Google Merging With Microsoft?


This actually appeared in the final on-line and printed program for Interop, that just finished in NYC (I spoke on a SIP panel, but more of that in the future blog). Can you imagine two less likely companies to merge?.... these guys are arch rivals!

If these companies are not merging, perhaps the industries they represent are?

Google represents a class of company that has brought innovation to the consumer market. Microsoft is a huge player in the enterprise space. During his keynote, Matthew’s Glatzbch observed that, in recent times, innovation in the consumer market has outpaced innovation in the enterprise market. I can buy that. Just look at eBay, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, to name a few. This innovation is now coming to an enterprise near you. I’m not just talking about Google Apps and maps, but notably XML Syndication, wikis, mashups, blogs and other Web2.0 technologies. In fact, it’s already happening. SAP has a developer partner wiki with over 800,000 participants, while Pixar uses wikis in support of its film production. Is your company taking advantage of these new tools?

By the way, the keynote was a disappointment. He focused on a good message ‘Sustainable competitive advantage must be replaced by continuous innovation’ but then stopped short of presenting any view of where continuous innovation will take Google and its customers in the enterprise market;(

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