Call Center Predictive Dialer, Expense Report Software, Email Segmenting Customers, Eliminating Roaming Charges

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Call Center Predictive Dialer, Expense Report Software, Email Segmenting Customers, Eliminating Roaming Charges

If you enjoy paying for dialer maintenance, if you think that’s a great way to spend money, then you’re not going to be interested in this, and you can skip over to the sports page now.

Okay, for the rest of us, we’re aware, as LiveVox officials say, that contact centers are by and large milking the most out of aging systems. Bad economy and all, don’tcha know.  

No funding this year for new systems. Keep the old ones together with spit and duct tape. Hey at least we’re not dropping our support and maintenance contracts like those guys eating the seed corn over there.

Before you do anything as drastic as dropping support and maintenance altogether, bear in mind that in so doing, you may be violating client SLAs or business continuity-disaster recovery mandates. But yes, we agree that paying a large premium for talking to tech support sounds increasingly ridiculous, what with the consumerization of IT.

Expense report software is becoming a more crucial part of business operations, and there are many options out there. You might want to consider SutiExpense, powered by SutiSoft as you select which one will best fit the needs of your company.

Company officials say that by leveraging the company’s solution, expense reports can be created and submitted as frequently as needed. “Build your expense report throughout the month and submit anytime,” they say.

In essence, the way it works is that expense items are added from different categories of expense types. Once you have added your expense items, the expense report can be submitted for approval, so in this way, the expense follows the company's defined expense approval flow.

Good advice from industry journal Practical ECommerce: “When ecommerce marketers make their New Year's resolutions, they should include improved email segmentation and personalization.”

They should also forget the “lose weight,” “make up with my ex” and “start exercising” ones while they’re at it. “Drink more good red wine” would be a fine example of a New Year’s resolution one is more likely to keep. And hey, we all want doable resolutions, don’t we?

Email segmentation, they explain, is simply the idea of organizing email-marketing lists so each group of recipients receives a relevant, even personalized, marketing message. Of course to do this, as they note, you need to first learn something about customer preferences, demographics, desires, and even devices.

Hey, what’s the worst thing about business communications on the road? That’s right, roaming charges on our mobile devices.

Cloud Roam, based in Coventry, England, understands where we’re coming from. The telecom company sells to international travelers so they hear it, too. Its CEO and founder, Sotiris Anagnostis, is establishing a cooperation network between dozens of countries and his enterprise with the goal of saving up to 85 percent of what company officials call “exorbitant roaming charges ordinarily imposed on mobile calls” while traveling abroad.

To accomplish this, Cloud Roam offers pre-paid SIM cards -- no, no calling cards -- and that great telecom money saver, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.

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