultaneous out-dialing to the necessary team members.”
The new Jaduka Conferencing API can also be used to customize enterprise-specific features into traditional audio conferencing applications and create value-added services for existing intranet, CRM, and sales force automation tools, company officials say.
New conferencing methods include Online Moderator Controls that let users set up and manage conferences from a Web page in real-time. Other hooks are in place for monitoring call progress, recharging and adding minutes to an account, viewing call records and account history, and 24/7 reservation-less access.
By using standard HTTP and SOAP interfaces, Jaduka allows developers to program in several environments -- such as, Java, Perl, Visual Studio .NET or PHP — “thereby saving valuable development time and money.”
Abacus Distribution System India officials say they have launched Abacus ClientBase, described as “a specialist product to assist travel agents to generate customer loyalty and manage customer relationships.” The product was launched in Mumbai.
Designed by travel trade insiders for the trade, Abacus officials say, ClientBase is a client relationship management tool “with extensive capabilities for managing customers.”
The product provides a range of functions to build relationships and deliver service to the travel agent’s customers. Addressing a gathering for the industry launch of Abacus ClientBase, Charmaine Ng, managing director, Abacus India said “CRM systems have gained success in many specialty industries that carry a huge profile of customer information, and with Abacus Clientbase the travel trade now has a breakthrough CRM tool for travel agencies.”
It “helps travel agents to assess travel patterns and preferences of customers, anticipate their needs and engage them through multiple touch points,” Ng added.
Travel agents in India welcome the launch, according to company officials. Ashok Lalchandani, managing director of Ashok Travels & Trade Corporation, Pune who has already adopted Abacus ClientBase, said the tool will let his company “take the next steps to differentiate our products and services from the competition with offers that resonate with our target customer groups.”
Abacus-connected travel agencies in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Sri Lanka can subscribe to the product.
Cardiff, a division of Autonomy Corporation and vendor of Intelligent Document products, has announced that it has attained Gold Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program with a competency in Business Process and Integration.
As a Gold Certified Partner, Autonomy Cardiff officials say, the company has “demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and proven ability to meet customers’ needs.” Microsoft Gold Certified Partners receive benefits including access, training and support.

“We are pleased to have attained Gold Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program,” said Mark Seamans, Cardiff’s CEO. “Cardiff has a close working relationship with Microsoft in the Business Process and Integration products market, giving us top-level access to Microsoft resources and support, including Microsoft’s exclusive Partner Knowledge Base and more.”
As one of the requirements for attaining Gold Certified Partner status, Autonomy Cardiff had to declare a Microsoft Competency, a set of requirements and benefits, formulated to represent the specific skills and services that partners bring to the technology industry.

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