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January 2011

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Analytics and Contact Centers, Employee Development Culture, Social Media in 2011, CRM Cloud Computing

January 27, 2011

A blog post at Medarch.net offers some insight on how “analytics and contact center quality monitoring are changing the way companies do business and dramatically improving contact center operations.”

Of course managers want “quick and accurate insights into the effectiveness of their contact center operations” in order to make decisions, but as the post notes, “they don’t have the time or resources to listen to and review the vast amount of customer interactions handled by the agents every day.”

Plus, “these days there seems to be more sophisticated tools including multimedia recording, desktop analytics, instant chat, self service options in the IVR, cloud computing... Therein lays their dilemma -- so little time, so much to accomplish in the course of a day.”

Novacroft's Contact Center, Streamlining Customer Onboarding, OnHold Music, Are Offices Shrinking?

January 27, 2011

GMT Corporation officials report the company has been selected by Novacroft to optimize its 100-seat contact center in Northampton, England.

Novacroft, which designs, develops and manages end-to-end smart ticketing products for the concessionary bus and rail industries, has selected GMT Planet to “improve agent productivity and better manage agent labor costs.”

According to GMT Planet officials, within four months of implementation, “Novacroft improved agent usage by more than 25 percent, consistently achieved employee satisfaction levels of greater than 98 percent and increased revenues and conversion rates.”

In late 2009, Novacroft officials say, they knew that as its contact center grew, it was not running as efficiently as it could be.

Reverse Phone Directory, Amdocs' Customer Experience, inContact Contact Center Survey, Monet Service Center Help

January 27, 2011

The Reverse Phone Detective, according to company officials, is “unconventional and advanced software” that caters to the needs of those who are subjected to such irresponsible situations as “nuisance callers specially the telemarketing calls that you get throughout the day.”

The Reverse Phone Detective, restricted to the U.S audience only, works both on cellular and land numbers. As company officials explain, “the software uses the techniques of geographical location finder in its Caller ID detection software and works extremely well to unravel the intricate data of a caller. The data so unveiled consists of fields such as identity, location, whether it’s a land or cellular connection, details of family members, immediate neighbors and more.”

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