TeleTech and Satmetrix in CEM Deal, IVR Auto Attendant, Women Car Customers, CRM at Cloud 2012

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TeleTech and Satmetrix in CEM Deal, IVR Auto Attendant, Women Car Customers, CRM at Cloud 2012

This past week TMC’s Michelle Amodio noted that TeleTech and Sametrix, two well-known names in Customer Experience Management, have partnered to work on a beefed-up suite of CEM offerings.

As she wrote, TeleTech is now the only BPO provider using the Net Promoter approach to improve their CEM. The idea behind CEM is to take steps to both retain customers and increase profit margins associated with each customer.

"We've reached a tipping point in the customer revolution. Disruptive technologies have shifted the power to define a company's brand to the customer, therefore placing unprecedented urgency on the need for companies to update their outdated customer management strategy and technology," Amodio quoted Ken Tuchman, chairman and CEO of TeleTech as saying.

Android has another front office assistant app, cleverly named the Front Office Assistant.

Consulting firm RIIS has announced the release of the app, which is intended to be a way for businesses to manage the auto attendant functions of their IVR system using an Android tablet, according to RIIS officials.

Describing the Android version, Godfrey Nolan, president of RIIS, said “BroadWorks’ tools help small and medium-sized businesses run more efficiently. But setting up and managing the IVR trees is a challenge for communication services administrators. The Front Office Assistant Android app combines the touch user experience and mobility of a tablet device to make deployment easier. It’s a good example of how tablet computing is moving from B-to-C use, to use in B-to-B enterprise applications.”

Company officials said the app has “simple drop-down menus and on/off controls,” useful for letting administrators provide callers with customized greetings, message options and “the ability to connect to specific people or transfer to other departments.” With the app users can set up PBX systems, company officials explained, and “create scenarios for call routing based on business hours, after hours, on weekends or holidays.”

And this past week TMC’s Tracey Schelmetic wrote about the one area many women are uncomfortable as customers: buying a car. She noted that women frequently feel taken advantage of, patronized or swindled at car dealerships.

Evidently Delia Passi, former publisher of Working Woman magazine, is something of an authority when it comes to selling to women, and she’s compiled a list of, shall we say, “women-friendly” car dealerships in WomenCertified.

The listing is based on customer satisfaction surveys taken from women, Schelmetic said, adding that one commonality of highly-ranked dealerships seems to be having women on the staff at a dealership.

Cloud computing is much more comfortable for most businesses these days, and as Susan J. Campbell noted recently, the upcoming 2012 Cloud Connect conference will emphasize working in the cloud, addressing the topic of relying on a solid cloud CRM for success.

To that end, the conference will look at, among other topics, Microsoft’s Azure cloud, which can “connect mainframe data with an integrated flight data in real time,” as Campbell wrote, using American Airlines and Cisco as examples of companies dealing with CRM offerings in the cloud.

The conference will also discuss open source code as it could relate to cloud CRM as an alternative for virtual networks.

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