Social CRM, Performance Management, Array Networks, Tom Sawyer Software

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Social CRM, Performance Management, Array Networks, Tom Sawyer Software

Dr. Harish Kotadia CRM Consulting Lead for Infosys Technologies, certainly knows his stuff when it comes to Social CRM. He’s recently posted a list of what he considers to be five key technological trends driving Social CRM, excerpted here: Cloud Computing/SaaS CRM.

Social Media channels (like Twitter and Facebook) generate tremendous volume of user generated content created by millions of users. It’s not possible for CRM system to import/store the data locally, unlike traditional CRM, where data was generated by few users and stored in local database.

Under the SaaS model, it is not difficult to add new Social Media channels/feeds to the hosted (Social) CRM application and make it available to users on-demand.Service Oriented Architecture. Along with cloud computing, not only makes it easy to integrate applications, but also facilitate plug and play modules and add-ons that can dramatically reduce time and cost involved in extending functionality of the application.

SOA design is of great help in Social CRM as new social media tools and functionality can be added without expensive customization or upgrades.Real time in process analytics. Predictive analytics has made it possible not only to analyze past customer behavior, but predict future behavior too based on statistical models. Predictive analytics logic/modules can be embedded in Social CRM work-flows to analyze and predict customer behavior from real-time social network data feed and take corrective action by triggering appropriate work-flows based on pre-defined business rules. Read more here.…

Performance management industry observer Blair Pleasant has recently written an involved piece regarding the recent announcement by Verint, a workforce optimization vendor, about their two big product launch announcements of interest to the performance management industry.It’s a great read for those who want the full, in-depth story of the performance management tool. Basically, Pleasant says, the announcements cover the market’s first “5th-generation WFO suite” and the new “Voice of the Customer” analytics platform.As Pleasant says, Verint has been offering its WFO option for several years, “and some of the applications within Verint’s WFO suite have been on the market for some time. Given this, as would be expected, some elements of the recent WFO announcement are simply enhancements to existing capabilities.”Read more here.

At the recent Interop Vegas 2011, TMC’s CEO Rich Tehrani had the opportunity to speak with Sunil Cherian, the VP of Product Marketing for Array Networks.

A couple weeks ago TMC’s Rajani Baburajan wrote that Array Networks, a provider of application, desktop and cloud service delivery, announced that Reliance Life Insurance, the life insurance wing of Reliance Capital, selected Array Networks' NetVelocity link load balancing to increase application availability for its users and employees. Reliance Life Insurance was looking for something that would provide fast switching and enhanced application throughput with asymmetric compression for their Web applications, according to Balram Chaudhary, IT manager at Reliance Life Insurance.Cherian spoke of how the cloud is “starting to” affect his industry. More cloud service providers are deploying their products, he said, adding that they’re a part of the infrastructure for some of the bigger cloud providers.Read more here.


At the recent Interop Vegas 2011, TMC’s CEO Rich Tehrani interviewed Francois Bertault, CTO of the interestingly-named Tom Sawyer Software.This past March TMC had the news that Objectivity, a vendor of distributed, scalable data management technologies, and Tom Sawyer Software, which sells software for building data visualization and analysis applications, announced a strategic alliance to bring together key technologies – visualization and deep analytics – used by customers to navigate, understand and display complex data patterns and relationships to enhance decision-making.For visualization, “you might be thinking pie charts, bar graphs, but we go beyond that,” Bertault said, explaining that the company works in helping clients with visualizing relationships in their data.As an example, he said they do network topology maps, network process diagrams, anything to help customers “see” the interrelations existing in the network.The company has been around 20 years and has a wide variety of customers, from network companies back when they started up, such as Cisco, he said. Recently they have expanded into such markets as banking, governments, financial institutions, “many different markets,” and can do things like catch people laundering money, and identifying which people in terrorist networks should be targeted to disrupt the networks.Read more here.

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