SpoofEm.com, NCIC Inmate Phones, Cignias and BlackBerry, Epicor Retail Mobile

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SpoofEm.com, NCIC Inmate Phones, Cignias and BlackBerry, Epicor Retail Mobile

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Duke Ellington's "Track 360:"

SpoofEm.com has launched their latest service, Wiretrap. "Most anti-spyware programs detect spyware on a computer, but Wiretrap is a Web-based service that will detect 'who' installed spyware on an individual's computer," company officials say.

"The main objective of a hacker is to somehow get spyware installed onto a victim's computer. This spyware allows the hacker to follow every keystroke that is entered through the system," explains Sheehan Toufiq, IT Spokesperson and Assistant Developer to the Wiretrap Project. "With this information a hacker can enter an e-mail account to steal personal, social, and even financial information."

Evidently when a hacker opens the Wiretrap set by the user and clicks the link in an attempt to steal information, the hacker's IP address, information and location is sent back to the victim, as Toufiq explains: "If the individual who installed the spyware has a Webcam or microphone attached, or built into their computer, Wiretrap will take pictures or an audio recording of the culprit."
Then the pictures, audio recording, IP address, and other information of the individual who installed the spyware will then be e-mailed to the victim. "It's an exciting new concept. Once a hacker opens up our decoy message and that web link is activated, BAM, your hacker has just been caught red handed," says Toufiq.

SpoofEm.com's flagship product is a caller ID spoofing service which allows users to call any number and have any 10-digit telephone number show up in the caller ID. It also includes features like voice disguising, call recording, and text messaging from a different number.

NCIC Inmate Telephone Services has announced the implementation of Virtual File Store from Iron Mountain to its Inmate Call Engine.
This lets The Virtual File Store allows "virtually real-time" back up of inmate telephone call recordings and call detail to multiple data bunkers located around the country. The recording server is connected directly to the ICE platform recording system, so it can record the calls live without any access from jail or NCIC staff.

The Virtual File Store program with Iron Mountain is used -- "by most Fortune 500 companies," company officials claim -- to store data off-site for redundancy and security. It has added a "future-proof" feature to NCIC's secure, encrypted storage capability in that it can handle up to 100,000X's growth capacity instantaneously.

"As an added bonus," Iron Mountain officials say, the company offers professional witnesses for courtroom testimony to guarantee the security and authenticity of the original call: "This encryption protocol now means you are Defense Attorney Ready, as NCIC now offers you a comprehensive records management system."

The feature doesn't allow any type of deletion of any call recordings or call detail by jail staff or employees of NCIC for up to one year of the original date of recording. Each file is "stamped" by Iron Mountain to ensure that no call can be modified or manipulated.

NCIC guarantees 100 percent redundancy of recordings and data during any outage or major disaster as well.

The company operates a network of inmate calling platforms across the United States, and owns a multilingual customer service call center in Texas in addition to selling collect call and prepaid inmate telecommunication services for the detention and jail industry.

Cignias has released its free BlackBerry smartphone app, MusicNAO, and announced the general availability of the NAO Symphony and NAO Symphony Noir.
The NAO Music Systems offer a music product to "transform a BlackBerry smartphone into a wireless home entertainment device." company officials say: Using the app BlackBerrys can wirelessly stream music from the device or control an iPod docked in the music system in their home network, "while still using BlackBerry smartphone features including making phone calls or sending e-mail with negligible impact to the BlackBerry battery."
Shawn Saleem, CEO of Cignias, says the product came from a personal need: "As music lovers we were frustrated that no product existed to let us stream music over Wi-Fi from our BlackBerry smartphones to high-quality speakers," he said adding that it's designed "with no hassle and incredible smartphone battery conservation."

The NAO Symphony automatically downloads firmware updates as well as new features as they become available, providing users with what company officials say is "a future-proof sound system. As Cignias continues to add features to the NAO Symphony, the system will update itself and supply users with the latest technology."

The products give full access to playlists, albums, artists, genres, etc from docked iPod, intuitive color LEDs for navigation, instantaneous song skipping and a 50 watt speaker system. NAO Symphony and NAO Symphony Noir are available for $299.

Epicor Software, which sells enterprise business software to the midmarket and Global 1000, has introduced Epicor Retail Mobile Marketing for retailers, billing it as an "interactive and personalized marketing channel to target mobile consumers."

Delivered via a partnership with mobile messaging and technology provider Impact Mobile, the Mobile Marketing tool lets retailers deliver customized messages, coupons, and promotions to mobile device users. Company officials say it's designed to "encourage consumers to interact with the store environment, helping retailers strengthen brand and customer loyalty, while helping to drive revenues."

It can be used in-house by retailers to support SMS -- text messaging -- campaigns, distribute mobile coupons, and support a wide range of additional types of promotions. Additionally, Epicor's Retail CRM Services team is available to help retailers create, manage and launch mobile marketing campaigns via Epicor Mobile Marketing, "which can augment existing CRM initiatives or be incorporated as a part of the turnkey execution and management of ongoing CRM campaigns," company officials add.

Epicor officials see mobile device/smart phone users as a rapidly growing and potentially lucrative customer segment: Deloitte's most recent Annual Holiday Survey of retail spending and trends projected that nearly one in five consumers would use a mobile device to assist in their Christmas shopping this upcoming holiday, to find store locations, research prices, find product information, get coupons, read reviews and more.
Not only that, an estimated one in four consumers are projected to make a holiday purchase with their phone.

"For years, we have envisioned a combination of in-store mobile devices and consumer mobile devices," says David Henning, executive vice president and general manager for Epicor Retail. "Over the past 18 months this vision has begun to take shape as we have seen a major uptick in interest from retailers in mobile marketing."

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