Salesforce CRM and Intuit, NetSuite and SFA, Data Centers and Customer Info, Telepresence and Teliris

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Salesforce CRM and Intuit, NetSuite and SFA, Data Centers and Customer Info, Telepresence and Teliris

Good news, if you were waiting for the highly popular Intuit QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online small business accounting software to integrate smoothly with Salesforce’s small business CRM software editions -- Contact Manager, Group and Professional.

Industry blogger Laurie McCabe posted recently about the fact that not only have Intuit and partnered to make this particular dream of yours come true, but that as part of the deal Intuit “will resell a pre-integrated version of the Salesforce CRM application via Intuit’s App Center (as well as Intuit channel partners).”

What this means, as McCabe explains, is that data will synchronize across QuickBooks and Salesforce for “a real-time, unified view of the data,” whichever app you happen to be working in at the time.

The Wall Street Journal said that according to Intuit Chief Executive Brad Smith, many small businesses still manage their customer data on paper or in basic spreadsheets: “We know there’s a better solution,” he said.

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Have you checked out NetSuite recently? Or let’s put it this way: How long would it take you to pull up your customer satisfaction or lead conversion numbers? Can you remember which spreadsheets or SFA app it’s on?

With NetSuite all that’s in real time dashboards, reporting and analytics. You can let your sales, marketing and service teams monitor whichever Key Performance Indicators you desire, and access the latest reports every day, if you think that would help your business. Employees can diagnose issues on the fly, drill down visibility to the sales opportunity, customer record, or sales quote detail, and otherwise make your life easier.

About a month ago TMC’s Jamie Epstein wrote that NetSuite increased its efforts to recruit channel partners to resell its on-demand ERP applications, raising the margins and resources it began offering providers last year under its "SP 100" program.

The new NetSuite SuiteStart Service, Epstein explained, includes waivers of first-year $5,000 program enrollment fees, a free license for partners to use NetSuite ERP and CRM applications to run their own business, and more marketing resources such as marketing plan templates and sales leads.

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There are basically two distinct product models in the data center industry, according to a recent Data Center Knowledge article – enterprise class and inexpensive commodity facilities. Today, there are different requirements for building data centers to last the 10 to 15 years that they are designed to live, and the designs need to “be specifically tailored to a business’ current and future needs or they need to have the inherent flexibility to adapt as their needs change,” the article states.

The two models that the data industry revolves around are the enterprise class, which tends to focus on reliability and extended life cycle, “usually at the expense of efficiency,” and inexpensive and quick-to-build commodity facilities, “primarily to meet immediate needs with little understanding or consideration for full life cycle usage.”

“Today, the wholesale data center industry is at a crossroads,” the article states. “It can either continue to produce quite unremarkable accelerated obsolescence-inspired designs that box in customers or they can give the enterprise what it wants: Industrial-strength innovation around scalability, efficiency and flexibility.”

The article adds that seven-year old data centers are “obsolete and that some users’ needs will grow beyond their data center’s capabilities in as little as two to three years.

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Telepresence vendor Teliris has partnered with FuzeBox, which sells visual and mobile collaboration applications, to integrate FuzeBox's online meeting tools in Teliris-Telepresence environments.

Jeff Cavins, CEO of FuzeBox, said "Together, these market-leading technologies will revolutionize the way people meet over distance."

Teliris officials say this will let users collaborate remotely and more effectively. The company has certified Fuze Meeting for use with Teliris' telepresence offerings -- in fact, they’re Teliris's only collaboration partner.

Fuze Meeting's collaboration suite will extend to the computer desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Android phone. The two companies will jointly develop telepresence-specific collaboration tools incorporating the Teliris Research Labs roadmap with FuzeBox's web-based tools for “a lifelike meeting environment,” using SVC-based video.

About a month ago TMC’s Trupti Kamath wrote that Teliris announced that NYSE Euronext, the operator of financial markets and vendor of trading technologies, selected some Teliris products throughout the company's global operations to facilitate face-to-face visual collaboration.

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