Call Center Headsets, KnoahSoft's IP Contact Center, Customer Experience Management, Customer Value Webinar

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Call Center Headsets, KnoahSoft's IP Contact Center, Customer Experience Management, Customer Value Webinar

Ocular Technologies, which sells contact center offerings, has partnered with headset manufacturer Plantronics. Ocular officials say the move is a way to enhance its “competitiveness in the contact center arena by offering a complete unified communication services portfolio and becoming a one-stop shop for customers.”

Duncan Barnes, channel manager at South Africa's reseller of Plantronics products, Headset Solutions, says the company has “always seen Ocular Technologies as a strategic partner in the African contact center environment. With Ocular Technologies extending its specialist skills into the UC market, it allows us to jointly ensure that local customers get the best technology.”

Barnes said having Ocular in their value added reseller (VAR) program “supports Plantronics in its African strategy.”

Early this year Plantronics added new products and services to its unified communications portfolio, TMC’s Sujata Garud reported, adding that the company was “delivering a vision of smarter, more intuitive communications and pioneering the next generation of mobile communications devices and technologies to help people stay connected regardless of location or device.”

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KnoahSoft, as you may know, sells a pretty good product called Harmony 3.0. It helps businesses get formal and informal IP-based contact centers with what company officials describe as “a low-cost, modular web-based” product.

And it’s built for VoIP from the ground up, with all the bells and whistles you’d expect -- call recording, quality and performance management initiatives, it supports the review of calls, e-mails and chat sessions in a PCI-compliant, services-oriented, open reporting framework, advanced reporting and real-time dashboards, all that.

Basically the product’s designed to provides important data collected via recording, surveying and speech analytics to help improve agent performance and quality. Supervisors can use it to support agents through messaging, monitoring, e-learning and coaching modules.

And given how key analytics are, all the Harmony Editions can be enhanced with speech analytics. Company officials say the Harmony Speech Analyzer, powered by Aurix, “enables call center supervisors and management to perform precision monitoring on keywords or phrases, using the smart Phonetic based search.”

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A recent webinar still available for listening, “Cohesive Customer Experience Management: Strategies and Plans for Success,” focused on how organizations can marshal their resources for a cohesive customer experience management (CEM) process, including successful strategies, a cross-organizational blueprint and key elements for a successful start.

Presenting was Sid Bannerjee a Greater Washington Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in IT services, The CEO and Co-Founder of Clarabridge, Bannerjee is a well-known expert in customer experience, business intelligence, and text mining.

Also presenting was Chris Zinner, an executive in Accenture’s Management Consulting Practice and leads Accenture’s efforts in developing thought leadership on how organizations apply Social Media in their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) efforts.

And presenting was Paul Hagen, who returned to Forrester after eight years of running his own consulting business, which provided business, marketing, environmental sustainability, and technology planning services to executives at a broad range of organizations.

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A webinar scheduled for April 14, “Who’s on the Line : Identify and Value Prospects and Customers,” will deal with how identifying and qualifying the customer or prospect on the other side of the phone can transform your call center, helping drive conversion, improve operational efficiencies, and increase revenue.

Do those sound like things you could use in your call center? We thought so.

Here’s something to think about: “At the moment of live interaction, whether handling inbound or outbound calls, does your call center agent know who they are talking to? What products they might be interested in? What cross sells or upsells they may be open to? What is their potential lifetime value to the organization? How to re-engage a non-converting caller?”

If you can’t answer “yes” confidently to all those questions, then this might be one of the more valuable webinars you’ll attend.

It’ll deal with such issues as how to understand who’s calling and instantly identify high-value prospects, improve operational effectiveness by moving high-value prospects to the top of the call queue and the right agent, and how to boost order values by instantly pinpointing the most compelling cross-sell and upsell offers.

Presenting will be Ken Dawson from InfoCision Management Corporation, who will share case studies of companies using real-time identification and scoring through InfoCision’s capabilities.

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