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Hyperconnectivity Advances Forward

October 31, 2007 2:59 PM

You may have heard about the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative, headed by Nicholas Negroponte of MIT. The OLPC is centered on the XO laptop, which among other things has wireless mesh connectivity, allowing connectivity to the Internet from child to child to child optionally using solar, crank or pull chord power, both necessities in many underdeveloped countries.


So what’s the news today. Uruguay has become the first country to order 100,000 XOs, with potential to double this order and thus reach every child in this small South American country.

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Google Merging With Microsoft?

October 29, 2007 11:57 AM


This actually appeared in the final on-line and printed program for Interop, that just finished in NYC (I spoke on a SIP panel, but more of that in the future blog). Can you imagine two less likely companies to merge?.... these guys are arch rivals!

If these companies are not merging, perhaps the industries they represent are?

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On the Road With Microsoft OCS

October 25, 2007 4:30 PM

Just came back from being a panelist at Microsoft's OCS2007 customer seminar in NYC.

You may have heard Microsoft proclaim that the ROI for UC is >500%, pointing to some work done by Forrester. Elizabeth Herrell of Forrester explained what was behind this claim. Forrester created a 'composite company' based on 15 in-depth interviews.

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So reads the headline in an article written by Jim Duffy, based on a presentation he received from Gartner. The graphic below has been touted by Gartner for a couple of years. The sad fact is that maybe 80% of enterprises have such a relationship with Cisco- all are paying premium prices and many are locked-in via proprietary technologies.


Who benefits- well it’s true that the enterprise has ‘one throat to choke’ as one customer called it, but is there any doubt that Cisco is the real beneficiary of the generosity of its paying customers?

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Zero budget UC

October 18, 2007 2:36 PM
Thought for the day. Conventional wisdom says that you will spend $4 for data network upgrades for every dollar you spend on IP Telephony. If you could decrease the cost of this upgrade by 30% (that is spend only $3), then you can take the money saved to pay for your IP Telephony system.
Tuesday, Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates launched OCS 2007. While unable to attend the big event in SF (Nortel was there big time as was our new UC partner Dell), I did attend the concurrent Microsoft Canada press event, under the Innovative Communications Alliance and as sole networking platinum sponsor of OCS events being rolled out in some 50 countries. I then participated in a Microsoft-sponsored panel podcast including Microsoft and CNIB (what was the Canadian National Institute for The Blind). CNIB experienced a lot of value from UC, particularly from the ease of use and adaptability of the advanced speech features of Exchange UM- many of their users are legally blind. Continue Reading...

Who Are The Leaders in UC?

October 15, 2007 11:58 AM
Gartner addresses this question in their annual UC Magic Quadrant, a ranking based on completeness of vision and ability to execute. The place to be is in the Leader Quadrant. The Leaders Quadrant contains vendors selling comprehensive and integrated UC solutions that directly, or with well-defined partnerships, address the full range of market needs. Vendors in the Challengers Quadrant have been placed there because of, for example, fragmented UC offers (partially due to extensive use of acquisitions), UC offers that are network centric and may make business process integration of UC difficult, or UC plans that need clarification after the vendor has gone private. Continue Reading...


October 11, 2007 5:21 PM
Hyperconnected users, like you and me, have to deal with multiple devices, multiple numbers and names, multiple inboxes and multiple security environments. These challenges are being addressed by Unified Communications (UC). The UNIFIED in UC starts with the user, and should mean a common interface for different modes of communications. This is in essence the battleground being drawn between Microsoft/IBM on the one hand and Cisco on the other. Continue Reading...
The headshot accompanying this blog shows a clipped Cape Horn in the background. Recently I talked about Hyperconnectivity at the Government Tech Conference East in Albany. What’s the connection? At the conference I met (again) Neal Petersen, a motivational speaker, who was the first Blackman to race solo around the world. Continue Reading...
Have you heard that
1. Nortel and Microsoft announced that enterprises are deploying more than 430,000 licenses for our joint Unified Communications (UC) solutions?
2. One enterprise’s HVAC system has 30,000 IP addressable points?
3. iPhones at Duke University temporarily knocked out up to 30 Cisco wireless APs?
4. A Florida hospital is rolling out a communications-enabled business process to discharge patients earlier, targeting a saving of $2M for every hour advanced from its average discharge time of 6:00 pm? Continue Reading...

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