REVE Mobile VoIP, Home Control Software, Anritsu and LTE, Envivio's Growth

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REVE Mobile VoIP, Home Control Software, Anritsu and LTE, Envivio's Growth

Recently TMC's CEO, Rich Tehrani, had the opportunity to interview Evivio's President and CEO, Julien Signes. The company makes infrastructure for video processing, allowing operators to deploy video services on any device, such as the iPhone, iPad or an HD set, all together in one network offering.
In terms of adoption and growth, Signes agreed with Tehrani that yes, these are interesting times, given the uptick in video evolution for IP.
"We see new devices such as the iPhone, the iPad, and the new smart phones and PCs--video's a big part of the consumer attraction to these devices. This is a big component of our success," he noted.
Understanding the need of the consumers for all these devices is "very exciting" for us, Signes said, adding that his company has to be aware of new evolutions of protocols. "Our company promise is we will deliver video in the optimal way on any network and any device."

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Recently TMC's CEO, Rich Tehrani, had a chance to interview the product marketing manager of Anritsu, David Bolan.
Bolan explained that he was with the microwave measurements division of Anritsu, which makes high-end handheld products, one of which he brought along for the interview. The company makes products that perform cable antenna analysis for wireless carriers, spectrum analyzers that help with interference analysis and products to analyze the quality of a base station.
Regarding the move to LTE, Bolan said they can now test that new interface. "A couple years ago it was WiMAX, now it's LTE," he told Tehrani.
A lot of carriers are using their products, Bolan said, claiming that theirs is "the only hand-held product in the world that can do the modulation quality measurements on a 20 megahertz LTE bay station. That's the maximum bandwidth you can do for LTE," he said, adding that Verizon Wireless has adopted their tool as the standard for performing measurements in the field.
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Recently TMC's CEO, Rich Tehrani, had the opportunity to interview Nate Williams, the Chief Marketing Officer of4Home. The company designs connected home software for home control services which, as he explained, are solutions offered on top of the standard voice, data and video services.
Such "extra" offerings would include home management or home security. However, as Williams noted, 4Home doesn't sell direct to the end consumers, their software lets providers roll out various revenue-enhancing service offerings to their customers.
Williams said the company sells both domestically and internationally. The market is "exploding," Tehrani noted, saying "there's a massive amount of interest in smart meters and smart appliances."
Consumers want to solve everyday problems, like how can they use less electricity and save money, Williams noted. "Consumers are becoming more aware...the more they know what the possibilities are," he added.
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Mobile VoIP solutions provider REVE Systems has announced they will be participating in GULFCOMMS, an event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates happening October 17-21.
According to company officials, this is the sixth consecutive year they will be participating in the event, which happens each year in conjunction with Gitex Technology Week.
At the end, REVE Systems will present the 'REVE Networking Dinner' - a gala event and networking dinner that according to REVE officials is a good way to interact with clients in the Middle East, KSA and UAE to, "gather all clients from Dubai and the Middle East and interact with them."

GULFCOMMS, which is known as one of the largest international telecommunications trade events for mobile, fixed lines, IP and satellite in the region, will provide a business platform for companies looking to capitalize on the projected windfall in revenue generated by the communications industry in the UAE.
Company officials said they also plan to exhibit the complete range of Mobile VoIP & softswitch solutions including the iTel Mobile Dialer Express, a VoIP application for mobile that is being used by more than 1200 service providers across the world as well as their secured softswitch product 'iTel Switch Plus.'
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