Powering Customer Support, Midmarket CRM Profiled, CRM for Schwab, Spanish Contact Center

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Powering Customer Support, Midmarket CRM Profiled, CRM for Schwab, Spanish Contact Center

A recent Webinar explored “Powering Customer Support with Social Media Intelligence” with Forrester Independent Research Analyst Zach Hofer-Shall. The presentation was scheduled for Wednesday, July 27 at 11:00 in the morning on the West Coast, and at 2:00 in the afternoon on the East Coast.


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Certainly we’ve all seen the power of social media’s explosive growth and what it means to consumers and brands. Webinar organizers say the presentation will teach about the new ways consumers interact with companies and their expectations of engagement through social channels by way of proactive and reactive engagement.

This will include monitoring keywords and following up, which is “more or less common knowledge,” Webinar organizers say, as well as more sophisticated approaches such as identifying statistically relevant emerging patterns of conversation and taking action.

Hofer-Shall is a recognized expert on Social Intelligence, and how to use insights generated from online discussion to inform marketing and business strategy. He has been with Forrester for three years, prior to which he ran the social media strategy arm of a UK-based marketing firm, where he developed a social media monitoring tool and delivered strategic social business strategies.

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EnterpriseApps Today has recently printed an excellent consumer guide to CRM, profiling some of the most popular midrange options out there.

Forrester rated CDC Software highly because of a flexible, quick-to-implement tool. “CDC Pivotal has traditionally been more of midmarket solution, but we also evaluated them in the large company report and the small company report,” said William Band, an analyst at Forrester Research.

Band said CDC's Pivotal uses Microsoft technology to offer a tool adaptable to complex use cases. The suite is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office, and has a metadata-driven architecture to facilitate changes such as modifications of the user interface, business processes underlying database entities or business objects.

As it uses a centralized database, it can also be mined for business intelligence purposes. Industry tailored versions are available for financial services, homebuilding/real estate, manufacturing and healthcare. These mirror the needs of their respective fields.


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Industry observer Davis Janowski recently wrote that Schwab Institutional and TD Ameritrade Institutional are both speeding up their efforts to “deliver a unified technology platform to their registered investment adviser clients.”

But it’s not a race, mind you.

What makes it interesting, Janowski notes, is that the two competitors, are taking “fundamentally different approaches.” Schwab wants to design and support its platform in-house, TD thinks the way to go is to partner with third-party providers.

Schwab isn’t talking about the platform or what apps we can expect to see on it. What Janowski did learn is that Schwab Intelligent Integration will offer advisers “a range of software choices bundled within two distinct” offerings, with multiple third-party applications including customer relationship management, portfolio management, financial planning and document management, among others – for example, what he calls “a highly customized version of Salesforce.com,” as well as a choice between Microsoft Dynamics and Junxure from CRM Software Inc.

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Crime Stoppers of York County have just instituted a new Hispanic tip, according to a York County, South Carolina website, Herald Online. Lt. Mike Baker of the York County Sheriff's Office said the Spanish language contact center line will be open 24 hours a day, providing those in distress with various solutions. Other Crime Stoppers programs throughout the state already provide a Spanish-speaking service.

The Spanish language contact center calls will be treated the same as English calls, Baker said, explaining that they will be routed to a Spanish-speaking responder, and will still be routed anonymously to the proper agency. Baker said the new line will cost county taxpayers about $20 a month.

“I don’t know how many callers we may have missed not having this Spanish language contact center in place,” Baker told the Herald Online. “We want to make it available to the whole community so we don't miss a tip. It’s a way for someone to communicate with law enforcement who might not otherwise.”

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