NetSuite and Suntech, Makana and, Opene and Cisco, ClickFox, iBreath, Maximizer

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NetSuite and Suntech, Makana and, Opene and Cisco, ClickFox, iBreath, Maximizer

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is an overlooked gem - The Steve Miller Band's Brave New World. I'm a spaaaace cowboy... bet you weren't ready for that:

NetSuite has announced that Suntech America, a unit of Suntech Power Holdings, manufacturers of photovoltaic modules, has gone live on NetSuite. 
Suntech officials say they now have a platform to manage their network of solar power dealer-installers, and have simplified the chart of accounts preparation "from a week-long administrative chore to a single-click report." Suntech America uses NetSuite primarily for the ERP and customer relationship management functions.

Suntech officials are hopeful that solar energy is "on the verge of rapid growth in the U.S., since the firm is banking heavily on their recent initiatives to expand within the U.S. solar market in hopes of tripling sales to the U.S. in 2009 through, among other things, expansion of its dealer network. Suntech America officials say they believe they can "finally make solar power an everyday reality in American homes and workplaces."

The system Suntech got from NetSuite is designed so as potential customers and dealers identify themselves on the company's site, leads are automatically entered into the NetSuite CRM system and sorted to a contact for follow-up. Dealers will have their own NetSuite log-ins, allowing them to get leads and book business directly with Suntech America.
Self-service sales compensation vendor Makana Solutions has launched a Web portal designed to provide sales performance management to users. 
The new portal, the Makana Sales Portal for, is AppExchange-certified. Company officials say it provides sales and sales management with access to information on incentive pay detail and individual and team sales performance right from a tab within Basically the portal tightens integration between and Makana Motivator Pro, a self-service sales compensation management product for planning and payment targeted to small and mid-sized businesses. 
The portal is available now and free to Pro users.

Makana Motivator Pro is pitched as an alternative to SMBs that use spreadsheets to create sales compensation plans, calculate payments and track sales performance -- "The use of spreadsheets for the generation of commission statements and sales performance reporting is an error-prone and time-consuming manual process," Makana officials note correctly, adding that spreadsheets "make it difficult to provide salespeople with accurate and timely information on their performance and answers to questions on their incentive pay.

Speaking of what it calls a "joint vision of one-stop shopping," Openet, a vendor of transactional intelligence tools for network service providers, has announced that through an OEM deal, Cisco has signed its first contract with a Tier 1, U.S. wireline and wireless service provider. 
The provider will deploy the Cisco-branded Openet FusionWorks Policy Manager product along with Cisco's Mobility Solutions. Openet officials say the combined deployment of Openet's policy and Cisco's deep packet inspection products will let the operator "automate control over its wireless and wireline networks."

This idea behind the deal is for the service provider to get a suite of tools that can control access to, and allocation of, network resources, in the hopes of bumping up revenue a bit and improving the customer experience. 
The one-stop shopping, so the thinking goes for Openet officials, is for a convergent policy architecture "that can adapt to the innovation in the marketplace." The product provides controls across all services and networks, letting operators apply business logic within their mobile, landline, cable and WiMax networks.

The customer selected these products because they wanted to manage policy across many different networks, ensuring revenue can be derived from any customer base, Openet officials say, adding that the provider wants to "monetize current and future services and applications at the network's edge." 
Although Cisco's Mobility Solutions have processing of IP flows through content examination, subscriber service access control and subscriber account balance enforcement, integrating Openet's TI capabilities make it a more comprehensive suite for operators, letting them control access to, and allocation of, network resources.

ClickFox , a vendor of Customer Experience Analytics software, has announced three new business products -- CEA for Operational Efficiency, CEA for Customer Satisfaction and CEA for Customer Retention. ClickFox officials say they developed them to address the customer experience management market.

With the ability to aggregate data from all touch points and other analytics sources, ClickFox offers speech analytics, Web analytics, quality monitoring and others as cross-channel offerings. "Specifically," company officials say, the products consist of "software and services that provide customer experience mapping and analysis, business process re-engineering, reporting and portals." The purpose here is to allow business case reporting along with monitoring and measuring the impact of cross-channel customer experience analytics using the ClickFox CEA Enterprise 2.0. 
The ClickFox CEA for Operational Efficiency is designed to carve out operational costs from a business' service delivery system, while improving the overall customer experience by using segmentation analytics to categorize customer interactions by channel type, frequency and other attributes.
ClickFox CEA for Customer Satisfaction Solution, company officials say, lets users understand the "total customer experience" and the direct relationships leading to both negative and positive CSAT scores by mapping end scores to the specific interactions/experiences that directly influence daily CSAT results.

ClickFox CEA for Customer Retention Solution uses the ClickFox CEA Enterprise 2.0 analytic platform to understand the specific customer behaviors and events that result in churn by comparing the baseline experience of "non-churn" customers. This lets companies identify the negative customer experiences that drive churn and respond to tie off leakages in customer retention.

Ever want to take your own alcohol breath test so you know what you'd blow if -- just theoretically, of course -- you were pulled over by the cops? Popular with Hollywood types -- Lindsay Lohan has three -- is a product called iBreath, a nifty little doohickey that connects directly to an iPhone or iPod and lets you know your blood-alcohol level. 
About the size of a large key ring, you simply fold out the blow wand and exhale into it for at least five seconds. Two seconds later, the iBreath Breathalyzer will display the user's current alcohol levels and whether they-- not you, of course, the guy borrowing it from you -- are over the legal limit to drive. Another handy feature is a built-in timer that can be set from one minute up to eight hours in order to remind users when it's time for the next test. It's currently being offered with a $30.00 discount.

The National Center for Injury and Preventions Control reports that "alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents kill someone every 31 minutes, and injure someone every two minutes in the United States alone." The manufacturers of iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer, after factoring in the fines, lost driver's licenses and jail time for drunk driving offenders, smelled a lucrative market and offered this gizmo at $89.00. Well, today it's yours for $59.00. Now, how much would you pay? But wait -- the ginsu knives are still free.

The iBreath was labeled the "Best iPod Accessory Ever!" by, and comes with a personal endorsement from Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth. It basically gives you a pretty good idea what your alcohol breath level is, but of course David Steele Enterprises, the manufacturer, is exquisitely lawyered up and "makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the ability of this device to determine whether a user is intoxicated or able to operate machinery or a motor vehicle in a safe manner."
Oh yeah -- First Coffee does not recommend drinking and driving. Spilled too much prime Maker's Mark that way.

CRM vendor Maximizer Software has announced that it is now a member of the Sprint Smartphone Certification Program.
Cheers, let's celebrate drinks all around. Don't forget your iBreath.
Maximizer Mobile CRM has been certified through the Sprint Smartphone Certification Program to work on Sprint networks. The Smartphone Certification Program, a component of Sprint's Application Developer Program, lets independent developers market, as Sprint Compatible, applications that Sprint customers can access through the open Internet to do more with their phones, whenever and wherever they go.

Yes, for you CrackBerry heads, there's one for you: Maximizer Mobile CRM for BlackBerry gives you access to information in the field, including customers' history, leads, sales opportunities, dashboards, customer service cases, documents, and schedules. You don't have to put your baby down.

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