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R&D Transformation On Track At Nortel

November 24, 2008 12:43 PM

You might have seen John Roese's blog, in which he, as Nortel CTO, talked to the transformation of R&D in Nortel.

Most visibly, the R&D program has shifted to what we call "20-60-20"- 20% is late-lifecycle spend, 60% is focused on growth and mature product activity, and a full 20% is directed to emerging and new technologies and markets, such as those in application software. An excellent example of the latter is the Nortel Agile Communication Environment, communications integration software.

Some are asking, whether this transformation is still on track given that John is leaving Nortel at the end of the year and given the state of the world economy.

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The moderator/consultant of a recent user/vendor roundtable I attended, asked an interesting question: "What would vendors like customers do to differently?"

On thinking about it, I think that what we want to see less feature-driven RFPs, because
1) Feature lists reflect what can be done rather than what the enterprise needs or is using.
2) Feature lists tend to be backward rather than forward looking, and get in the way of identifying new ways of achieving the same or better results.
Feature lists dictate one particular how, rather than the why or the what.

So what we want to see is more business-driven requirement documents, which
1) Identify the business, application and user needs- the why
2) Identify IT operational and technological/architectural needs - the how
3) Identify the most important business results- the what.

Thanks for asking.

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Last week, I attended a user/vendor roundtable (literally, around a boardroom table in a law office) organized by a well respected Canadian consultant. There were some dozen customers, Nortel and Microsoft, and Cisco and Avaya. It was intended to provide insights and practical advice to the attendees.

In general, I think the format was very conducive to a good and generally friendly exchange of information over a 2 hour period.

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Verizon is basing its managed Telepresence service on a partnership with Nortel. The service provides "complete setup and management of telepresence conferences, including pre-connected and configured video circuits, and the ability for users to make conference reservations online."

Makes sense to me. The service will leverage Nortel's extensive global infrastructure of Multimedia Network Operations Centers.

My guess is that Cisco didn't make the short list, because their solution is a closed system locking the customer and the service provider into Cisco, from cradle to grave.

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This was effectively the headline that greeted me in the local paper.

The sun rose this morning and the sky hasn't fallen.

So time to ponder yesterday's announcements.

Much of the press focused on the $3.4B loss announced.

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If you are an American, your challenge is separating facts from rhetoric. Hard as this may seem, please make your choice and vote. If you are not an American, you will be watching with great interest on the sidelines.

But in IT, there are no sidelines and there are hard facts!

Who offers 7x better resilience?

Who offers 20x better performance?

Who offers up to 50% lower TCO?

Who offers 40% lower energy consumption?

Who is tightly integrated with Microsoft's OCS? Or with IBM's Websphere or Sametime?

Who offers multi-vendor communications integration software and services?

In IT, you have a choice.


Nortel Brings IT on

October 1, 2008 7:31 AM

The highlights of any CIO summits and customer advisory councils that I have participated in, has invariably been listening to and learning from CIOs exchanging views on everything from green IT to alignment with business priorities. The truth is that peer CIOs are by far the best source of knowledge and expertise, especially in the area of business transformation.

Now Nortel has taken a significant step to broadly share its real-world IT experience in operating a global enterprise, using Nortel technology and services.

In addition to business cases and implementation guides, the 'Nortel on Nortel' site includes free downloads of software utilities used in-house by Nortel IT to better manage their network.

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The challenges of Hyperconnectivity are clear: lower personal productivity and unsatisfied employees .... ineffective distributed teams and missed milestones and/or poorer quality of deliverables ..... on-hold business processes, slowed down by not being able to reach decision makers in a timely fashion ..... connectivity mayhem with a plethora of network attached devices ....

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Olympic Fever Hits Beijing

August 8, 2008 7:36 AM

The stats are awesome:
- $400M IT budget
- Keeping track of 200000 accreditations, that includes, as well as athletes, judges and coaches, 21 600 journalists
- Moving, processing and storing data for 10,500 athletes, participating in 302 events in 28 sports at 39 competitive venues over 7 cities
- 1 million pages served per day across 1100 servers

And the world watches:
- 4 million spectators at the event
- An estimated 4 billion television viewers
- An expected 11 billion web hits

And we, at Nortel, know what technology it takes to stage such a world class event, since we are helping deliver flawless communications experiences at both the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games and the London 2012 Summer Games.

You may want to read the technical paper I wrote on a behind the scenes view of the first all IP Network that we are building for Vancouver.

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Enterprises need to think three times before looking at post acquisition Gores Siemens Enterprise Networking (SEN).

1. SEN didn't have a data play and used to partner with a number of data vendors. Now they have had a tier 3 data player thrust on them, previously Enterasys, previously Cabletron. If you are looking for a data solution, Nortel Business Optimized Networking is a lower risk approach delivering 7x the reliability, 20x the performance, requiring 40% less energy and delivering up to 50% lower TCO compared to Cisco.

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