Maximizer CRM Live, Angel IVR Recognized, Knowing Call Center Callers, Free Conference Calls for Charity

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Maximizer CRM Live, Angel IVR Recognized, Knowing Call Center Callers, Free Conference Calls for Charity

Cloud-based customer relationship management software is an increasingly prominent market, but you didn’t need us to tell you that.

Officials of Maximizer Software recently announced Maximizer CRM Live, which is the on-demand version of its flagship offering with all the expected CRM software functionality, including sales and marketing automation, contact management, and customer support.

The system, the company said, “consolidates all contacts, action items, business communications, forecasts, reports, and results into one central hub.” Through opportunity dashboards, managers can assess their sales team’s performance, while e-mail alerts notify team members of changes to opportunities.”

If you were a fan of the old Maximizer CRM software and worry that the new cloud CRM system isn’t what you know, don’t worry. Company officials say it’s built on the same data model as the company’s on-premises offering. Plus you can migrate from one deployment option to another as need be, according to company officials, “with minimal technical requirements and without any data loss.”

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A tip of the hat to IVR services provider Angel, also a seller of cloud-based customer experience products, whose Angel 4 Customer Experience Platform has been selected as a finalist for the CODiE Awards.

The Angel 4 Customer Experience Platform was nominated in the "Best Cloud Infrastructure" category. The platform incorporates multi-channel/multi-modal forms of customer engagement and communications, which company officials say is intended to help improve levels of enterprise customer self-service and satisfaction. It uses Angel's Caller First strategy to help companies deliver customer service.

A couple months ago, TMCnet reported that Metaverse Mod Squad selected the company's Angel 4 Customer Experience Platform solution to enhance its customer support offering with inbound telephone support capabilities.

Metaverse Mod Squad provides professional services to online communities and game services. Angel 4 allows end users of Metaverse Mod Squad clients' games and properties to access automated systems to route and resolve their problems.

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Here’s a question you probably spend less time thinking about than you should: “At the moment of live interaction, whether handling inbound or outbound calls, does your call center agent know who they are talking to?”

Stop and think about that one for a minute. Why does it matter? Imagine what products they might be interested in, what cross sells or upsells they may be open to and what might be their potential lifetime value to the organization.

Such issues were the focus of a recent highly useful Webinar, titled “Who’s on the Line: Identify and Value Prospects and Customers.” The Webinar discussed how to identify and qualify the customer or prospect on other side of the phone can transform your call center; helping drive conversion, improve operational efficiencies, and increasing revenue.

Presenting was Dorean Kass, director of consumer facing markets, TARGUSinfo, a key industry voice and advocate for the use of on-demand intelligence about consumers and businesses.

Kass said the key question today, the one to answer first, is “If you knew more information about your callers, in real time and during that moment of interaction, what might you do differently?”

The presentation covered how to understand who’s calling and instantly identify high-value prospects, improve operational effectiveness by moving high-value prospects to the top of the call queue and route them to most appropriate agent, boost order values by instantly pinpointing the most compelling cross-sell and upsell offers and automatically re-engage non-converting callers while their interest is still high.

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Child Rights and You is a non-profit organization working with 200-plus grassroots organizations in India, “addressing the root causes that keep children hungry, illiterate, exploited and abused,” according to CRY officials.

The organization needed a suitable telecommunication conferencing partner in India, and thus selected conference call solutions provider Eagle Conferencing, driven in part by “Eagle’s offer for free services to avoid their capital and operating costs, network reliability, and an enormous infrastructure capacity of 19 billion minutes of annual global conferencing bridge,” according to CRY officials.

CR officials prioritize “constant and instantaneous communications,” as they invest significant human and financial resources to manage many programs across India. “Group communication among employees is largely restricted to e-mail and online chat as these are cost-effective channels,” CRY officials note, adding that while telephone and face-to-face meetings are also used, “traditionally these are not preferred options as the costs are phenomenally higher.”

So Eagle Conferencing’s team analyzed CRY’s needs from business productivity point of view, and offered its flagship audio conferencing services free of charge to CRY, as well as conferencing support tools to expand their conferencing usage.

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