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UC Podcast anyone?

May 8, 2008 9:11 AM

Late last year, I did a podcast on the day of the OCS2007 launch at a music studio in Toronto. This is part of Microsoft’s Canada monthly in-depth look at issues relevant to IT executives and managers across a range of Canadian industries. This podcast is entitled “The changing landscape of Unified Communications” and includes Vicki Mains of CNIB (formerly the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and a mutual customer), Erin Elofson of Microsoft, and myself. It’s 30 minutes, which hopefully will engage you during a good portion of your commute.

Something for your next commute. Drop me a not if you have any comments.

Sorry only available in English;(

Tony’s UC Best Practices

April 25, 2008 8:18 AM

I was being interviewed by the press a while back and was asked about best UC best practices. That got me thinking and I came up with the following top ten:

Best Practice #1: Develop a Vision and Strategy for Enterprise Transformation. It’s no longer just about how work is done, but how business processes are organized and accelerated for increased effectiveness.

Best Practice #2: Develop a UC business case around how UC accelerates time to X (X= revenue, service, service, product, decision) and business processes in general.

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During the 90s, there was a lot of discussion on how IT should be (re-)organized to handle IP telephony.

With the emergence of software-centric unified communications, tightly integrated not only with email, calendaring and directories, but also with desktop applications and over time with business processes, it will be very interesting to watch how CIOs organize around this inevitability.

In fact, organizations designed for the 90’s could be an encumbrance to accelerated acceptance of UC and communications-enabled applications.

IT convergence changes not only how work is done, but how work is organized.

So where do you see going organizationally in 2008?

Hyperconnectivity creates new challenges in emergency situations.

Did you hear about the lady in Chicago who placed a 911 call from one of a two building small campus. She died when the first responders went to the wrong building!

This podcast features Mark Fletcher, who is the chairman of the PBX/Multi-Line Telephone System technical subcommittee of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). It’s 16 minutes long and could save your life;)

This blog is on TMCnet.

In January of 2008, TMCnet experienced 38,368,961 page views, with over 2.4 million unique visitors, each of which stayed an average for 28 minutes and 59 seconds this past month. In the past, 60% of the visitors were from outside the US. These numbers are nothing like what Google attracts with 129M unique visitors (according to Quantcast), but they are pretty big for a site that’s dedicated to a particular industry.

Without readers like you, this would not be possible.

Thank you and come back real soon;).

How IMs work

April 1, 2008 7:41 AM

This is weird, but interesting!

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Avoiding (Cisco) Feature Creep

March 26, 2008 2:08 PM

My father-in-law used to say (he was in video technology), “I give my customers what they need, not what they want”. He certainly wouldn’t have allowed feature creep to get in the way of delivering on this philosophy.

When we buy a car, while we may look at car magazines and day dream about owning a fully featured whatever (insert your favorite car here), many of us would narrow it down to the features we really want/need, and consider performance, maintenance costs and energy efficiency in making a purchase decision. We would be crazy to pay our hard-earned cash for features that we will never use (though there are many who go for a higher prestige to debt ratio!), and then pay again for increased gas consumption, maintenance costs or whatever.

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One of the strategic goals of the US Social Security Agency is “to deliver high quality citizen centered service”. Speeding up the disability claim and appeal process, while making better and more effective use of people, are two important priorities, according to the SSA’s 5-year strategic plan. It’s not uncommon for disability claims to spend over 500 days in backlog!

To meet its objectives, the SSA has established a strategic objective of “improving service through technology, focusing on accuracy, security and efficiency”.

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A new survey finds that “More than seven out of 10 respondents expect VoIP to be ‘important’ or ‘extremely important’ to their organizations by late 2008.” Didn’t we see similar results even 5 years ago? Well, the facts are that less than 30% of PBX lines are IP phones. So what’s happening?

Here’s a clue.

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Nortel Enterprise is Rocking

March 4, 2008 9:35 AM | 3 Comments

I got a comment (from someone called Tim) which I opted not to post in its original form because of its language. It was in response to my Nexus is no Lexus piece, but I suspect it was as much a comment on a number of my postings which challenged common perceptions on Cisco. In part it said: “Why are you in denial that Nortel's technology sucks and Cisco is kicking your ass.”

Our focus is not Cisco per se, but rather to be the best at solving enterprise business problems with communications technology. Our sales guys tell me that we win more often than we lose, often against Cisco, when we get ‘a chance at bats’.

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