How to grow your Facebook Network.

December 14, 2008 4:39 PM | 0 Comments


When you signup on Facebook, Most people have almost no friends on their Facebook, and that makes Facebook very boring, You must have at least 100 people on your Facebook, to really enjoy it and make good use of it.


People who are new to the Facebook Networks  and have some times on their hands to learn how it is done and to actually do grow their networks, there are my suggestions to them, on how they should do it.



  1. Invite all your friends to Facebook via the Friend invite option, by entering their emails, even if they are already on Facebook, DO NOT use the add a friend option, but try to invite them via email.


  1. Invite all your contacts on your emails to your Facebook from the Friends >> Invite Friends >>> Import Email Address


  1. Find people of your own Family or Last Name, IE I am Allahwala so I found many allahwala on Facebook and some write it allawala so I looked and I found many.


  1. Once you find your Family on Facebook, I strongly recommend you to add them to also, I will write another blog about geni, but it allows you to connect and network with your family, this way you can eventually see , how you are connected to your entire last name / Family world wide, and how though we seem to be very far, yet we are very very close to everyone.



Please remember that Facebook WILL delete your account if you try to add more than 50 people a week on your network, again there is no written rule by them, but many have had to face it, and that is why I suggest NOT to add more than 100 people a month On Facebook.


Happy Networking


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G1 or Google Phone is finally here with Android installed.

Many of us have been waiting for it, and now it is here, Cant' wait to get my hands on one to see what the fuss is all about.

Here is the intro of it.
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Google Face Search

September 6, 2008 12:32 PM | 0 Comments
For a long time, I Was thinking when is Google face search going to come, where you can upload a photo and Google finds matching photo's of the same person.

Today i saw the first glimpse of what Google WILL do soon with the face search.

Picasa web, the google's video upload location has introduced what is called a face tagging.

It finds faces from your photos (AUTOMATICALLY) and then bring you the closest match, and then ask's YOU to tag it, It will offer you the closest match of people that IT THINKS are the matches, and you just have to HELP IT to be perfected.

I think not very far away is the google's face search which will allow us to find and others to find US in billions of photos around the world in flickr, picasa, facebook etc.

So we can now be found doing MANY THINGS which may have been taken by OTHER's camera's and we did not realized that we are being watched.

Here is the video


Be careful out there, and be safe

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