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When the CRTC proposed the “easing” of a ban on false and misleading news, the public firestorm was immense.

The story was perplexing. Here was a little-known committee of Parliament, the Standing Joint Committee for the Scrutiny of Regulations, poking around with the delicate wording of a regulation upheld by the CRTC. According to the Standing Joint Committee, the wording of the regulation that prohibits the broadcasting of “false or misleading news” in Canada “contravenes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

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Former CRTC Boss Speaks Out

February 20, 2011 7:10 AM | 0 Comments
Francoise Bertrand, former chairwoman of the CRTC, is speaking out after Canada’s Conservatives demanded a reversal of the regulatory agency’s decision regarding usage-based billing.

Betrand told The Canadian Press that she found the reversal “disturbing.” She says she’s an advocate of the “independence” of the CRTC and, as such, felt “compelled to speak out.”

“The CRTC’s great advantage was it was giving the possibility for the government to have an institution at arm’s length,” she said. ”It was not a political decision.

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Traditionally the benefits of a Unified Communications (UC) system have been exclusively enjoyed by larger enterprises; companies that have the requisitely bloated budget needed to enjoy the luxury of such innovative and advanced communications. But the problem for UC distributors has always been that such a system limits their potential customer base, essentially blocking out small and medium enterprises simply because the price points are too high and the systems are too big.

That is why in response to feedback from its sales Associates and its customers, NEC Canada has announced the availability of its best UC value to date–InUCB for the UNIVERGE® SV8100 and Sv8300.

Simply put, with InUCB NEC has managed to bring high quality enterprise-grade Unified Communications features and technologies to small and medium-sized businesses, reducing the overall size and cost of the UC technology by including it as a blade on its popular UNIVERGE SV8100 and SV8300 communications servers, but still offering the same great features and services of larger more expensive UC solutions.

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As 2010 quickly draws to a close it has come time once again to make some predictions about where the telecom and IT market spaces are headed this next year. So with that in mind, as I sit at my desk gazing into my crystal ball, here are my 2011 predictions and picks for next year’s telecom winners and losers…and no, the crystal ball isn’t for sale, but the good news is you can keep reading or for free!

But before looking forward into the future, it’s necessary to look back on what has undoubtedly been one of the telecom news intensive years in recent memory. This past year was particularly interesting because of Nortel’s well publicized 2009 demise, as Nortel’s chief competitors spent considerable money and efforts attacking Nortel’s customer base very aggressively, with the likes of Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel, ShoreTel, NEC, and Toshiba all vying for a piece of Nortel’s expansive market share.

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I have just spent the last three days living and breathing nothing but Avaya at the North and Latin America conference in Las Vegas, an event attended by over 1,500 Avaya employees, business partners, and DevConnect partners. The conference itself was held at the famous MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, a complex so massive that it took me 15 minutes to walk from my hotel room to the conference centre and another 5 minutes to the eating area. As with most Vegas hotels, the MGM Grand was a living and vibrant city unto itself, complete with the ubiquitous quickie wedding chapel, food courts, and, of course, ample opportunities for gambling.

For me the conference was an invaluable resource, not only for the telecom information it delivered, but even more so for the glimpse it provided into what has happened with Avaya since the Nortel acquisition and, more importantly, where Avaya is headed in the future.

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On October 20th at Avaya's Global Sales and Partner Conference in Las Vegas, Digitcom was awarded Avaya's coveted SME Canadian Business Partner of the Year award. was one of only a small handful of companies honoured at the conference among more than 1,300 Avaya Business Partners who represent Avaya products and services in North America. (You can watch the video here).

To be considered for the prestigious Business Partner of the Year award, eligible companies must achieve sterling 90 percent customer satisfaction rating, demonstrate industry leadership and outperform key strategic goals.

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There is a saying that imitation is the highest form of flattery. The simple fact that someone has taken the time to copy your work is at least some indication that what you've done is exemplary, worthy of being copied. But I'm sure the originator of that saying wouldn't be smiling if I claimed the credit for creating it, and so such pithy clichés do little to soothe the damage done to the victim of a crime like plagiarism.

As with many companies that offer the same informative and opinionated blogs as we do here at Digitcom, I subscribe to a service called Copyscape, a simple yet useful tool that scans the Internet looking for possible plagiarism of any of Digitcom or's web sites.

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I have no doubt that much like me you were questioning Steve Jobs' recent open letter to the public over the failings of Adobe's Flash software. Not that his claims weren't true, for it truly does seem that Flash will meets its end at the hands of HTML5, but that they really served no purpose except to anger and annoy. It is with this in mind that we hear that Apple is now developing its own platform, Gianduia, "a client-side, standards based framework for Rich Internet Apps, to create production quality online apps for its retail users."

While it comes as little surprise to see Apple produce a platform of its own meant to rival, if not kill, Adobe's Flash, the move seems strange in light of Jobs' comments regarding the antiquated and outdated nature of Flash, comments that could also be made in reference to Gianduia.

So with Apple committing itself to backing the development and implementation of the cutting edge HTML5, a web upgrade that will most likely kill the need for Flash, seeing Apple create its own Flash alternative Gianduia, which will undoubtedly succumb to the power of HTML5 as well, seems particularly strange, which naturally begs the question, why develop Gianduia in the first place?

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Every so often a creation comes along in the tech world that is so fascinating, so invigorating, so diabolical in its ingenuity that we can't help but gush over it. The HOT PHONE© is one such creation.

The HOT PHONE© was developed by a top secret team of lab technicians in a top secret location tucked underneath the Rocky Mountains. Through years of meticulous, electrifying research, the HOT PHONE© came into being as a result of an imagination, some cheap wiring and the joy of modern technology.

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With more than 5,000 kilometers of cable, 6,000 PCs, 3,000 TVs, 7,000 cell phones, and 40,000 ethernet ports, the Vancouver Olympics are giving technology providers little by way of wiggle room.

The setup for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver differs from Olympic setups from other years in that the Vancouver events will be using one massive Internet Protocol network to handle all of the video, voice and data from the games. The network, set up by companies like Atos Origin and Bell Canada, may even have more performance pressure than some of the athletes.

When the games start up on Friday, the Bell Olympic Network will kick into high gear and the telecom company had better be ready to back up their mandate for the events.

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WIND Mobile is on an expansion spree and the carrier will shortly launch its services in Edmonton and Ottawa. As the country's fourth national wireless carrier, WIND Mobile continues to receive a good response in and around the GTA and Calgary.

As per the update from Chris Robbins on his WIND Mobile Community Blog, the stage is all set for WIND Mobile to expand its network and increase more subscribers in new as well as existing areas in the next few months. Chris adds that WIND Mobile recognizes the value of customer feedback and his team has been working round the clock on ensuring a great customer experience.

In the past, high priced US roaming tariff has been a rather weak selling point for WIND Mobile.

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Telus, one of Canada's largest telecom providers, has advertised that "The Future is Friendly" for many years now, but many consumers have frequently suggested that the future might be friendly, but the present - not so much.

Telus announced today that they will be using SmartTrust's advanced Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) as well as their device management platform in an effort to provide better service to their customers now, and in the future.

The SmartTrust platform will enable smart phones and practically all other devices on the network to be "recognized, correctly configured and optimized to the full extent of each device's specific potential and capability" through the use of SmartAct's Over-The-Air SIM management system, according to the SmartTrust press release.

With the recent completion and implementation of the joint Bell-Telus HSPA+ network, enabling the addition of the iPhone 3G and 3Gs to the Telus handset stable, the folks at Telus have been winning major brownie points with the consumers.  And with the inclusion of SmartTrust's device management platform, the positive customer service trend continues.

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Public Mobile has applied to the Canadian Federal court asking the court to overturn the Government's decision to allow Wind Mobile to launch despite Wind's clear violation of CRTC foreign ownership rules. I am figuring that this is a publicity stunt to:

- gain some exposure for Public Mobile
- let the public know once again that Wind Mobile is NOT a Canadian owned company and that they should buy from Public Mobile once they launch.
- let the public know that Public Mobile is clearly Canadian. Perhaps they could use this in their marketing campaign
- keep their name in the papers

I don't think this appeal will go anywhere - it could very well back fire if the general public perceives Public Mobile as being too opportunistic.

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Now let the party begin ! Or let the competition begin.

Globalive toppled the first major hurdle - the CRTC. They got approval from Industry Canada to launch their WIND Mobile brand only one week ago.

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