Jenzabar, V-Soft and Oracle, MTS Allstream, DecisionPoint, Impact Sports, Jabra GO, Callidus

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Jenzabar, V-Soft and Oracle, MTS Allstream, DecisionPoint, Impact Sports, Jabra GO, Callidus

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Sonny Rollins's Saxophone Colossus- a watershed jazz album that includes "Strode Rode," a personal favorite of TMC Group Managing Editor Michael Dinan. It's difficult, we think, to make pleasant, melodic tenor saxophone jazz that doesn't shade off into wallpaper. Something you could listen to at work yet still interesting enough to pay money and $9.50 for drinks to hear in a jazz club. Sonny's the master at doing it right:

Jenzabar, which focuses on selling software to the higher education market, has announced new integrated services with Docufide, a vendor of educational records delivery and management. 

Client institutions can now use Docufide's services to receive electronic transcripts, as well as capture student, alumni and staff-initiated transcript requests, Jenzabar officials say, adding that customers can also use the service to deliver transcripts or other documents electronically.

Docufide's services are billed as "simple to setup and use," designed to be "flexible," company officials say, "accommodating a variety of transcript processing workflows." The company offers Secure Transcript, a service which includes online student and alumni transcript requests, fee capture, administrator approval, and delivery. 

Now available with Jenzabar EX 3.5, an enterprise resource planning system, the product lets higher education institutions send transcripts electronically to recipients. Jenzabar EX users, company officials say, "will be able to generate student transcripts and use Docufide to deliver these transcripts in the format selected by the recipient, whether it is EDI, PESC XML, or digitally-signed PDFs that never expire."

The goal, according to John Reese, Docufide's CEO, is to "make it simple for colleges and universities nationwide to securely send and receive transcripts and other documents electronically as we've done between high schools and colleges for years."

V-Soft, a reseller and implementer of Oracle's CRM and PLM products, has "fortified its CRM strategy" to serve its customers with Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized Training Program, company officials say.
With Oracle announcing specialized training programs for Oracle PartnerNetwork, V-Soft officials say they're "confident" that these programs will "facilitate fulfilling customer specific requirements."

Frank J. Vukmanic, Senior Vice President and General Manager, V-Soft, said OPN Specialized "recognizes and maximizes partners' individual sets of expertise to best meet the specific needs of our customers."

V-Soft, an Oracle Certified Partner, has been reselling and providing consulting services for organizations implementing Oracle CRM On Demand in North America for three years in different industry verticals such as life sciences, wealth management, high technology, manufacturing, distribution, and consumer products.
Oracle certifies the V-Soft sales people and implementation consultants. V-Soft's range of services spans product development through product life cycle management to customer relationship management, and the firm is a certified reseller and implementation partner of Oracle's CRM On Demand.

MTS Allstream is offering customers something that's not seen every day: the MTS Triple Blaze fireplace, a "virtual fireplace available on MTS TV, wireless, and Internet services" from now until January 15, 2010.
That's right -- a virtual fireplace.

"We are pleased to be the first and only service provider in Manitoba" -- that's all of Manitoba, now, all -- "to offer customers three options to ignite their virtual fireplace," says Kelvin Shepherd, President Consumer Markets division, MTS Allstream. "We hope customers take advantage of MTS's fun and easy way to create warmth for the entire family by enjoying a fireplace on their TV, wireless, or Internet services."
Now all we need is some virtual marshmallows and we can have us a big ol' virtually good time.

MTS Classic and Ultimate TV customers can choose between two natural crackling fire sounds and two yuletide blazes featuring Christmas music on MTS Video On Demand, company officials say: "Customers can light up their home by pressing the A or the Video On Demand button on their remote controls and selecting "Free & More" then "Fireplace & Ambient Folder."
And if you have devices that can support streaming media, you can spread the virtual warmth: You can "take the MTS Triple Blaze Fireplace to your favourite restaurant by launching the Mobile Web browser on your wireless device, going to the MTS Home Deck and selecting 'Fun Stuff.'"
MTS Allstream is a proud sponsor of Cindy Klassen, 2006 World Champion and Canada's greatest Olympian, and a contributor to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

DecisionPoint Systems has announced that Agilis Systems has named it a Preferred Provider of its core set of mobile applications for customers running on the T-Mobile wireless network.
Through its existing MobileArc program, DecisionPoint Systems officials say, they will deliver one-stop shopping capability to "those end customers who wish to run Agilis' core software on the T-Mobile wireless network."

Agilis' core software offerings include GPS tracking of people and assets, automated mobile forms, mobile work order management, mobile time card, secure, free messaging, and more. Agilis also provides the ability to integrate with existing back office software systems to allow customers to fully streamline their operations

DecisionPoint Systems' MobileArc program is designed to "optimize mobile workforce automation projects by combining all hardware, software, carrier activations, and professional services in one offering," company officials explain.

According to the deal, under MobileArc, DecisionPoint Systems will deliver Agilis' core software to customers using the T-Mobile wireless network on a number of target platforms certified by T-Mobile including those from Motorola, RIM, HTC, Intermec, and Opticon as well as various netbooks and laptops.

Agilis Systems a St. Louis-based Software as a Solution company that helps corporate enterprises in mobilizing their operations using ork order and work flow management.

DecisionPoint earns their bread "making enterprise software applications accessible to the front-line worker anytime, anywhere," according to company officials.

Impact Sports, a Colorado sports training facility founded by former Tennessee Titans linebacker Jamie Heiner, has chosen Cbeyond for their IT and communication needs.

Cbeyond, which sells voice, data and mobile business applications and counts over 48,000 small businesses across the country, has provided Impact Sports with high-speed Internet and local and long-distance voice.
"My background is in training and sports," Heiner said. "I need a communications provider that helps me simplify my life."

Before Cbeyond, Impact Sports was using three different communications and IT providers. At times, Heiner said he spent "hours calling all three vendors in an effort to solve a single problem."
Since initially signing on with Cbeyond, Heiner has adopted Cbeyond's mobile phone service to stay connected when he's not in the office: "Unlike health clubs where it is membership based, Impact Sports sells our staff's time," Heiner explained. "We bring in revenue through our training sessions," and need to be available when athletes request services."
Steve Zimba, Vice President of Marketing for Cbeyond, said the vendor designed their small business communication service to "free up time" for Heiner and his staff.

No more being tethered to a desktop phone -- hands-free communication is the point of Jabra GO 6430, a Bluetooth wireless headset just introduced by GN Netcom, a vendor of headset products.
Company officials say the product "unites mobile phones and computer based VoIP, allowing for hands-free, unified communications." It's optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 and designed for use in a variety of environments via wideband sound transmission and Noise Blackout, a dual microphone technology that eliminates background noise.
Mogens Elsberg, CEO, GN Netcom, "The Jabra GO 6430 is a prime example of how hands-free and unified communications solutions are expanding away from the desktop office phone."

If your workforce is about in line with general trends these days, your employees are probably away from their desk or out of the office, and could be missing important calls. That's one of the primary reasons companies use headsets.
The Jabra GO 6430 features multiuse connectivity which means users can manage calls from both their computer and mobile phones. It has a travel charger and the Jabra LINK 350 USB Bluetooth adapter to deliver wideband audio and a wireless range of 300 feet.
The product has plug and play for set up with Office Communicator 2007 R2 and remote call control allowing users to adjust volume, plus answer, end, and mute calls directly from the headset. The efficiency and productivity gains from using a headset in the workplace "can contribute to a significant return on investment," according to research cited by Jabra officials.

"GN Netcom is a partner for Microsoft in the unified communications space," says Moz Hussain, director of the unified communications group at Microsoft, adding that Microsoft is dedicated to supporting headsets like the Jabra GO 6430.

The Jabra GO 6430 has up to six hours of talk time, 100 hours of standby time, and an intelligent sleep-mode that conserves power when not active, there's no need to charge the headset even when on consecutive conference calls or Webinars.

Callidus Software has announced that Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina selected the Callidus Monaco Suite to manage sales performance and incentive compensation programs.
Under the SaaS agreement, signed in the third quarter of 2009, BCBSNC will use the Callidus Monaco Suite for its 4,000 brokers. Jeff Saling, senior vice president of global sales at Callidus Software, says the enterprise-level deal shows the on-demand revolution "is on fire and no longer a mid-market phenomenon."

The Callidus Monaco Suite provides a performance management platform to let businesses "optimize the entire sales lifecycle from sales on-boarding, to quota and plan deployment, and payment," company officials say.
Its efforts are depicted by company officials as giving "actionable insight into sales execution and channel operations, thereby providing the tools to fine-tune sales performance."

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. Often we forget the little guy, the SMB, in our discussions of the comings and goings of the Internet marketing industry. Sure there are times like this when a report surfaces talking about their issues and concerns but, for the most part, we like to talk about big brands and how they do the Internet marketing thing well or not so well

Often we forget the little guy, the SMB, in our discussions of the comings and goings of the Internet marketing industry. Sure there are times like this when a report surfaces talking about their issues and concerns but, for the most part, we like to talk about big brands and how they do the Internet marketing thing well or not so well.

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