Telemarketing Lesson, Avaya E911

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Telemarketing Lesson, Avaya E911

Here are three lessons learned the h-a-r-d way, folks: When you're making calls -- or training a telemarketing group in a call center making calls -- on behalf of a technology company, keep these three principles in mind:
Don't ask for the person you think is the decision maker. Everyone is the decision maker.
Don't limit your solution sale to what you think they need; that biases and limits possibility. Let them explore the full range of possibilities and you can sell them more.
At the front end of the buying journey, you don't need to know a lot of detail about what you are selling. But you need to know the elements involved in their buying decision journey.
Those are compliments of Sharon Drew Morgen, author of Selling with Integrity and other books. Here's her real-life story of how she knows those to be true, excerpted from her own (much funnier) account:

She was on a training job when "John," her trainee, made a call and asked for Lou, the person whose name appeared on the card. A woman answered. "Lou isn't here. He'll be back on Monday." John said thanks, and hung up, assuming it was a secretary."
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If you're looking for an E911 support product, you might want to consider E911 Support for Avaya Aura Deployments, with Session Manager.

Session Manager is a part of the Avaya Aura unified communications platform. 
According to company officials it permits organizations, "to integrate multi-vendor voice systems, centralize and simplify dial plans, easily deploy SIP phones, and more."
As you might imagine, this can reduce telecommunications and management costs, lower TCO, and increase business agility. However, organizations still face "significant challenges" when it comes to providing accurate and reliable E911 support for these deployments.
911 Enable provides an E911 tool that supports organizations using Avaya Aura Communication Manager with Session Manager. Also, 911 Enable's Emergency Gateway, company officials say, is an on-site appliance that automates and simplifies E911 management for IP telephony systems: "It is easy to implement, and is available as a hardware appliance for large enterprises or as a virtualized appliance for small and medium businesses."
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