Autonomy in Lyon Library, Open Solutions and HP, New England HBM, Tech Data AIS, Autobytel off and Salesforce on Dow Jones Index

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Autonomy in Lyon Library, Open Solutions and HP, New England HBM, Tech Data AIS, Autobytel off and Salesforce on Dow Jones Index

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The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is The Kinks' Misfits album:


Autonomy Corporation has announced that the Bibliotheque Municipale de Lyon, the second largest library in France, has selected Autonomy's Pan-Enterprise Search technology to improve its online information system.


The library's 2.5 million annual users will "be able to access and retrieve all electronic library records from anywhere in the world," while also "sharing knowledge and expertise through the library's public Web site,," Autonomy officials say.


The technology is expected to allow Bibliotheque Municipale de Lyon's users to find information faster and more conveniently than was previously possible. With Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer even "the most unskilled searchers," bibliotheque officials say, "will be able to find the exact information they are looking for, saving considerable time."


Autonomy IDOL's functions, such as Automatic Query Guidance, will be used to direct users to books and other media stored in the library's archives and offer suggestions to

related materials. The Parametric Indexing capabilities of IDOL will also be used to guide users to refine their search queries, with the hopes of narrowing down results. The results, ranked by relevancy, will be presented alongside a summary to let users locate the most important information even faster,


Autonomy will also be used to power the Bibliotheque Municipale de Lyon's knowledge forum, the "Guichet du Savoir." Through this forum, readers can share expertise and knowledge, as well as pose related questions to librarians. Members can locate messages by date and subject and subscribe to Autonomy's automatic alerting system. This system will inform them when new related content is posted or a new subject is introduced.



Open Solutions, a financial services technology vendor, has announced a European strategic teaming alliance partnership agreement with Hewlett Packard.


Open Solutions said the agreement will let Open Solutions "further market its enterprise technology products to European, Middle Eastern and African financial institutions."


The vendor said that under the current terms of the agreement, all Open Solutions products and services "will be delivered through the HP direct sales and reseller network across Europe." As a reseller, HP will have the ability to provide Open Solutions' products and sublicense Open Solutions' relational enterprise data processing products and integrated ancillary products.


HP will be responsible for implementing, customizing, localizing and supporting the products covered by this agreement, Open Solutions officials say.


"We consider HP a leader within the industry and are pleased to partner with such a respected company with a proven presence in Europe," said Open Solutions Senior Vice President of International Operations Wayne Ginn.


Open Solutions sells an information management product platform that integrates core data processing applications built on a single centralized Oracle relational database, with CRM, Internet banking, cash management and other functions.



New England Marketing, a lead generation and software firm, has developed a suite of integrated online tools, a Home Business Management system, designed specifically for the Network Marketing and the Direct Sales Industry which is offered free.


Calling it "Recruiter Suite," the company launched on May 21st. Anyone in the industry can sign up, anytime after launch, and start using the RS system.


"The virtual business center built into RS provides users with comprehensive time management applications including state-of-the-art contact management (CRM), prospect manager, data reporting tools, goals tracker, and a virtual Rolodex," company rep Rachel Veyera says.


Veyera notes that "if you are a network marketer, you will appreciate the benefits of what RSv1.0 has to offer -- including a system to help keep track of all your leads and prospects which you can purchase and import from any vendor."


Reporting tools also help network marketers track activity, plus there are features such as a cashflow planner, "to-do" task manager, at-a-glance calendar tools and more.


Robert Polonsky and Patrick Thomas, the founders of RS, say they're offering the tools free because "We believe RS will help all network marketers build stronger relationships and, by offering RS free, our own relationships with current and future RS members will strengthen."



The Advanced Infrastructure Solutions Division of Tech Data Corporation has "expanded its support for value-added resellers," deploying "business continuity and disaster recovery products," company officials say.


The company has announced that it is the exclusive distributor for SteelEye Technology, offering VARs access to the vendor's data replication software for physical and virtual servers running Windows or Linux operating systems.


"The AIS Division supports the channel's most robust data center products offerings, comprising server, storage and virtualization products from firms like Fujitsu, HP, IBM and VMware," said Director, Product Marketing, Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, Amy Belcher. "Our new partnership with SteelEye further strengthens our business continuity practice, especially for data centers using Linux and virtualization software."


SteelEye sells disaster recovery and business continuity products, with multi-platform functionality for continuous access to information, and includes support for CRM and ERP applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server.


Through AIS, Tech Data will distribute the entire line of SteelEye products, including

LifeKeeper for Windows or Linux.


Through specialized sales and technical support, AIS assists VARs developing products that protect data such as CRM and ERP databases.



Verticalbit has released a book on Web 2.0 business Web sites, providing what company officials say is "a step-by-step procedure to build a Web 2.0 business Web site."


The author uses Joomla!, an open source content management systems on the Web. It is freely available, and requires no programming and HTML skills. The book, "Building Web 2.0 Buisness Websites" is available on, ISBN - 9780981642109, or at


The book has ten chapters, is "in color and easy to read," according to company officials.


Chapters include "The Web as a Platform," which defines Web 2.0, its business rules and tools, and "Sales and Support Innovation with Web 2.0," which "shows how to use crowd sourcing in sales and support, how to integrate a Web sitewith Customer Relationship Management (CRM ) tools and how to integrate a Web site with Instant Messaging, videos, and Voice over IP tools."



Dow Jones Indexes has announced the results of the regular quarterly review of the Dow Jones Internet Composite Index and its two sub-indexes, the Dow Jones Internet Commerce Index and Dow Jones Internet Services Index.


The changes will be effective as of the open of trading on Monday, June 23.

Autobytel and Jupitermedia will be deleted from the Dow Jones Internet Composite Index and sub-index Dow Jones Internet Commerce Index, and will be replaced by Expedia and


Vignette Corp. and InfoSpace will be deleted from the Dow Jones Internet Composite Index and sub-index Dow Jones Internet Services Index and will be replaced Juniper Networks and Sonus Networks.


The float-adjusted market capitalization of the reconstituted Dow Jones Internet Composite Index increased to $318.86 billion from S$293.82 billion as of May 30, 2008.


The Dow Jones Internet Composite Index is a blue-chip measure of Internet-related companies comprised of 40 stocks -- 15 from the Internet commerce sector and 25 from the Internet services sector. Only those companies that generate the majority of their revenues from the Internet are eligible for inclusion, and stocks are selected to the index based on float-adjusted market capitalization and liquidity.


Further information, as well as the complete component list of the Dow Jones Internet Composite Index, can be found on the Dow Jones Indexes Web site at

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