In Store's Howe,, Glowpoint's Brust

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In Store's Howe,, Glowpoint's Brust

TMC CEO Rich Tehrani sat down recently with In Store Solutions's Chief Technology Officer, Thomas Howe, for an interview.
In Store makes and sells Skype-related stuff, such as headsets, handsets and cameras, and as Howe said, "we have two products coming out in the next two months we're very excited about."
Howe said much of the reason he joined the company recently was that he was convinced they have the potential to be "groundbreaking products."
In fact, "I think it's going to change the face of how a lot of things get done," Howe said.
A typical customer for the B2C company, Howe explained, would be Skype  users, or other users of headsets and handsets. "Our customer base is wide," he noted, adding that 70 percent of their sales are outside of the United States. "We sell in 62 countries." In 2010 alone they'll sell half a million products, he said, "collect in local currency and provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for those products."
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Jonathan Brust, the vice president of marketing for Glowpoint Video, recently joined TMC CEO Rich Tehrani on the program, "In The Studio," to discuss the company's latest news.
Glowpoint supports telepresence, video conferencing and such video technologies through managed services, Brust says, and as Tehrani remarked, since telepresence is all the rage these days, that's a good space to be in.
The basic business model, Brust explained, is that "people buy the equipment, and we manage the environment for them in many different ways, to enable them to connect with whoever they need to connect to."
To begin with, Brust said managed services are a great value proposition for companies. "One, because you can take advantage of expertise, processes, understanding the technology, and making sure that the systems you're investing in are always working."
Hard to argue with much of that. "So at the basic level," Brust said, with any managed provider, "you want to make sure your investment is paying off for you, and that you can access it to use it whenever you need."
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"It takes a certain type of person to get excited about a work productivity tool," they open, and they're right - our guess is that just such a person would probably be defined as "somebody who depends on one."
TechCrunch provides their usual invaluable services, posting a weird little video from Mark Nielsen and Patrick Carmitchel, who describe themselves as "unsatisfied with 37Signals' Basecamp," and have "decided to disrupt the productivity software industry."
The video shows, Basecamp and Zoho walking the plank and dying watery deaths at the hands of The tour is live on the  site right now, and the platform itself will go live on Tuesday.
As TechCrunch quotes them saying, "We decided we'd rather not see the light of day for a while than have to live with knowing that with just a little bit of creative, a pinch of logic and a dash of sexy, we could revive the productivity software world with a tool that would even make Apple cry."
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TMC's CEO, Rich Tehrani, recently interviewed Mark Benisz, vice president Americas for XConnect, to find out what the company has been working on recently.
Voice peering is a big area for the company. They provide peering services to other service providers, Benisz says, noting, "we were the first to launch a peering federation in The Netherlands, and our most recent federation was launched in South Africa, allowing service providers to trade traffic and end-to-end IP."
He noted the company expects such deals in the future as well.
Carriers see benefits from peering as well, he explained. "Mainly there is the ability to offer a high-quality end-to-end call with multiple hops, and in addition, there's always a cost savings, depending on the type of arrangement that's agreed upon."
But most interestingly, he said, is "the ability to offer new features over IP that can't be offered via traditional peering methods."
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So why isn't out yet, It's already Nov. they promised over and over again in would be available in October? I signed up for it and I did not even get a courtesy note saying thanks. Do they really think they are going to keep customers with service like this? I think they should of a least came up with some excuses why they couldn't have it out by OCT. Who knows, Maybe they shut it down, oh Well.

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