WAN in Australia, ACRBO Endorsement, RedSky E911, Xelerated Design

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WAN in Australia, ACRBO Endorsement, RedSky E911, Xelerated Design

Xelerated is a company working in providing processing technology for the networking industry, helping network equipment vendors build wire speed programmable carrier-class systems for prolonged product life times, streamlined R&D and accelerated time-to-market.
"Overall," company officials say, "Xelerated provides tools that make fixed and mobile broadband networks faster and more efficient."
The networking industry is currently undergoing a major shift with 10GE and soon 100GE interfaces enabling new systems that support significantly higher bandwidth, company officials say, adding that as fiber-based access and 3G move to 4G, "applications benefit from more bandwidth -- pushing network system vendors to develop equipment with much higher processing bandwidth and richer service densities."
Xelerated officials are pitching their products and know-how as tools which, when coupled with "a rich ecosystem of partners, can unleash the full power of Carrier Ethernet." Targeting metro Ethernet, unified fiber access, mobile backhaul and cloud computing systems, these data plane solutions can be customized to any vendor feature set.
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Farmers Insurance Group includes home and auto insurers, and some 500 Farmers employees are served by the company's communications system at its service center in Aurora, Illinois. The facility consists of 100,000 square feet of office space covering three floors.

Recently Farmers encountered a new state statute requiring employers occupying more than 40,000 square feet to have advanced communications functionality so 911 centers would know the exact location of a caller, not just the building's address. Hearing this, Farmers "decided to go the distance," company officials said.
The company decided to ensure added protections for its staff - "and peace of mind for its managers knowing that their people and property would be able to receive an immediate response in the event of an emergency because its main telephone system would be properly equipped," company officials say.
Beyond advocating safety as an integral part of its service offering, this particular office had encountered some emergencies of its own. "In fact," company officials say, "the Illinois service center averaged one or two 911 calls each quarter. While most of the problems were of a medical nature, Farmers understood that despite its best efforts, the threat of much larger disaster is today all too real."
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Nine Technology, which sells online backup and recovery platforms, has announced the Association of Computer Repair Business Owners (ACRBO) has selected the "Powered by Nine" platform as a partner to Association members.
"Partnering with ACRBO was an easy decision for us," said Gene Fay, Senior Vice President of Nine Technology. "The organization serves as an excellent forum for these business owners, and we're glad to be working with them to offer the best online backup tools available today."
Fay is scheduled to speak at the MSPWorld conference, collocated with ITEXPOWest 2010. This event will feature several important keynote speeches focusing on techniques managed service providers can use to boost business and revenue, while also optimizing offerings.
ACRBO chose to endorse the Nine Technology products, according to ACRBO officials, after "consideration of its members' needs and after testing of the system." The Association of Computer Repair Business Owners is a trade association of Computer Repair Business owners, dedicated to the advancement of the Computer Repair Business through the building of trust and professionalism of its members, according to association officials.
"The Nine Technology line of disaster recovery tools will enable ACRBO member businesses to offer data protection service under their own names," said Daniel Hand, President of the ACRBO. "As president of the ACRBO, and as a business owner offering 'Powered by Nine' online backup and recovery to my customers, I endorse Nine Technology."
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Australia's City of Playford council recently implemented Internet kiosk services for the public via the council library system, but found the existing network bandwidth did not support the new environment sufficiently.
Shaun Emmott, business collaborator, at City of Playford Council, said "With the new VDI implementation operating over our legacy systems we weren't able to make full use of our investment and provide the level of service we wanted for the public."

The council saw a bandwidth upgrade as the obvious way of solving the issue, but decided to look into WAN optimization as an alternative. Sean Boyd, Principal Consultant, at Beachhead IT which assisted the council, said the new VDI environment meant that "the existing Internet links could not support the number of clients requiring access to the servers hosting the virtual desktops."

So the council undertook a brief proof of concept of Expand's Accelerators. 

"Within minutes," Expand officials said, "the acceleration benefits had been realized, and the council decided to implement a full product."
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