CRM and Mobile Banking in Britain, Transitioning Customers to IPv6, Be Nice to MDM Customers

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CRM and Mobile Banking in Britain, Transitioning Customers to IPv6, Be Nice to MDM Customers

Hm, it appears the Brits don’t much fancy mobile banking.

Not that they’re unaware of it. According to industry observer Gill Montia, KPMG’s latest Consumer & Convergence Report found that UK consumers and businesses are actually “ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting new technologies.”

These are not the technologically faint of heart, these British -- “both online shopping and the use of social media are more widespread in Britain than in other parts of the globe,” Montia says.

When they do indulge in mobile banking, however, they’re generally smartphones owners. According to findings of a survey reported in industry journal “Mobile Marketing Watch,” as of July, roughly 25 percent of smartphone owners in the UK now use their phone for mobile banking.

Still, it’s puzzling that mobile banking is less popular in the UK than elsewhere, with only 27 percent of Brits surveyed reporting that yes, they had used some form of mobile banking in the past six months. For comparison purposes, globally 52 percent of people have.

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It behooves one to listen to the alpha pack member, and in this case that would be a guy whose business card reads “Alpha Coyote” – Bill Kish, of Coyote Point Systems.

“As the supply of available IPv4 addresses becomes exhausted, enterprises are under pressure to rapidly deploy IPv6 technology,” Kish says, adding that Hurricane Electric's tunnel broker services “helped us develop the IPv6 capabilities in our products.”

Quick recap: As you’ve no doubt heard by now from various online doomsayers, the pool of unallocated Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) addresses will be exhausted in 2011. New technologies have been developed to solve this problem, one being IPv6, in 1998.

The Inquirer recently put the issue in stark terms: “The Internet is doomed until European businesses and organizations begin to move towards IPv6,” they quote Neelie Kroes, VP of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda as saying recently.

"More people online; more ways of getting online; more applications and devices online. All these developments put greater demands on our networks, and require ever higher performance from them," Kroes said, drawing the obvious conclusion: “The Internet cannot adjust to these developments, cannot continue to grow and function properly, without sufficient IP addresses."

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Haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet? No? That makes you... part of the 99 percent, let’s face it. And if you have a mobile device management pro on your list, you probably need to find something appropriate.

Good thing that Matt Lidestri, who manages security and Internet services for COCC in Avon, Connecticut, is here to help you with that special gift for that hard to shop for person.

As Lidestri says, credit unions need to monitor employees who use their personal smartphones for work. MobileIron has developed a combination of an app and server software to do just that, called MyPhone@Work, which helps a credit union enforce such policies as password strength and updating, as well as restrictions on app installations.

Lidestri understands the budget you’re working with -- but, as he says, “the credit union will pay a monthly fee for each device managed by the credit union’s servers.”

Isn’t it interesting that online ads seem to know what items you want? That’s because advertisers are trying place their messages on pages you view just when you’re about to buy a rival’s product, Lidestri says, and recommends the latest version of the Firefox browser as a gift to help put an end to this by allowing you to opt out of online behavior tracking.

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