Tracking Customer Keywords, TeleTech and Satmetrix's CEM, Call Center Software Awarded

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Tracking Customer Keywords, TeleTech and Satmetrix's CEM, Call Center Software Awarded


What many businesses want are completed sales. They aren’t really interested in how many clicks they get with online advertising, what they want to know is if there are any particular keywords that are leading to completed sales.

That’s where sees an opportunity. As company founder and CEO, Stuart Buckley, noted recently, “measuring what converts and what does not is in my opinion the Holy Grail of call tracking, and indeed keyword tracking.”

To that end, then, is offering a conversion attribution measurement software product, which company officials say can “track a phone call or keyword from first contact with a customer or client to a completed sale.”


Because this is the sort of information you really want to be able to put your hands on, isn’t it? What good are a million clicks or calls if they don’t generate sales? Buckley’s vision is to give businesses a way to more closely target their marketing spend on what are proven to be the more effective avenues in terms of closed sales, not simply vague expressions of interest.

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Michelle Amodio recently noted that two customer experience management sellers, TeleTech and Satmetrix, which sell BPO and CEM software respectively, reached an agreement whereby TeleTech’s CEM will include Satmetrix’s Net Promoter.

The idea behind CEM is, understandably enough, to help businesses create, acquire and retain customers, and find more profitabe ways to interact with them. TeleTech officials say that by incorporating the Net Promoter methodology in their offering, their clients will be able to improve that process.

CEM relies on a functional alignment among departments, and while technology isn’t a silver bullet for that, it must start with correct business processes and company priorities, the right technology is necessary.

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TMC named Harmony, a product of workforce optimization vendor KnoahSoft, a Customer Interaction Solutions 2011 Product of the Year Award winner.

According to the award citations, Knoahsoft Harmony is an IP-based product designed to let agents and supervisors collaborate: “Agents can review their own calls and evaluations to understand and improve their performance, while unique self-service tools enable lifestyle scheduling to increase agent satisfaction and reduce attrition.”

Ralph Barletta, President and Co-founder of KnoahSoft, said the company prides themselves on helping customers “exceed their customer interaction goals.”

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Also recently, Anuradha Shukla noted that seller Beyond the Arc is offering more Voice of the Customer products, using sentiment and text analytics software provider Clarabridge’s software, which can identify trends “across sources such as social media, public commentaries and regulatory filings, and identify areas of improvement for the customer experience,” as Shukla said.

Right now the product is pitched to financial service companies, to whom it’s being marketed as a way to help them understand their customers better and find out more of what they want. The emphasis is identifying things the company can do to sell more products and services to the customers.  

This includes improving processes and tools for analyzing customer feedback, for starters, which anymore means being able to read social media, call center reports and online communications. The idea behind Beyond the Arc’s offerings is to help with just that.

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