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The news as of the first cup of coffee this morning, and the music is Van Morrison's live album A Night In San Francisco, otherwise known as Now Listen To These Backup Singers While I Get A Drink And Put My Feet Up:
One year ago at Gartner's 2007 CRM Summit, Bruce Culbert and Paul Greenberg launched, a social networking site designed as a destination community for CRM professionals. 
The pair will unveil the latest edition of during Gartner's 2008 CRM Summit, with what they describe as "an integrated online community" built by myCRM's partner, Neighborhood America.
"CRM practitioners worldwide will be able to get up-to-date, real-time insights from our perspective on the Gartner CRM Summit when they register for the community and tune-in September 8-10," said Bruce Culbert, co-founder of
Social technologies such as blogs, forums and rich video can be used to provide an interactive network for CRM professionals to "share experiences, thoughts and ideas on an ongoing basis," officials believe:
"From videos capturing the most significant events and insights within the CRM industry, to job opportunities, was created with the intent to empower a global network of practitioners in the CRM community with the tools they need to collaborate."
"These advancements to bring the latest social networking tools to our community of CRM professionals," says Culbert.
FYI: will be added to the S&P 500 Global Industry Classification Standard Application Software Sub-Industry index.
FrontRange Solutions has announced the availability of DeviceWall 5.0, the latest version of its endpoint security product. It extends the product's USB control and data encryption capabilities to PCs running the Windows Vista operating system, giving security managers a single product to manage security across heterogeneous environments. 
Kevin J. Smith, vice president of products at FrontRange, said more companies are introducing Windows Vista onto their corporate networks, "so it is important that they are able to apply the same security policies created for the rest of the IT infrastructure to any new PCs that are purchased."
DeviceWall provides single-screen administration of security policies that manage computer users' access to all types of portable storage devices across the corporate network, "giving the administrators the granularity to manage individual device types as well as management reports to monitor device usage," company officials say.
DeviceWall 5.0 is the first product release since FrontRange Solutions acquired Centennial Software in April 2008. It's available immediately.
CA has enhanced its CA Clarity Project and Portfolio Manager product by integrating cost and schedule measurement functionality to help U.S. Federal government agencies and contractors conform to the ANSI/EIA-748 standard for Earned Value Management Systems, company officials say.
CA's Earned Value Management functionality "addresses the need for a project tracking and reporting product at a time when EVM is the number one factor driving public-sector growth in the adoption of PPM products," CA officials say, citing a recent report from industry analyst firm Gartner.
By including EVM in its Federal PPM product, CA is trying to extend its existing capabilities around Capital Planning and Investment Control, which the company believes "improves the quality and speed of Exhibit 300 and 53 business case submissions."
Built atop the project and financial management capabilities of CA Clarity PPM, the EVM functionality provides federal agencies a single unified view of project planning and execution in order to manage budget forecasts, accrued cost and earned value data while satisfying the mandate to comply with ANSI/EIA-748.
Web-based for deployment and use across an organization, the EVM functionality is marketed as "reducing complexity and increasing efficiency by eliminating the excess time spent gathering EVM data."
Users can now track EVM data through to ensure compliance and provide visibility for multiple stakeholders. "Unlike existing disparate offerings which require each individual product be installed again for every upgrade," company officials say, the EVM functionality in CA Clarity PPM is deployed once and scales as usage is expanded throughout the agency or organization.
The Independent Oracle Users Group has released a study from a worldwide community of more than 20,000 members that are Oracle technology professionals, called "The What Data Professionals Earn" study, on, well, guess what subject.
It found that almost 30 percent of DBAs overseeing critical IT operations now receive six-figure incomes for their skills. Developer and analyst salaries came in around $75,000. More than 30 percent of the IT management category makes in excess of $100,000. "However," study officials say, "IT management was less likely to have seen annual increases this past year as opposed to DBAs, developers and analysts." The survey also found DBAs with certifications moved ahead sooner than those without.

The study identified three primary categories of data professionals and determined that company size, geographic location and certification can make "a significant difference" in salary, with a significant number of data professionals earning six-figure and higher compensation.

The survey covered salary trends of three primary groups -- database administrators, developers and analysts, and IT management. Salaries reported were base salaries only, not including bonuses, incentives, benefits or stock options, and all figures were requested in U.S. dollars.
Factors that affected six-figure salary attainment include size of organization, level of experience, complexity of the technology environment and geographic location, as 34 percent of DBAs reported base incomes exceeding $100,000 among organizations with more than 10,000 employees.
Forty percent of DBAs with more than a decade of experience reported salaries exceeding $100,000, 44 percent of DBAs managing large and complex database environments reported earning more than $100,000 and coincidentally 44 percent of DBAs working in the western region (including the Mountain and Pacific states) had annual salaries of more than $100,000.

Ian Abramson, IOUG president, said in his opinion "IOUG members command higher salaries than non-members, with nearly 80 percent of IOUG members receiving annual salaries of $80,000 or more, while only 60 percent of non-members receive annual salaries over $80,000."
Lexnet Consulting Group has developed integration between StrongMail, an on-premises marketing and transactional e-mail product, and SageCRM 200, an on-premises CRM product from Sage Software.
Lexnet officials say this is the first in "a series of CRM integrations" that Lexnet is developing for StrongMail.
"We found that integration between a company's CRM database and its e-mail marketing product is a growing requirement among B2B and B2C companies," said Steve Chipman, president of Lexnet, a leading StrongMail partner. "Communication between two business products doesn't get any easier and faster than when both products are on the same server rack."
"Lexnet's effort in this area is one of the main reasons we developed our channel program," said Steve Murphy, North American Channel Manager for StrongMail Systems.
Chipman said the project has "achieved real time integration between StrongMail's appliance-based products and SageCRM 200," and "enabled CRM users to have access to e-mail delivery and click-through information."

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