CRM from Satuit, Blueroads and Oracle, TreeHouse PRM, Etelos and Blink Logic, FTS in Indonesia, Tierlinear CRM

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CRM from Satuit, Blueroads and Oracle, TreeHouse PRM, Etelos and Blink Logic, FTS in Indonesia, Tierlinear CRM

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver's state-of-the-art gospel bluegrass a cappella album There's A Light Guiding Me. This is simply as good as the genre gets these days -- which is very, very good:
Satuit Technologies, vendor of Client Relationship Management (CRM) products, has said that Evercore Asset Management has adopted the vendor's products for the professional investment market.
Satuit's SatuitCRM is designed specifically for the financial services industry, company officials say, adding that the product provides EAM with a product to capture, manage and access information about clients and prospects.
EAM is using SatuitCRM as a repository for all client and prospect contact information, as well as a way to track e-mails, meetings, call notes, direct mail and marketing campaigns.
From SatuitCRM's Web-based interface, EAM's staff generates lists based upon open activities, open RFPs and current opportunities, EAM officials say, adding that they also have the capability to develop home pages to "organize and focus" sales efforts.
"Our contact management database is essential to our sales and relationship management efforts, and therefore, SatuitCRM is essential to our overall business," said Gail Landis, a managing partner and head of EAM's business development group.
The integration with Microsoft Outlook lets EAM send e-mails through Outlook to SatuitCRM for tracking and to schedule meetings through SatuitCRM that can be synced with Outlook's calendars.
Blueroads, a vendor of Partner Opportunity Management products for medium and large enterprises, has announced that it has been selected as a charter member of Oracle's new CRM On Demand Inner Circle Partner Initiative.
The initiative "showcases a select group of best-of-breed partners that have demonstrated significant value and customer traction with Oracle's sales organization," Blueroads officials say.
"Our product management team has thoroughly reviewed the partner ecosystem for the most synergistic products from our partners," says Julie Adams, vice president Oracle CRM On Demand Products. "Blueroads, as part of the Oracle CRM On Demand Inner Circle Partner Initiative, will provide our customers and prospects complementary value-added functionality in the Partner Opportunity Management arena."
Blueroads' product offers data exchange with Oracle's CRM products. Its latest Blueroads Connect enhancement "helps to simplify and speed the integration of these enterprise products, resulting in advanced CRM/PRM capability for medium and large enterprises" that rely on their indirect selling channels, company officials say.
"Our focus is on mid to large enterprises and this partnership allows us to provide a robust product with the CRM system of record for a majority of those clients," said Charles Watson, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Blueroads.
Oracle will be demonstrating the combined Blueroads / Oracle CRM product in the Moscone South Hall, Booth 1032 on September 24th from 1-2 p.m.
TreeHouse Interactive, a vendor on demand partner relationship management, channel sales force automation and marketing automation products, has announced the integration of its Reseller View PRM product with Oracle CRM On Demand.
This new integration will allow Oracle CRM On Demand customers to deliver partner portals to their partner networks. The combination of the two products, according to Oracle officials, will allow for "a seamless experience between partners visiting a company's portal and the sales teams who manage those partner relationships in CRM On Demand."
Rackable Systems, a vendor of Eco-Logical servers and storage for large-scale data center deployments, is an early adopter of the integrated product. "With the integration of TreeHouse Reseller View PRM and Oracle CRM On Demand, we want to integrate our partner network with our sales teams," says Dominic Martinelli CIO of Rackable.
In the Reseller View portal, partners "have access to deals, leads and all the other information they need to grow their business with us. Through the integration with CRM On Demand, our sales teams will have the ability to manage their relationships with the partner base," Martinelli says.
TreeHouse Reseller View PRM is delivered via a Software As A Service (SaaS) model.
Blink Logic, a Software as a Service Business Intelligence (SaaS BI) vendor, has announced they are partnering with Etelos to "bring BI to the Etelos Marketplace."
Etelos "recognizes that Web distribution is the future for software and services," says David Morris, CEO, Blink Logic. "By opening a Blink Logic storefront, we expect not only to expose more people to our fresh take on business intelligence, but we also look forward to being part of a community of leading SaaS thought leaders and providers."
"Business intelligence is a critical function for today's enterprises," says Jeff Garon, CEO, Etelos. "Businesses who are fed up with the complexity and cost of on-premise BI technology stacks should come to our marketplace."
Blink Logic sells information-on-demand products to general manager-level executives in departments of Fortune-class companies. Company officials say the firm "empowers executives to take action to increase revenue and retain customers and partners," as the company's "Do-test-do better" cycle -- "always ready at any browser" -- matches "the vigorous rhythms of their business life."
FTS, a vendor of billing, CRM and business control products for communication and content service providers, has announced that Sampoerna Telecom Indonesia has deployed FTS' convergent prepaid-postpaid billing and customer care product for its entire subscriber base.
"Convergent prepaid/postpaid business models are ranking high on carriers' wish lists. We see more and more carriers evaluating and in the process of launching hybrid billing scenarios," said Ari Banerjee, Director, Enabling Technologies Service Provider Software Solutions The Yankee Group.
FTS' Leap Billing product features a single, unified system that provides "one rating engine, one product catalog and a single customer care interface," FTS officials say, "all working over a single customer database."
The FTS product lets STI define a single set of services and prices that are available for its entire customer base regardless of whether they are using prepaid plans or paying a monthly subscription. The platform allows for the transition of customers between the various payment methods as well as supporting hybrid customers.

PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi is the sole licensee of CDMA2000 1X
technology at 450 MHz band in the country. It operates under the Ceria brand name.
September 2008 "sees the release of S3 CRM," a Customer Relationship Management product from Tierlinear, according to company officials.
S3 CRM is "a safe, simple, secure application aimed at small to medium sized businesses. It is available 24/7 from any Internet enable device providing businesses with a virtual assistant," according to the Tierlinearians.

The product was designed "to be not only a CRM product, but also provide features to boost the efficiency and productivity of a business," company officials say.
Add to this the fact that S3 CRM is easy to use, get your username, password and start straight away. You will have a CRM solution that can be integrated into any business within minutes and will put an end to inefficient working practices in no time.

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