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I'm behind in my podcasts, but here's an interesting one I just listened to including an interview with Geoffrey Moore, of Crossing the Chasm fame. It comes from OCRIRadio and is over a year old, but still insightful.

Crossing the Chasm.jpg

Some interesting quotes (my paraphrasing):

His top 3 venture capital opportunities:

#1: "Clean technologies.... Green is no longer a cause, it's a market". In today's economy, this is driven by opportunities for increased energy efficiency. So get the facts.

#2: "Healthcare technologies...Healthcare used to be concerned about the dehumanizing impacts of technology, but this has now changed through e.g. Web2.0 and wireless." If you are a healthcare institution, you don't need a VC-funded start-up. There are plenty of ways to improve the delivery of healthcare today.

"Consumerization of digitization.... IT technology still dominates VC funding but this is huge." And sometimes we take consumer technology and apply to solve business problems. Take gaming software for example.

Finally, "Communications used to support computing.... Now computing supports communications". That's why the IBMs and Microsoft's of the world are getting into communications, and why the future of UC is as a software application. Just like our SCS solution.

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