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March 2012

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Eliminating Outsourced Call Centers, Barging in IVR Menus, Best Call Center Customer Experience, Virtualized E9-1-1

March 9, 2012

It's a welcome trend, obviously, that call centers are beginning to see the advantages of repatriating some of those jobs. Wouldn't it also be nice if they made using them more, well, user-friendly?

A recent Tech Journal South report tells of 3CLogic, which provides a cloud call center offering promising " a new level of sophistication" for cloud call centers, which as TMC's Susan J. Campbell notes, "could quite possibly eliminate the need for outsourcing call centers and will actually save companies money."

The trick, according to company founder and chief executive officer Raj Sharma, is to keep the product relatively inexpensive while hitting the sweet spot for call centers -- reporting options. 3CLogic has loads of reporting features, prepared and customized. 

Aspect and Nexidia Partner, Acme Packet and HP ACI, Hamad Call Center Improvement, Restaurant Order Call Centers

March 6, 2012

Recently Aspect, which sells customer contact and Microsoft platform products, announced a collaboration with Nexidia to "integrate speech analytics into its interaction management and workforce optimization" offering, with the idea to provide a tool to improve customer service.

The way Aspect officials explain it, their optimization platform will work with Nexidia‚Äôs Evaluate platform to help companies break down and sift customer-agent dialogue and analyze what are the most relevant customer inquiries, issues or initiatives. Adding Nexidia Evaluate, Aspect officials say, the tool's users "can also betteruse speech analytics across the entire enterprise.

Read more here.

Email Marketing, CRM L.C. and Social Media, Citizens As Customers, 'Customer Service Hero?'

March 2, 2012

Oh -- you thought email marketing was dead? Sorry to disappoint you. Not even close.

According to Kate McKinney and Kiran Ross, writing in the Kansas City Business Journal, "It is perfectly possible to use email marketing without appearing spammy and annoying your users.

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