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The highlights of any CIO summits and customer advisory councils that I have participated in, has invariably been listening to and learning from CIOs exchanging views on everything from green IT to alignment with business priorities. The truth is that peer CIOs are by far the best source of knowledge and expertise, especially in the area of business transformation.

Now Nortel has taken a significant step to broadly share its real-world IT experience in operating a global enterprise, using Nortel technology and services.

In addition to business cases and implementation guides, the 'Nortel on Nortel' site includes free downloads of software utilities used in-house by Nortel IT to better manage their network.

A couple of examples. By having one-third fewer data center rooms and 1800 fewer servers, Nortel avoided an estimated 15M kWh of energy valued at approximate $530K annually. Nortel realized over $12 million in annual savings with a 10-month return on investment through its implementation of unified communications (I have been using it for over 6 years and couldn't live without it).

Nortel CIO Steven Bandrowczak knows that, if the business case for using Nortel technology doesn't make sense for us, it will not make sense for our enterprise customers.

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