CRM AddOn U.S., Datacap's Contribution, CDC and Red Gold, SmartFocus and Chelsea, Marketo's Trailer

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CRM AddOn U.S., Datacap's Contribution, CDC and Red Gold, SmartFocus and Chelsea, Marketo's Trailer

By David Sims
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The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Ben Harper's There Will Be A Light album:
CRM AddOn U.S. and The AddOn Store have announced that the two companies have formed a partnership, which officials from both firms characterize as "beyond a standard corporate relationship."
The deal combines the software Add Ons from The AddOn Store with the distribution network of CRM AddOn U.S. "In addition," company officials say, there's "the creation private custom Web stores for other Independent Software Vendors and an increase in marketing and distribution for all products."

The combination of CRM AddOn U.S. and The AddOn Store is intended to give customers a way to use software products. The Act! Certified Consultants represent a large group of customers shared between the two groups, officials of both firms say.

This merger will become an asset to ACC's in connecting businesses with Add Ons and consultation opportunities: "The AddOn Store's product list and industry knowledge of business technology software (including ACT!, Goldmine, Microsoft Outlook and QuickBooks), along with CRM AddOn U.S.'s distribution network and sales & marketing services, makes the partnership a resource for all customers," partnership officials say.

Both companies will continue to operate their Web sites independently and CRM AddOn U.S. will offer its products on The AddOn Store's site as well
CRM AddOn U.S. is the authorized fulfillment partner for CRM AddOn Factory, a Germany-based company specializing in the creation and support of add on applications for ACT!.

. . . .

Tarrytown, New York-based Datacap, a vendor of document capture and forms processing software products, has announced that it has contributed $5,000 to the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on behalf of Cycle Faster 2008.

The Horace Mann School in Boston trains deaf and hard of hearing high school students for careers in imaging and ECM.

Datacap's Cycle Faster program, which kicked off its fourth year at the AIIM Expo on March 3, brings together the primary companies of the scanning and enterprise content management industry to raise money for worthy causes, including the Lance Armstrong Foundation. So far, more than $21,000 in donations has been raised.

The 2008 gift was presented to the Horace Mann School on July 14 at the annual golf benefit AIIM New England holds for the school in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Scott Blau, Datacap CEO, said their goal to raise $100,000 is "ambitious, but within our reach, and the money will be well spent helping cancer survivors and students at Horace Mann lead happier, more fulfilling lives."

. . . .

CDC Software, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CDC Corporation and a provider of CRM and other applications and services, has announced that Red Gold, a tomato products manufacturer since 1942, will implement the CDC Factory global manufacturing operations management (MOM) product for "increasing capacity and reducing costs throughout its entire plant network," company officials say.

That would be production plant network, not tomato plant network. Presumably.

With the rising costs for materials, packaging and fuel, Red Gold wanted to identify and implement new cost reductions. This led Red Gold to select CDC Factory, which is expected to help "increase line efficiencies, improve labor use, reduce changeover times, address variability and minor stops" and other functions.

CDC Factory will help with workforce decisions to drive improvement from the shop floor, Red Gold officials say, adding that the product provides "real-time visibility into detailed operating metrics including production rates, yields, usage and per-unit cost."

Red Gold had previously attempted to implement a Performance Management system on an initial pilot line, but it didn't meet their expectations.
"Food commodity prices have risen to record levels and are wreaking havoc on profit margins for virtually every food manufacturer," said Mark Sutcliffe, general manager of CDC Factory.

Red Gold, America's largest privately held tomato manufacturer, operates three processing facilities in Elwood, Orestes, and Geneva, Indiana.
. . . .

SmartFocus, the marketing software company, has begun implementing its Intelligent Marketing Software and services for Chelsea Football Club.
Chelsea FC wants SmartFocus to build "a single customer view, consolidate all data sources to gain a consistent view of its supporters." It will also integrate the SmartFocus software needed to conduct marketing campaigns and track and analyse responses.|

Chelsea FC, one of the most high profile and successful soccer teams in the world, hopes to be able to access data to "create customer insight and gain a deeper understanding of supporter, market and product relationships to plan and deploy high performance marketing campaigns," club officials said.

The product will be built by SmartFocus, hosted on Chelsea FC infrastructure but managed by the SmartFocus Managed Services team

Natalie Waddell, head of CRM at Chelsea Football Club, said with the right tools "we will be able to understand our consumers better, communicate and tailor our campaigns more effectively.

Chris Underhill, CEO of SmartFocus, said today's most successful soccer clubs "are also major international brands, and what happens off the field is becoming increasingly important alongside the success on the field."

. . . .

Lead management firm Marketo, focused on "accelerating the Revenue Revolution it declared last week," according to company officials, has announced the addition of sales authority and industry luminary Barry Trailer to its Board of Advisors.

Co-founder of analyst firm CSO Insights and described by Marketo officials as "an expert on sales processes and methodologies," Trailer is expected to provide guidance as Marketo tries to develop products to "align sales and marketing to drive bottom-line impact," company officials say.

After last week's unveiling of Marketo Lead Insight for Sales, a product designed to coordinate the actions of sales and marketing throughout the lead lifecycle, the addition of sales strategist Trailer to Marketo's Board of Advisors is intended to improve the company's commitment to marketing and sales.
Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez said Trailer "knows better than almost anyone just how critical it is to coordinate sales and marketing around a unified revenue process."

As an analyst "focused on how B2B companies can improve their selling processes," Trailer said, "I've seen companies suffer from misalignment between sales and marketing. Without close collaboration, near-term revenue falls short and long-term results are sub-optimized."

Trailer has over 25 years of experience in sales, and prior to co-founding CSO Insights, he held positions at FrontRange Solutions, including president of the GoldMine Division, vice president of strategic initiatives, and vice president of North American Sales for GoldMine Software Corporation.

Previously, Trailer was a principal in the consulting firm Trailer Vavricka, Inc, which developed software to provide operational performance metrics to sales reps and their managers. He's also a published author.

Marketo also announced it has signed its fiftieth customer since launching in March. 

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