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Sangoma Technologies, Starbucks, Electronic Band-Aids, Knowledge Management

Industry observer John Klossner says he's become "especially appreciative of the terminology used in the world of knowledge management -- a term that is now being used for what used to be called social networking."

Which is an interesting take, as this reporter remembers hearing "knowledge management" sooner than he did "social networking." Funny how these things work.

"Knowledge management sounds much more grown up," Klossner says, and he has a point. It sounds more like, well, actual work, and not so much like sitting around the bar chatting up people and exchanging phone numbers.

As Klossner sees it, and he's got a pretty good definition as far as we know, the goal of knowledge management is "to get the right information to the right person at the right time. After reading numerous pieces on knowledge management, it also seems as if you have to include the word 'knowledge' in that information."

He hit and found the following terms in the knowledge management world: "knowledge services, knowledge-enabled, knowledge transfer, knowledge repository, knowledge portal, knowledge discovery, knowledge coordinators, knowledge audit, chief knowledge officer, knowledge networks, knowledge management integration, knowledge sharing and -- of course -- knowledge professionals."

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Do we still get the kiss?
Remember when Mom used to solve all sorts of medical emergencies with a Band-Aid and a kiss? Nowadays putting on a Band-Aid could be the equivalent of a trip to a doctor's office to be hooked up with monitoring equipment.
And when's the last time the doctor kissed you?
Industry observer Eric Whitney reports that, "there's a new generation of wireless medical sensors mounted on an adhesive strip, the so-called smart Band-Aid."
These adhesive strips, "can call a doctor and transmit all kinds of physiological information when it detects a problem," Whitney says, adding that "the technology is so new that federal regulators are still figuring out exactly what kind of rules are necessary to keep the public safe."
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If you're one of those rare souls who not only can tell the difference between different blends of coffee, and who can not only appreciate the difference, but whose life is enhanced by such subtle differences, well, this is for you.
If you're a Starbucks Gold member, that is.
Starbucks, in conjunction with members-only flash sale service Gilt Groupe, is offering Gold level My Starbucks Rewards customers "an opportunity to purchase Galápagos San Cristóbal coffee, a rare blend from the Galápagos Islands," according to Mashable.
The Starbucks private sale will run through noon on Saturday, August 7. And of course the promotion isn't just coffee, but includes what Mashable calls "a variety of items such as trip packages to the Galápagos Islands, espresso machines and more," all at discounts.
There are probably close to a million Starbucks Gold members who received an e-mail notification of the sale. Starbucks said the medium-bodied Galápagos San Cristóbal coffee is "so rare that we may never be able to offer it again and we want you to have the opportunity to try its unique depth and flavor before anyone else."
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Sangoma Technologies, which sells server-based voice and data communication apps, has announced the appointment of William J. Wignall, P.Eng., as the company's new President and CEO, effective September 7, 2010.
Wignall replaces David Mandelstam, a company founder who has served as CEO since 2001, as CEO. Mandelstam will remain on the Board as Chairman.
Mandelstam said Wignall was appointed, "after an extensive search and are confident that his deep operational and strategic skills will be major assets to the corporation."
Wignall most recently served as president and CEO at Truition, a developer and marketer of e-Commerce software. He also previously worked as president and CEO of Electronics Workbench before its sale to National Instruments. He has also held senior management roles at companies ranging from startups to Northern Telecom, BNI and Telezone.
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