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Five9 On Demand Call Center, Real-Time Billing Platform, Efficient Remote Call Centers, Spanish Call Centers Expanding

July 20, 2011

Five9, who sell on-demand call center software, recently released a video explaining their offerings. They also offer hosted call center services, with thousands of agents serving over 1,000 clients, according to the video presentation.


Last year TMC’s Kelly McGuire spoke with M.J.

Cloud CRM Myths, More Call Center Benefit, Enterprise Password Management, Teen Social Media Usage

July 20, 2011

What would your biggest customer service myth be? Is it one of these three decisively refuted by officials of Soffront on their blog? Chances are it is.

“Price trumps quality.” Oh man, if we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard this one... Soffront officials cite a recent article in Business Insider, where Shep Hyken referenced two studies showing that “regardless of the industry, customers are willing to pay more for what they believe to be a better customer service experience.” You’d think there wouldn’t be any need to keep proving this, over and over, but hey, old myths die hard --  ask yourself, do you buy brand name products over lower-priced generic alternatives.

Quality of service, as the Soffront blog concludes, is not the only factor customers and businesses use in making purchasing decisions, but “it cannot be ignored.

Social CRM, Performance Management, Array Networks, Tom Sawyer Software

July 20, 2011

Dr. Harish Kotadia CRM Consulting Lead for Infosys Technologies, certainly knows his stuff when it comes to Social CRM. He’s recently posted a list of what he considers to be five key technological trends driving Social CRM, excerpted here: Cloud Computing/SaaS CRM.

Social Media channels (like Twitter and Facebook) generate tremendous volume of user generated content created by millions of users. It’s not possible for CRM system to import/store the data locally, unlike traditional CRM, where data was generated by few users and stored in local database.

Important Call Center Metrics, Simplifying Call Centers, Reduce Call Center Shrinkage, Telx's Brown Interviewed

July 11, 2011

One call center metric you probably want to be paying attention to is abandon rates. Abandon rate is the percentage of calls that hang up before an agent could take the call (and did not get a busy signal).

As officials of call center software vendor Monet Software say, this can mean a few things, but probably most likely is that it could be a measure of customer satisfaction -- “If customers hang up a lot, they might not like the speed of service.”

Company officials note that the longer it takes to answer a call, the higher are abandon rates. Okay, stands to reason.

Drive by Voice, Put CRM Data To Work, Intuit's Bad CRM, Customer Power Protection

June 24, 2011

A recent white paper titled “Five Ways to Put Your CRM Data to Work for You and Your Customers” provides the basics in sharing and using information from CRM systems to improve customer service.

Since a whole lot of a business’ customer contact comes via the phone, integrating an IVR with CRM is crucial.

Empower your customers: Organizations that use IVR applications with their customer service functions understand that one key to generating a positive caller experience is providing self- service options, or providing callers with fast and efficient phone-based interactions to automatically deliver real-time information at their convenience. Simply put: the best way to serve your customers is to have the information they need, when they need it.


Tracking Children Online, Enhanced Contact Centers, Essential Call Center Technology, Newsflash -- Passwords Not Stolen

June 24, 2011

My, yet another way this reporter’s behind the times. Maybe his kids, who roll their eyes whenever we refer to an iPod as a “Walkman,” are right after all.

According to industry observer Shane Richmond of Britain’s newspaper The Telegraph, researchers have found that “parents are sending an average of 312 emails and 600 text messages every year to keep track of their children.”

Maybe our kids aren’t really old enough to be too many places yet (that we don’t have to drive them to), or maybe it’s just that we have a good sense of where they are, but we certainly don’t text twice a day to find out where the heck they are.

Twenty percent of parents said that the best place to find out what their children were doing was on social networks, such as Facebook, according to Richmond’s reporting of the study, and we’ll agree that we have learned a couple, ah, interesting things about our kids’ social activities on Facebook. Someday Facebook is going to come out with a parental block kids can use.

VoltDelta on Customer Care, Contactual Cloud Computing, Hosted Call Center ROI, Flexera and CRM

June 20, 2011


On-demand products vendor VoltDelta recently published a white paper, titled “Shatter Channel Boundaries to Deliver Remarkable Customer Care,” providing some examples of how an integrated multi-channel hosted service enhances customer satisfaction while reducing cost.


Too much good stuff in the paper to adequately summarize here, but we can hit the highlights:

Salesforce.com's Confab, Cloud Cost Efficiency, EliteTel and IVR

June 20, 2011

Interesting comments from Monica Norton recently on Salesforce.com’s Chatter Blog. She starts off with something she heard at the recent Confab content strategy conference: “Social media is not a strategy. It’s a tactic.”


If you had the same reaction she did, you think that sounds “obvious.” I mean, does your company sit around scheming about how to dominate social media, or planning how social media can fit in with your existing mission statement?

Fine so far.

Customer Feedback Action, Schedule Adherence In Call Centers, Complex Call Center Operations, HTLT Hills-B Optimizer Pro

June 6, 2011

According to officials of a Webinar titled “Listening Is No Longer Enough,” customers are providing feedback to all parts of the organization: “The time is now to link that insight and take action – or risk losing customers to competitors.”

More and more, webinar organizers say, customers are sharing compliments, complaints, and ideas with multiple departments across an organization – an extension of the social media phenomenon, where if a customer gets bad service, all their Facebook friends know about it whether the company does or not.

In response, savvy organizations are moving from annual and transactional surveys to using voice of the customer in real time across the enterprise, from product marketing to sales to R&D, webinar officials say: “What's more, these companies are combining that data to get deep insight into customers' needs, preferences, and expectations.” But sadly, most firms simply collect customer feedback that does little more than pad out reports. No action on the customer voice, get ready for more Facebook bashing.

Read more here

Cloud-Based Contact Centers, Standing Out in Cloud CRM, Social CRM, Call Center Webinar Offered

May 22, 2011

A webinar that just took place titled “Achieving More with All-In-One Cloud-Based Contact Centers” was presented by TMC, and is still available free online. Register now to access the presentation.

As you’re no doubt aware, hosted contact center platforms have advanced considerably over the last several years. They represent a higher-profit option for some customers who want to go to market quickly with a low up-front cost.

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