Telus, Is the future finally friendly?

Telus, one of Canada's largest telecom providers, has advertised that "The Future is Friendly" for many years now, but many consumers have frequently suggested that the future might be friendly, but the present - not so much.

Telus announced today that they will be using SmartTrust's advanced Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) as well as their device management platform in an effort to provide better service to their customers now, and in the future.

The SmartTrust platform will enable smart phones and practically all other devices on the network to be "recognized, correctly configured and optimized to the full extent of each device's specific potential and capability" through the use of SmartAct's Over-The-Air SIM management system, according to the SmartTrust press release.

With the recent completion and implementation of the joint Bell-Telus HSPA+ network, enabling the addition of the iPhone 3G and 3Gs to the Telus handset stable, the folks at Telus have been winning major brownie points with the consumers.  And with the inclusion of SmartTrust's device management platform, the positive customer service trend continues.

Providing their customers with an automatic configuration and optimization tool, designed to ensure that the end user will have the best experience possible, is a welcome gesture from the Telus camp - maybe the future really will be friendly!

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