Call Center Resolutions, and Facebook, and Dimdim, Contact Center Webinar

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Call Center Resolutions, and Facebook, and Dimdim, Contact Center Webinar

According to officials of, it’s okay to forget all those New Year’s resolutions and just “go for one company changing proposal -- maintain the quality of your management with call recording.”

Hey, how many New Year’s resolutions do you actually keep anyway?

Have you ever given thought, company officials ask, suspecting the answer, to how call recording equipment “can effectively drive a management team to stronger realms?” Don’t listen to those squeakers on your staff who gripe about “Big Brother” this or that, how you’re listening in on your inbound calls, because the fact is that first, they can find other work if it bothers them that much, and two, it can change the face of your company and better your employees.

Because the fact is, as company officials say, call recording software also “enables you to see which phone calls were successful, not just by listening to the calls, but by linking them to the contact call with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ to determine which calls turned into sales.” It’s easy to listen to your recordings, since the company gives you a unique username and password to log in via the website.

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... has acquired Dimdim in a $31 million cash deal, according to industry observer Doug Henschen, who described the deal as “aimed at boosting the real-time communications technologies behind the CRM vendor's Chatter service.”

Founded in 2007, Henschen said, Dimdim “provides a Web-conferencing and collaboration service. Salesforce said it will integrate Dimdim's presence-awareness, messaging and screen-sharing technologies with Chatter to advance what the company calls its most successful product launch to date.”

"More than 60,000 of our 87,200 customers have deployed Chatter since its release in June," George Hu, executive vice president, platform and marketing, was quoted by Henschen. "Customers that have deployed Chatter within our Sales Cloud and Service Cloud have shown higher login rates and higher usage rates."

 “Facebook has fundamentally changed the way we communicate in our personal lives,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, in a statement. “The acquisition of Dimdim will help deliver to the enterprise the same integrated collaboration and communication experience that made Facebook the world’s most popular Internet site.”

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Officials of, who describe the company as a publicly-traded Competitive Local Exchange Carrier company, engaged in the sales of developed products and connectivity network phone service for the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), revealed its Free netTALK Smartphone Application is “the number one” downloaded iTunes App in Canada – above Facebook and Skype.

Available on iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile, it can be found at the company’s website and at the iTunes App Store.

This free Smartphone application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile, and allows users to make free calls to the U.S. and Canada, via 3G, WiFi, or EDGE networks, company officials say, “without using valuable monthly cell phone minutes.”

Features include free calls to the U.S. and Canada, connectivity through 3G, WiFi, and EDGE networks, the ability to record conversations and import contacts from your Smartphone’s personal phone book, the ability to receive customized support by dialing #611 and dial #2663 for free conference calling bridge service.

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A webinar entitled “2011: What Every Contact Center Should Know, and How to Plan for It” was presented on Thursday, Jan. 17.

Contact center technology, as well as the dynamics of delivering quality service, “is changing at a rapid pace,” event organizers said, adding that “the accelerated adoption of cloud-based tools, the incorporation of social media into the multi-channel mix, the need to capture the voice of the customer, new methods of measuring agent effectiveness…what will change in 2011 and how can you be ready?”

During the live Web event, Forrester Research principal analyst, Art Schoeller, and Interactive Intelligence senior vice president, Joe Staples discussed these topics. The purpose of the event, organizers said, was to “help you be ready to take the best advantage of the upcoming year and the contribution your contact center can make to the success of your business.”

Following the Web presentation, there was a Q&A, where Schoeller and Staples were joined by industry veterans Blair Pleasant, president and principal analyst of COMMfusion and a co-founder of; Sheila McGee-Smith, founder of McGee-Smith Analytics; and Don Van Doren, founder and president of Vanguard Communications.

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