Maximizer CRM 10.5, Boomi, Apisphere for Outlook, ETrigue and, CiberSecure

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Maximizer CRM 10.5, Boomi, Apisphere for Outlook, ETrigue and, CiberSecure

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Nico's Chelsea Girl album. Haven't heard it? Don't knock it -- the album Marianne Faithfull always wanted to be able to do:

With what company officials call "an impressive roster of new features," Maximizer officials announce their CRM 10.5 product.
The product is designed to let users conduct business faster on the latest artphones, company officials say, "including BlackBerry Bold, Windows Mobile and Apple iPhone. It lets users locate customers and prospects with one-click access to maps and directions."
It's designed to update records automatically, log calls, text messages and e-mails to client records, and take more customer information on the road, with SD card storage for your BlackBerry.

"React faster than your competitors, send brochures, quotes and other documents in your company library to customers and prospects directly from your art phone," Maximizer officials say, adding that the new Maximizer CRM 10.5 lets users "monitor business and team performance at a glance with drag-and-drop dashboards and advanced export to Excel to support on-the-fly trend analysis."
It's engineered with visual alert dashboards and what company officials characterize as "an intuitive new Workflow Automation interface," with more features designed for remote access, including Word integration, Excel export, Action Plans, Global Editing and personal e-mail templates.
Boomi, an on-demand integration vendor, has announced AtomSphere, described by company officials as a "platform-as-a-service for integration."
The vendor has opened its cloud-based integration platform for all SaaS integration services, according to the Boomers, as AtomSphere "brings together providers of SaaS applications and businesses looking to integrate with those applications via a pure SaaS integration platform that does not require software or appliances."
Independent software vendors and businesses alike benefit by connecting to a network of SaaS, PaaS, on-premise and cloud computing environments, company officials say.
 The product has capabilities that allow ISVs to productize and embed integration services to end customers, which Boomi officials see as an advantage over "applications that rely on third-party integration products. ISVs will be able to offer pre-integrated applications where the integration processes themselves are fully multi-tenant and customizable, and build common integration processes once and deploy to an infinite number of customers saving extraordinary time during implementation."
Integration widgets then allow non-technical end-users to customize and deploy these via menu-driven wizards. AtomSphere also allows ISVs to perform centralized management, monitoring, and analysis of the integration activities of their client base.
Bob Moul, Boomi's president and CEO, says to scale SaaS applications economically, "you need common SaaS integration infrastructure. By focusing on building an integration product and opening the platform for all to use, we're laying a fundamental building block for the continued rapid expansion of the SaaS industry."
With its "connect once - integrate everywhere" architecture, AtomSphere is billed by company officials as being able to shorten time to market for new ISVs and "eliminate integration headaches" for existing ISVs.
"As SaaS gains wider acceptance in companies of all sizes, it becomes essential that integration of new products with existing operating environments be quick and intuitive," says Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director of THINKstrategies and the Founder of the SaaS Showplace.
Conventional integration products and appliances "place the burden of integration on the end customer," Boomi officials say, adding that AtomSphere, by contrast, allows ISVs to offer integration-as-a-service and "solve the integration challenge on behalf of the end customer."

ETrigue Corporation officials say they've made their debut appearance at Dreamforce, presenting eTrigue 3.0 generation Software-as-a-Service and eTrigue for the AppExchange, described by company officials as "designed to help companies fill their sales pipelines with qualified leads to close sales faster."
ETrigue officials say they're demonstrating how customers are using the eTrigue 3.0 intelligent demand generation platform to address a problem faced by salespeople -- "too many unqualified leads sent from marketing." According to an October 2007 white paper by the Demand Gen Report cited by eTrigue officials, one of the biggest complaints among most sales people is that the leads they are given are unqualified and wind up to be a waste of their time.
By contrast, eTrigue officials say, the eTrigue marketing automation product "helps them ensure hot prospects are identified and make it into Salesforce CRM while also providing them with accurate information on soon-to-be-qualified prospects, even before they are added to Salesforce CRM."
The company "has spent three years working closely with customers, from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations like Cisco Systems,  to develop its features," said Jim Meyer, vice president and general manager at eTrigue Corporation. "Dreamforce was our first choice to debut eTrigue for AppExchange. We wanted to make sure we had the largest possible audience."
Starting at $2,500, eTrigue 3.0 for AppExchange is available for a flat monthly subscription fee, which includes unlimited e-mail, users, Web visits or landing page views. Set up, training, eTrigue for the AppExchange and integration with Salesforce CRM is included.

Apisphere, a vendor of location-awareness services for mobile business applications and devices, has announced the availability of Apisphere for Outlook, a location aware plug-in for Microsoft's Outlook messaging and collaboration client.

Apisphere for Outlook lets users "send and receive automatic messages on their mobile devices or GPS-enabled laptops based on their Outlook calendar and location," company officials say.

Using real-time location-aware information, when a meeting is scheduled in Outlook, the plug-in creates a "sphere" around the meeting location and the calendar entry. This sphere activates several features including mapping, real-time traffic updates and geo-triggered voice and text messages for reminders on the go.
"People are relying on mobile devices more and more for both business and personal needs, and require applications that make completing daily tasks easier and more efficient," said Craig Harper, CEO of Apisphere.
Each sphere created through Apisphere for Outlook enables mobile devices to know where a user is located and provide customized information in real-time. The plug-in generates mapping information to provide driving directions to an Outlook calendar appointment and will notify the user through e-mail, SMS or phone when they need to leave to arrive on time. Apisphere for Outlook can then provide ongoing location-aware mapping and navigation, using real-time data such as traffic updates and road closure information to identify the optimal route.
Additionally, geo-triggered voice and text messages can be created to provide users with reminders or notifications. Messages can be created in Microsoft Outlook and set to automatically trigger when the user reaches a specific location or enters the pre-defined sphere.
 For example, e-mail messages can be automatically sent every time a user enters and leaves a meeting to track time for more precise timesheet records. It can also provide pre-set reminders upon leaving the sphere such as dropping the car off at the rental agency or picking up groceries before heading home.

Ciber officials have announced the company's latest physical security service offering, CiberSecure, described as "a new product for effective and comprehensive situational awareness, security event management and data integration."
CiberSecure is described as a command and control product combining security technologies, sensor data, video data, operational applications, crisis management, first responder systems, and networks communication systems to "apply agency response policies and best practices for complete real-time situational awareness and response."
The product is targeted to single command centers, multi-agency centers and regional centers to "realize the benefits of improved incident response communication and management through CiberSecure," company officials say.
 Erin Phelps, director of Enterprise Security Solutions for Ciber, said: "we do not sell shrink-wrapped, one-size-fits-all command center applications. We work with our clients to understand the unique needs and system expectations and then tailor CiberSecure to meet those needs."
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